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Ford Aerostar



  • Have a '91 Eddie Bauer Extended version and have loved it. Currently have 109,000 miles and am looking for a new van. Sure wish they still made the Aerostar--nothing else seems the same. Have had some of the same problems mentioned in other responses--air conditioning repaired twice in the past year, mushy brakes just a few months ago, power windows fixed in the past year (only $40 to repair them) but the driver's door is giving the same problem again. Now starting to have some minor transmission problems, but my transmission guy suggested trying Trans-X transmission additive/conditioner and it really seems to have improved the shifting--at least for now. Costs $5 from auto supply store. Trans guy believes my problem was caused by a seal starting to dry out. Even with the problems mentioned above, none started occurring until after 100,000 miles so I feel that I have gotten excellent service out of my van and wish Ford was still making it--do not like the new Windstar--no storage room, no leg room, just no room in general. My current Aerostar has the gear shift on the floor--unfortunately I am finding out that none of the new models provide this option anymore. Something to do with accessibility to the back seats from the front ones--something I have never needed to have in the past 9 years--even with small children and do not expect to need now with my children entering the teen years.

    I was searching this forum for info on the GM mini-vans when I saw a topic on Aerostars and just had to take a few minutes out to read the comments and add my 2 cents worth!!
  • glogglog Posts: 1
    I also have a Ford Aerostar. Mine is a 1990 with 194,500 miles... yes that is correct. (we really drive our vehicles). I to have had A/C problems, radiator, water pump, electric window, stuck fuel gauge problems(some of these problems still not fixed)...But I LOVE my van. I have 2 children (boys) and we enjoy the room. The van has taken us to the mountains, to Disney World a couple of times each.
    I to want another Aerostar. What is the last year that the Aerostar was made? let me know.
    I like the new Toyota Sienna--- but I can't see paying over 23,000 for a van right now.
    I'll be waiting for a response.
  • Glog,

    I believe Ford stopped producing Aerostars in 1997. I have recently seen some new Aerostars in my area (Atlanta), they must be leftovers.

  • while happy with comfort,ride and towing capability of my 1990 aerostar XL, the transmission is giving me a pain. It was done
    at 105,000 km and now needs to be done again at
    157,000 km. What is the problem? Can anyone help
  • Just some comments to those trying to figure out what to do since Ford stopped making the Aerostar. See my other comments back at post #13, then see my posts at TOPIC #2 (Windstar). After a great deal of debate, I made the decision to go with the Windstar, and am glad I did. You may still find a decently equiped '98 on a dealer lot but act quickly if you intend to buy. I fully intend to use the Windstar as roughly as I did my Aerostar and expect the same reliability. Best of luck whatever you do.
  • davehadaveha Posts: 1
    I'm a pre-owner of Areostar van, I give all of you a best advice about this van GET RID OF IT ASAP. First I bought it at Wondries Ford in Alhambra, California, then the dealer never disclosed to me the spare tire is not the original one so it won't fit to any tire of the van until I tried to replace the flat tire. I brought this issue to the dealer the answer is my van is out of warranty so I have paid for the new spare tire. WHAT A LOUSY ANSWER. Secondary problem are all the screws came loose from interior of the van then I can't figure out where them came from. Don't mention the air condition unit, I recharge the freon every summer and that only last couple months. Now I swear I won't buy any FORD products anymore. Compare w/ my wife Toyota Camry that is a perfect masterpiece even after 4 years w/ 80000 miles on it still running smooth like silk.

    A victim of FORD Areostar.
  • We are now looking to replace our 1990 Aerostar w 127000 miles. It's rusting very badly and the brakes are going (again) and the tranny is finally letting us know that it's getting tired. We LOVE the way it cruises and will miss it, I'm certain. We're looking at the Astro now and are somewhat apprehensive about the lack of foot room for the front seat occupants. We've been scared away from the Windstars. From what I've read on this site, I guess we were pretty fortunate with the lack of major repairs needed on our car.
  • Not to mention the Aerostar platform was introduced in 1986 and has changed harldy at all. I surly do not want to drive a thirteen year old style around.

    If you buy a ford, make it Windstar. The 1999 model that is.
  • I have a 1989 Aerostar with approx 110,000 miles. Its had its share of AC and Power window problems over the years, but even after buying a 98 Expedition, I couldn't let the Aerostar go. Its go so much room for hauling stuff around that you wouldn't want to put in a new $30,000 truck!
    PLEASE NOTE THAT FORD HAS RECENTLY RECALLED THIS VAN FOR REPLACEMENT OF LEAKING FUEL TANKS. I paid $400 to have the fuel tank replaced 3 years ago. Luckily, I kept the receipt! 3.0L V-6 engine and transmission have been flawless over the past 10 years though, and it still runs great.
  • bob112bob112 Posts: 1
    To all potential Aerostar buyers....I had been looking for a van to replace my full size Chevy Blazer for the past 2 years. No one has done more research than me. I looked at all vans and for my needs narrowed it down to three; the Astro, Aerostar and Grand Voyager. All are great vans. I went with the Aerostar and am very very pleased. Of all three vehicles the Aerostar was priced the lowest yet had all the same options plus the most room. I knew I wanted a second vehicle to drive into the ground so resale value was not a factor (important to some...on a used vehicle I have no idea why). On the average I found the Aerostar is priced $2,000 to $3,0000 less than the other 2. I also consulted more than one Ford mechanic and asked about maintenance. I was told on more than one occasion that the 3.0 and 4.0 motor in the Aerostar was more reliable than the Windstar motor and that it was not uncommon to see these vehicles with over 200,000 miles. I bought a 95 XLT with 57,000 miles in showroom condition for under $10,000. I did not want AWD as I know there are too many maintenance costs that goes with "ANY" 4WD or AWD and does not justify the 2 or 3 times I use it (in New England weather) per year. The only criticism I have is that the 3.0 seems to lack a little omph starting off up hill but more than makes up for itself in gas miliage. I am very pleased so far.
  • KMAN5KMAN5 Posts: 1
  • I have an '89 Aerostar extended length with the 3.0 V6 and 170,000 miles. My wife and I are going to sell it and get a '99 Honda Odyssey. We have been happy with the Aerostar, but it's getting old. I smell antifreeze when we park, but it doesn't drip anywhere, I think a gasket must be going. The power windows haven't worked in over a year and we have had some a/c problems in the past. I just replaced the alternator. I have had to replace the power steering and water pumps (one time each). Other than that it has been normal maintenance (brakes, tires, oil, hoses, belts). I did want to replace my '86 Mustang first (4 cyl - boring), but it has only 68,000 original miles (bought it from a little old lady... really).

  • tuck2tuck2 Posts: 1
    Rear ABS crisis. So I continue to take my 94 Aeorostar in to the dealer to fix the "Rear ABS" light that keeps haunting me. Why? Does anyone know where I can find the answer? Is there an answer? Should I just place black tape over the light and pretend everything is fine? Please advise.
  • My husband and I are looking at purchasing a 1997 Aerostar AWD. I really like the van but my husband is worried about maintainence on the vehicle. We like the room it offers because we have four children. The Astro seemed very cramped and the Aerostar's price is definitely more in our price range. I am a little concerned with everyone's AC problems. I have also talked with several mechanics who tell me that working on an Aerostar is costly and very difficult due to the set up under the hood. I really want the van but my husband is having serious reservations. Please tell us what you know about the 1997 version. I can't find much info about the newer engine or about this particular model anywhere. I would like to purchase it sometime in the next few days so any response would be helpful.

    Thank you,
  • any advice on purchase of an 88 aerostar std van offered in ex cond 50000miles only 2owners private use only (has kph speedo canada model)for use in scotland as eye catcher vehicle (unknown model here) thanks.
  • Is anybody out there?
  • I put 80,000 miles on a used '87 Aerostar and sold it at 160,000. I've just spent 3 years running an '88 Aerostar odometer up to 175,000 miles. They look like crap, the A/C dies, the P/S leaks. But they run and run, and hold a ton. Mine were absolutely dependable. Sorry to see them phased out.
  • Thought I'd throw in my adventures for my '93 Aerostar. Have had nothing but trouble with this model. Thermostat stuck in the closed position with about 36K, causing a major overheat. Had a problem with the check engine light that was finally traced to a vacuum leak underneath the lower intake manifold at 75K. Both power windows sticking when trying to lower them, etc, etc. And working on it is not a whole lot of fun either. Pure junk in my opinion. It's made me swear of Ford's forever. Oh, and btw, one of the Ford dealerships here misdiagnosed the vacuum leak as a bad oxygen sensor and bad mass air flow meter, neither of which was bad but replaced upon their recommendation. Anyway, I could go on but won't.
  • I have a 91 aerostar Eddie Bauer ext and love it. It has 115,000 miles on it and have had all the maintenance that everyone has listed allready. We are now looking to get a full size van and have custom seats built so it will hold 9 total passengers on 2 bench seats (4 in rear and 3 in middle) that fold down like the Aerostar to make a bed. Again I love the van and wwill be sorry to see it go but it is time to move on. Se topic #520 to help me on my choice of which full size van to get. Thanks
  • i have an 86 aerostar that i bought used with 30000 miles on it. It now has 135000 miles. It had a headgasket replaced at 38000 miles under warranty. I replaced several starters (lifetime Pep Boy Warranty), an alternator, and front brake rotors. The dealer had to adjust the sliding door. The original exhaust system lasted to about 85000 miles. Right now the power steering is leaking as well as most of the engine seals. The upholstery is steel in good condition, the paint is shot. The front end is shot. Should I sell and buy a Honda?
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