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Ford Aerostar



  • jonzeejonzee Posts: 2
    I have a 96 aerostar that won't start. Do you have the owner's guide? It says under the hood that it could be a reset button for the fuel pump, and the info for it is in the owner's guide. If you could look for it that would be great. thanks. Jon Zee.
  • jonzeejonzee Posts: 2
    The transmission fluid is added thru the tube where the trans dipstick is.
  • Hello. I have a 1989 Aerostar Eddie Bauer with about 135K on it. The original engine and transmission are still working great. This van actually runs a lot better then my other 1990 Toyota corolla DX wagon! :P However, I was wondering. One day while driving it, the transmission started to slip from a stop. The engine would race for a second, but then there was this sudden jerk. It was like if someone had kicked it forward. It had also slipped from 2nd to 3ed gear for a while. But now, it semens to run normal now. I checked the AT fluid, and it was full.

    My basic point here is, since this van has passed 120K miles, should I be worried about the transmission? How would I know when it would be signs for a overhaul? Can it fail at any time? :sick:

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    There are two transmission "brake band" adjustments external to the that mileage they will definitely need adjusting.
  • I am having a problem with the fuel system in the van. Apparently Ford designed the van so that the excess fuel dumps into the oil pan. When the van is driven for about a half hour the oil thins due to fuel/oil mixture and the oil pressure drops to zero when you come to a stop. Only by reving the engine will the pressure rise. If any one has experienced a similar problem with their Van I would appreciate knowing what the solution is.
  • I need to know could I put a size smaller on a 1995 aerostar. Would it hurt anything? Tires, a size smaller than what came on them.
  • zabrezabre Posts: 2
    :sick: I have an aerostar mod 86 motos 2.8 I want to know if there is somebody that I can send the plans or guides of the motor or they can tell me to all precion the bomb of oil of the motor should be :cry:
  • pure1pure1 Posts: 4
    Hello. first let me say I have had Two aerostars the First one was great but my wife didn't understand that when the guages and lights say check engine thats what they mean. The only thing that went wrong initially was a busted water hose. I installed a new engine and she did the same thing again I guess I should have changed all the water hoses too. I traded it for a dodge caravan kept that crap for about a year and I had to have another aerostar. I have had it now for nine years and it is still going strong. I only wish to find and Eddie Bauer to get the seats out if it.
  • pure1pure1 Posts: 4
    have a 1994 Aerostar Extended XLT W/3.0 engine are there any off the shelf parts to get more H/P from then engine? Like intake manifolds or headers for this van. I have heard of of performance Chips. Also my vehicle has the two bench seats, does anyone know if the two captains chairs like in the Eddie Bauer will fit where the first bench seat is in mine using the same mounting holes in the floor?
  • jamcjamc Posts: 11
    Hi there, I have 93 Aerostar 3.0l with 207,000 miles with original engine and tranny. Great van no major problems just routine maintenance every 3,000 miles. The thing is, it is starting to overheat with apparently reason. A friend of mine told that maybe it needs to be put on time, but I really don't what it could be. Any suggestions?
  • My parents bought this brand new van in 1993 and we just noticed that the Check Engine Light turns on after excessive speeds and then stays on, it doesn't flash. It just recently passed smog, so we don't know what it could be? We changed the spark plugs and wires, the gas and air drives normal so we don't know what else it could be?
  • Hi Everyone,

    I have a previously owned 1989 Aerostar that someone had rear ended. I want to replace the rear bumper but I'm running into a problem removing the old bumper. There are four bolts (two on each side) at the rear which were no problem. Obviously there are a couple of other bolts inside the rear frame that I can't find a way to access. Has anyone ever replaced a rear bumper on their Aerostar? If so, any ideas or suggestions? Anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Steve
  • i have a 93 ford aerostar 3.0L be smart about it unlike me i have replace the whole cooling system water pump, hoses everything when i finnally took it to a redaitor shop the guy said change the heater core they get gunk on the inside of them such as stop leak and won't heat good. Now the van heat is so good you wear t-shirt and shorts in 0 weather
  • abodaoabodao Posts: 1
    I'm glad to hear that other owners having more or less the same experience. We have a 1993, XLT, 4.0, Auto-2WD, We bought new in 93'. We've had various minor problems but have driven for 165,000 miles with no major breakdowns. I still have the original spark plugs in the engine and hope to have them replaced soon. The bottom line is that when I needed this van to really hold together, it did, no problems. Driving 10 people home from the airport in an emergency. Driving on a 2 lane isolated road in Oregon, knowing a breakdown would be the last thing I needed. In the Sierra Nevada mountain passes with chains on my tires just praying to get through 40 miles with no one stopping to help for anyone. We've been lucky to get such a dependable car. And it's nice to see that we weren't the only ones.
  • guidosanguidosan Posts: 1
    :D I'm very surprised with my '94 XL Aerostar RWD, it has done no problems, i drive it in Chihuahua, Mexico, in 2 years only the common maintenance, goes everywhere, even in the Sierra with off road rutes, i instlled recently all terrain wheels on its original 14 steel rims and it looks more rude, a/c is ok the engine and the 4 speed tranny are original with 134000 miles, my children are fascinated with the space, these minivans are very good for a low price!!!! :blush: :shades:
  • czgatorczgator Posts: 2
    I have a '92 Aerostar which now has 220K miles on it and have only replaced minor things on it, except this weekend, had to put a new air compressor on it (which will have a year warranty and I plan to get full use of it!). This is my second Aerostar and I bought it used. I did change my oil to synthetic last year which it seemed to like! The only problem I am having is finding affordable plastic bumper covers, which in Florida break down in the sun after so long.

    Good luck with yours!
  • czgatorczgator Posts: 2
    My check engine light kept coming on when it got over 150K miles on it. My mechanic checked it on the computer and nothing major showed up, but later when I had a major tune up done, the part store asked if I wanted to change the oxygen sensor while I was at it. It was a cheap part and easy to change, so I said okay. Presto! The check engine light went out and my gas mileage went up. Apparently you are supposed to change them at 100K, but I did not know that. You might try it; even if it is not what is making your light go on, it might save a little gas!

  • I have a problem with my tranny doing the herky-jerky when I accelerate to 40-50- km per hr (25 mph) . The transmission then shifts past that and again the herky-jerky at about 50 mph. Someone said it was the shifter solenoid. Can anyone confirm this?? Does anyone know where online I can find a diagram of this tranny, showing rhe location of this solenoid (or sensor, whatever it is)?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Have someone adjust the bands (form of automatic transmission clutch), external adjustment shouldn't be costly.
  • jamcjamc Posts: 11
    Does any one know if the windstar rims fit the aerostar? I want tu put 15" rims but i feel the ranger's rims are too wide.
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