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Ford Aerostar



  • I have a 1992 Aerostar, 275,000km (165,ooo mi.) and when it's cold (0 degrees C., 32 F.) the tranny won't go into drive or reverse until it's warmed up a bit. If you put it into gear and give it a bit of gas it will start to creep VERY slowly and eventually it will kick into gear with a kick. Any ideas???
  • jamcjamc Posts: 11
    Have you checked the tranny fluid when it warms up?. I had that same problem and my tranny needed 1 quart of the fluid
  • My van surges when idleing in drive and in park. Anybody have this problem or know how to make it stop.
  • Had same symptoms idling at the stop light. Replaced DPHE (believe this is the right spelling but it is the sensor that tells the EGR how to work) sensor and EGR valve and it is fine. Hope this helps. Ed
  • jamcjamc Posts: 11
    Hi everyone, I have a big problem with my shifter. It looks like it broke. I cant make it to go move to park. It goes all the way up, but if I move it front and backwards somehow I can make it to shift to drive, neutral and reverse. Can someone help me. Please
  • ts94aerots94aero Posts: 1
    :mad: Anyone know of a different trans I can put in my 94 Aerostar?, as I have a 94 4.0 with the A4LD. Great van, but after 140000 it started eating trans for breakfast. Reman trannys dont seem to last, and forget their so called warrenties. There must be a reliable trans replacement somewhere, any Ideas? Willing to make make major changes if necessary, just don't want to be stranded anymore.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Replace the engine/transmission control computer.
  • rob140rob140 Posts: 13
    We just bought a 1997 4.0 awd Aerostar with 115k miles. When backing out of our driveway, we put it in drive before it stops and it rolls backwards for a second before engaging gear. Our 1995 would engage gear immediately. Is it getting ready to go out or is it just the way the 1997 transmission is supposed to work. It has fluid and it was changed 5k miles ago.
    Help, my wife won't drive anything but an aerostar.

  • Ben43Ben43 Posts: 2
    I have a 93 Aerostar, it starts back firing when I turn it on in the morning. Everytime I come to a stop then take off
    it seems to be getting to much fine gas, not back firing as much at high speeds - what could it be?. although at high speeds of 45- theres a lot of jerking forward could it be a failing volve? not opening- ppl- at the advanced auto part thought that might be the problem.

    When driving for long periods of time like all day long like doing deliveries it seems to stop back firing.
    Some symptoms...
    When Driving at 45-55 MPH Van jerk forward every few seconds, slower speeds it tried to back fire when I give it gas.

    I never changed the Spark plugs since I brought the van last year in June 08, Will that help stop the Back firing and gas smell.

  • loosenutloosenut Posts: 165
    yes i can!
    what hashappened to your -i'm guessing-colum shift??-93 and up model? is that someone has tried to steal your van by jerking -REAL HARD,hoping to snap the lock pin,but ford designed the shifter so if anyone tried to do that-=it would break some internal parts,but not unlock the transmission..the good part is they didn't get your van(aparently the doge minivans do that-but not our fords ! )
    the bad part is to fix it CORECTLY!,the best thing is to replace the entire steering colum,as i've tried twice to just replace the broken shifter shaft,and twice it broke again..aparently,they torqed my steering colum so hard,they bent where the shaft sits,and keeps breahing the new/used one i tried to replace it with!!
    ---untill you get the money together to fix it right--feel at the bottom of the steering colum,above the break pedal-for a's a square end,with a clip that-if you can pry the clip loose,then pop the cable end off the ball lever-then-i "fished" the cable end out under the steering colum-where there's a soft rubber seal that you can push the end of the cable out!! shift it with just the cable can be tricky,but-once you get it in gear,you don't need to move it..park is all the way in,and you have to "count" the clicks past revererse and neutral to hit drive..or,just one click out to back up..what i do is find "neutral",and pull it out one click-then,it's in overdrive..
    --i've been driving mine that way for a few years now,and no troubles!!in fact-if anyone were gonna try to steal it,they still can't steer it-cause i've not seen one yet where they broke the steering pin!,but how many would know to look for a cablke to shift it?"?
    hope this helps!
  • loosenutloosenut Posts: 165
    if it's a three liter,with the distributor cap-it's the cap,rotor button, and,more than likely,a crossed wire! has a ON LINE SERVICE MANUAL!!SEE IF IT COVERS YOUR ENGINE!!
    sorry about the caps lock!
    but backfireing usually means either crossed wires-in the wrong place on the cap,or it's jumping acrost old crappy wires..,but i'd bet ya it's crossed wires..
    --the BEST" secret is to take off the passenger side tire,and acess the plugs and wires through the opening between the fenderwell and the frame!!it's impossible from under the hood..a swivel headed ratchet is real handy for those plugs..
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Your '97 R/awd Aerostar has a completely new transmission, extra gear ratio, vs earlier versions.
  • Ben43Ben43 Posts: 2
    :surprise: Thanks, I had the car for 8 months had not had any work done to the plugs.
    Just seems to get worse!, I use gas cleaners and tune up in the bottle hope I am not making it worse, btw I stopped using and Gas treament and Tune up in the bottle, no change...Gas treament and Tune up is not cutting it any more!

    Just started 2 month and sometimes the tune up in the bottle causes it to drive a little better when its
    warmed up but after I turn it off for 30 minutes to an hour doing my shopping and turn it on
    and start driving it has no horse power when I give it gas, and at 50 miles better it puffs and back fires
    and jerks a bit stops then jerks like its skipping a spark ts very rare to stop at 50 or better it only stopped once and drove like normal, I have no stalling sounds what would makes it jerk at 50 miles mph at times and back fire the muffler shacks, I can't guess if its the Gas filter sparks plus or that volve that opens at 45 to 50 mph is staying closed or having trouble staying open. Can that volve I forgot the name of the volve the car shop worker told me about. Can that volve flap back and forth causing the back firing. it only went back to normal once until I started it the next day, then it was back at it doing the same thing, the Tune up in the bottle kinda
    helped a bit, but now it just stays the same. I wonder if a tune up will fix the problem.I haven't seem any similar post to my issue here or elsewhere, maybe its a new problem, who knows how many people owned my car before me. What they replaced.
  • jamc128jamc128 Posts: 19
    Hi, its me again. I have another problem with the van, it has a front driver side brake problem. I dont know what causes the problem. 8 months earlier I changed de rotor, master cylinder, brake pads and eve the disks. The problem was that same side brake got stuck when using the van in city, and caused engine overheating and smoke coming from the brakes, I changes everything I mentioned and now yesterday the brake stuck again and smoke come from de brake and then over heated to. And I have no clue what it could be and I dont want all those pieces to be changed again, does anyone know what it could be?
  • rob140rob140 Posts: 13
    sounds like corrosion in the caliper causing it to stick. this happened on my motor home. the brake fluid absorbs moisture over time and causes corrosion. some manufacturers (bmw) call for fluid change every 2 years.
  • jamc128jamc128 Posts: 19
    My mechanic told too that maybe the brake lines needed to be changed since I changed them like 5 years ago. Does anyone know which AC compressor from an other Ford fits the Aerostar, since mine decided to quit a month ago to.
  • Can anyone tell me where I can find a 1994 aerostar Interior door panels in grey if possible? Or how I can get new ones made.
  • I have a 1994 aerostar and these transmissions were noted for having problems. That said I have had great success with mine because of routine maintance. I have 250,000 miles on mine and it shifts great. Change the fluid every 50,000 miles or sooner in Hot climates, have it done by a transmisson shop and do the seal and filter. If you don't get good results with the basics call a transmission suppiler and tell him what is happening with your transmission. Trouble shoot it yourself and save huge bucks.
  • It is the rear seal. I have the same problem and I am looking to get a new seal for mine. I just have not had luck finding the same one. I was just told 2 weeks ago to spray some silcone on it and that would soften up the rubber again. My Napa dealer told me that.
  • My tranny has a leak, I use around 1 qt of fluid every week. Does any one know what do I need to change? It currently has 220500 miles. Also my rear side windows leak. How can I fix that?
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