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Buick Enclave No Start Problems



  • I have had the same issue approximately 8-10 times since I purchased my 2009 Enclave from Critz Dealership in Savannah. They have my car now and will not give my pregnant wife a loaner vehicle for her and my 3 year old to have reliable transportation while I am at work. They and GM claim its out of warranty so they cant give me a loaner, but this has been an ongoing problem that's never been resolved. It was out of warranty the last time they attempted to fix it as well, but because they never fixed the problem and it was a recurring problem I was not charged.They told me they cannot diagnose the problem if I jump start it before bringing it in and to have it towed in each time. I had it towed in 4-5 times now. This time when I towed it in they jump started the vehicle. They are dumbfounded and dont know the source of the problem. The worst part is that GM pretends that this is not a known issue with other Enclave owners. Something needs to be done about this. It is a safety issue and we need to know that when we go to our car to drive it is going to start. GM...What are you going to do about this? Please stop pretending you don't know what's going on. Case # 71-1233079776
  • What's the point. GM is not going to do anything to fix it. I guess they will respond to a class action law suit. This has been going on for more than 4 years and GM pretends they don't know its an ongoing issue. This is absolutely detestable service.
  • Our 2008 Enclave was running this morning and then it stopped and won't start up again. Have you heard of any potential recalls? Or has GM gotten back to you?
  • No. They basically told me if it happens again (the 10th time) they will investigate further. Why they haven't investigated further at this point I don't know. Good luck! Please keep me posted on your progress.
  • UPDATE: So when the tow truck arrived it decided to start up. We took it to the dealership and they replaced the fuel face sensor (?) in the tank and re-coded our ignition keys. They had it overnight. We have not had the same issue since. However my wife was driving it last week and all of a sudden a loud explosion sound (like a blow out/backfire) occurred from under the car but everything seems OK. All in all the car has a mind of it's own it seems. I hope they get this straightened out for everyone.
  • I just discovered this board and wanted to share my Enclave experience. I always research the bulletins and the GM boards to see if another owner has been able to identify the root cause and how the dealership remediated and fixed the issue. My first job was selling Buick Cars as a Sales rep in MI, and I would strongly recommend the GMPP ( plan to any new car buyer and Enclave owners that plans to keep the car longer than their payment book. I don't switch or trade out vehicles every 2 - 4 years. I have VOLVO's that I still own an maintain from 90, 95, and 99.

    The Enclave has been heads down a better value than the Lincoln Navigator I bought New and replaced with a New Enclave. Significantly better gas mileage, equivalent amount of interior room as the NAV, and a lot less wind noise in the compartment. Also, the NAV was 55K, and the ENCLAVE CXL was 45K, and I added 5K of aftermarket options and was still able to participate in the 0% interest rate. Value wise, I've been impressed with the business case for Buick.

    However, resolving customer service issues after the sale, I would suggest is an opportunity to improve the Buick brand and enhance customer experience. Within 24 hours of purchasing the Enclave, I contacted the dealership and Buick customer service regarding a issue with how the dealer recorded the sale, and the color of the vehicle was different than depicted. The dealer mentioned it was too late as they had electronically titled the vehicle with the state of MI, before I even signed the sales agreements. Buick Customer Service basically redirected me to the dealership, and after a few months of back and forth with the Dealer we reached a resolution and I bought the GMPP (Protection Plan) at a discount.

    As it relates to escalating potential service and safety concerns to the dealers service shop, and the service shop management team, as well as Buick Customer Service, and reaching out to executives via LinkedIN, I am less than impressed with that overall experience. The initial response or return call or email from Buick Customer Service and management is alwayspositive, but there was very little follow-up in my case, and found myself having to serve as the admin for customer service and dealership.

    I've taking my Enclave to three different Buick shops, including two in the ATLANTA area, and one in MI. An independent tech was sent out to the shop in ATL, and conducted their own investigation regarding the following issues:

    • Service Air Bag light constantly being on (not sure if the airbag will deploy)
    • Passenger Presence System (interrupts diagnostic alerts when phone present)

    E.G. It's possible, in my opinion, for a safety alert (door open) to not be displayed, or the Service Air Bag light to come on due to the Passenger Presence System issue that has already been reported when you have a cell phone with blue tooth enabled. I documented my initial concerns and suggested that this was a safety issue that deserved managements attention.

    Unfortunately the independent tech did not recreate the same scenarios I had documented. The independent tech use to work for GM. I received a letter saying Buick was not at fault. I had a not severe accident due to the PPS issue, and submitted a claim with Allstate. Allstate tried to pursue the subrogation path with GM, but that resulted in GM admitting they had no liability and Allstate not being willing to invest any more time on the matter, and telling me to move on with life. Two years later the same problem exists. Since then, the two issues reported above are still open even though GM decide to close out my case.

    NOTE TO GM SOCIAL: What I gauge from reading all the comments on this board, is that owners are frustrated with the responses have received. Owners are frustrated with the let's try Solution A, B, C service shop approach as it relates to why their car will not start. Redirecting owners to a Buick service shop is not a solution, as it will always result in some form of an un-reimbursed expense (whether that be loss of time, mileage, and money). Is the Battery Saver Active capability not working as originally designed the root cause of these issues?

    I reported the same issue to my service shop and I was told that I needed a new battery, and I paid for it in order to sure my wife who primarily uses the vehicle for our two kids does not run into an issue. Then I get a call or a text (always it appears when I'm traveling outside of ATL to visit a client) from my wife, that the Enclave (which was parked in the garage for two days) won't start. In my mind, it could not be the Factory OEM battery (but I went ahead and spent the $200 with the dealer) as the car was designed with a battery saver active capability, that would prevent you from running the battery dead. E.G. Radio is running, lights were left on by is mistake and car is not completely turned. The car designed shut down to preserve the battery from running out to any device load being a drain.;topicseen
    She is now plugging battery tenders in each night which should not be required but she feels better that the car will start when needed.

    I will forward my documentation along to the Social Media address, VIN, etc, but I believe that any owner who takes the time to share their experience is trying to remain loyal to the Buick Brand as well. However, a key driver to whether you retain the loyalty of the owners in this forum, is how you address the issue. Or as my Grand Dad would say, "you can hide the fire, but what do you plan to do with the smoke."

    Buck Brand Owner Since 2009

  • 2010 Buick Enclave anyone aware of class action suits regarding these vehicles not starting?

    I just experienced the most awful car ride. The car started to shut I was driving with my kids in it. I gave the car to my husband and it stranded him at work the next week. I have 6 years of car records showing I am stranded yearly.

    We contacted GM...they offered no assistance unless we buy another GM product. GM advised we should trade in the car...even though they know the car is defective.

    Anyone else having the no start issues???

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