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Article Comments - 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Full Tests

Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,028
Our 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track is painted Bathurst Black. That's Bathurst as in Bathurst 1000, a 620-mile (1,000-km) race on Australia's Mount Panorama Circuit, a 3.9-mile road course with 23 turns, grades of up to 16 percent and a 1.2-mile-long straightaway named Conrod Straight after a spectacular engine failure endured by racer Frank Kleinig in 1939.

2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track Full Test

Karen-Edmunds Community Manager


  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    Good read.

    While there are still kinks Hyundai should work out on the Genesis Coupe, for its first RWD sports coupe, kudos and respect, as the article pointed out.

    One error to point out - the 2.0T is part of the Theta family, not Lambda.
  • dragon3dragon3 Posts: 8
    Hey, for the price of this thing I can save a few $ more and wait to buy a Dodge Challenger. Come on, there's no comparision.
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    While both the Challenger and the Genesis Coupe starts around the same price, the Genesis Coupe has a much more attractive package - ie. standard 6 speed vs. standard 4 speed, a standard 4 cyclinder in the Genesis Coupe that will out-run Dodge's V6 to 60, by more than a second per Edmunds IL tests. The Genesis is lighter and also scores much higher on fuel effiency. Should I go on?
  • jyymjyym Posts: 26
    The Challenger is a muscle car and isn't exactly known for its handling prowess - but that's OK since muscle cars are all about a certain kind of sheetmetal and straightline speed.

    There really is no point in getting a non-V8 Challenger (it's the same reason auto enthusiasts dismiss the V-6 Mustang as a "secretary's car").

    For the record, I'd pick SRT8 any day over the new Mustang GT and Camaro SS (despite the 2 having better handling).
  • well if you buy the genesis as tested in this article, which is about 30grand, you will get outrun by a challenger, camaro, or mustang of the same price. for the price and the engine power this car is not at all impressive on paper. it looks cool and i'm sure it's fun though. just comes down to personal preference. my point being however is that in the price range it's in it will be outperformed every time
  • I'm sorry, but how is this in any way an "Evo killer"?
  • car42car42 Posts: 2
    Yeah what he said - how is this an Evo Killer? Maybe a Lancer killer would make more sense...
  • ayabeayabe Posts: 1
    Every review I've read has something negative to say about the transmission, I believe either Edmunds or C/D said something to the effect that it actively resists attempts to drive and shift aggressively - ugghh to me that's pretty much a deal breaker for something marketed as a "sports car".

    Also seen comments on the harsh ride. I guess the turbo model is a better deal, but it's slower than it's FWD competition, yeah it can be modded, guess we'll see what people can turn out on a daily driver. Spending a couple g's on parts and a tune just to get that car to match the "weak" performance of the V6, well, that doesn't impress me.
  • HI,
    could anyone please provide a hands on experience/review with Genesis coupe 2.0t premium 2011/2010. I have been looking at different forums and getting mixed reviews, so I am bit confused about the reliability, quality and maintainability of this car.
    Should I buy or lease it? The other cars I am looking at is BMW 328i sedan, Audi A4 and Acura TSX.

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