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Honda Insight Prices Paid and Buying Experience

kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,881
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  • 04/22 is the street date. We have 14 out of 18 pre-sold. We expect pricing to be announced later this month or early next month.

    Available trims:
    and EXL (navi if you choose).
  • squeegesqueege Posts: 1
    How are cars "pre-sold" if the pricing has not even been announced yet? What price (if any) is agreed on?
  • lucien4lucien4 Posts: 55
    My guess those are cars are sold as an option to buy?

    In Europe pricing has been announced 2 weeks ago and price is about 3-4K below Civic Hybrid. From what I've heard so far it would be about $19,950 for the LX (but nothing official).

    In Europe first Insights are arriving end of March. I'd be surprised if Honda won't ship Insight also earlier than 4/22.
  • The Insights are sold at MSRP - whatever it may be. The LX is expected to be under $20K, the EX in the upper $21's EXL $22's and EXL NAVI $24's (ish).

    We collect a $500.00 refundable deposit and that customer then has "first right of refusal" or in other words, pre-sold.

    I might be off on my EX and up pricing... It could be higher.
  • I guess in this economy list price is still what I 'll pay. I have preordered one.
  • lucien4lucien4 Posts: 55
    From Honda's press release:

    2010 Honda Insight Pricing and EPA Data

    LX $19,800
    EX $21,300
    EX with Navi $23,100

    EPA same for all models: 40/43/41 (note in Europe the EX has 16" which has 5% higher fuel consumpion).
  • Prices do not include the ever-present $670.00 destination charge. For some reason I thought there was an EXL?

    2010 Honda Insight Pricing and EPA Data
    |Model MSRP[1] |EPA[2] |City/Hwy/Combined |
    |Insight LX |$19,800 |40/43/41 |
    |Insight EX |$21,300 |40/43/41 |
    |Insight EX with Navi |$23,100 |40/43/41 |
  • Thank you for the information.
  • fiesty2fiesty2 Posts: 4
    Any ideas? Scratched, dents, new transmission, tires, and small battery. Snow tires, cd player.
  • Anyone know if a sunroof and leather is available?
    What's packaged in the NAV above the EX to justify the $1700 price difference?
  • lucien4lucien4 Posts: 55
    In some European countries a leather version is offered but I haven't seen this listed offered in the US. A sunroof is not offered. There should be an aftermarket option though.

    Not sure about the navigation but Honda list these additional items for nav:

    - Bluetooth handsfreelink
    - Illuminated Steering Wheel-Mounted Audio, Navigation and Phone Controls

    I assume the navigation system otherwise is similar to Honda Civic.

    Specs are here:
  • adamjmankadamjmank Posts: 10
    I just recd quotes from two dealers both are asking $20470/ 20450 + TTL (LX)
    no mention of destination do not know if its included.

    By the way I requested quotes from 7 dealers , everyone replied but only 2 gave quotes. I am in midwest. please post if any one could do better
  • lucien4lucien4 Posts: 55
    If it's with destination that it matches exactly (19,800+670). I think that's reasonable given current demand and supply. Some states offer additional discounts (e.g. in WA state no sales tax).

    The Honda Insight site is up today and has all info now including pricing/brochure:

    Today would be also the day dealers would get their first Insights delivered.
  • lucien4lucien4 Posts: 55
    By the way Honda also has now a lease offer for $229 a month:

    Closed-end lease for 2010 Insight LX CVT (Model ZE2H5AEW) for $229.00 per month for 36 months with a $1,975.00 capitalized cost reduction available to customers who qualify for the AHFC Super Preferred credit tier.
    Other rates/tiers are available under this offer. $2,799.00 total due at lease signing (includes first month's payment, AHFC upfront acquisition fee, capitalized cost reduction with no security deposit. Security deposit waived in featured lease example. Total net capitalized cost and base monthly payment does not include tax, license, title, registration, documentation fees, options, insurance and the like). Not all buyers may qualify.

    I personally would go for the EX given the LX has no VSC, no center console, no heated mirrors, ....
  • Seeing as Honda is doing a subsidized lease special program, maybe it is time to open up a specific forum for the lease discussions, like the Civic has.

    "Honda Insight Lease Questions"
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,881

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Got a quote this evening on a Insight LX for $19995.00 to purchase.
  • Hey vagabondchef...what metro area are you in? That price must include the destination fee of $670. So a drop from 20,470 to $19,995...$475 off.
  • Chicagoland area. It does include destination. Had another dealer that quoted me $19200,00 with destination. I feel like these will not sell very well. Everyone will buy a 2010 Prius. That's what I'm thinking....I'll wait till may.
  • lucien4lucien4 Posts: 55
    Well the Prius has a discount which mean it's not selling that well... Most dealers had 80% pre-sold of their Insight stock so that's not that bad. Plus not everyone is aware of the Insight yet. But in this economy you even see discounts on brand new vehicle models.
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