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Honda Insight Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Nothing? I guess no one is buying these. Makes you wonder why dealers still have ADMs on them.
  • That's just crazy!!! Dealers can't even beg buyers to take these and they think they can ask whatever they want??!! Ludicrous!! Even Prius is selling below MSRP now that we've hit the season of no car shoppers.
  • How about an EX with nav for $26,750? That was one of the "deals" that we were offered this weekend. That took an hour of the salesman to-and-fro-ing to the sales manager.
  • kriss2kriss2 Posts: 1
    I purchased an Insight w/Navi. The dealership in Torrance, CA gave me wheel locks, mud flaps and cargo tray. I purchased at the end of December '09 and received the 2.9% Honda Financing. Except for some cheap interior finishes I love my 'first' hybrid. I am looking for a cargo cover where I do not have to pay $195 from the dealer. Online I have found one for $137, but they are out of stock. However, when you figure in tax and shipping, it may not be that much of a bargain. Anyone know a Southern California dealer selling it for less? Honk if you see my white Insight with the 'Destination Paradise' sticker in the I.E.
  • I think I negotiated a decent deal. MSRP of 25,700. Cost of car 23519.28. I did a lease for 279.79 - out the door $1532.79 (pretty high I think for just 1st month and dealer fees/mv costs. There is no tax on a hybrid in CT.

    What do you think? I have two days to change my mind.
  • "MSRP of 25,700"

    What? The most expensive Insight you can buy has an MSRP of $23,810 including the destination charge.
  • If Car_Man is about, can you please post the current MF and residual figures for a 36 month / 12,000 mile p.a. lease? Thanks.
  • It has heated leather seats. It's nice. The price is now 23,519. We are still 'discussing' this acq fee. I don't think I should have to pay it. Honda's website says there is no acq fee for this lease deal. We'll see.
  • So is $21,500 + ~300 "admin fee" a good price? On top of this add taxes, tags, registration. I don't understand the administration fee; never heard of this before. Why don't they just say Junk fee which equal added profit.
  • Well $22,010 is the MSRP with destination and invoice is $20,808. There's $750 dealer cash at the moment. If it were me, I'd try an invoice plus $300 offer which would work out at;

    $20808 - $750 + $300 = $20358.

    As you say, the $300 admin fee is just added profit.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,613
    All Honda leases have $595 acquisition fee..

    The advertisement on the website may have had it included in the payment...

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Duh! Wrong place. I was the info in the lease forum so please disregard.
  • Yeah, I had to pay the fee. The lease deal turned out ok. I basically got the leather package for almost nothing. They priced the EX with nav at 22600. Payment is $279.00 If I got one without leather it would have saved me $20.00 a month (720.00) Not worth it to me.
  • Just picked up my Insight EX w/XM, $20,200 (pre-taxes,gov't mandatory fees & tags). So far content, always stressful buying car even though all the negotiation via email was a no drama, dispassionate experience. I sense from Honda due to Toyota's recent recalls, they feel they have an advantage. However, they STILL are not offering special financing on the Insight or any other consumer incentives. I thought February was usually a bleak month for car sales? Well, I'm happy with my price, especially since it included floor carpets/mats, cargo cover, tank of fuel and of course XM radio installed. :D
  • Just bought a 2010 Honda Insight EX -- no nav or xm or any of that jazz; just the regular EX model for $19000 + tax and other state fees ... Was also able to snatch 0% financing for 3 yrs! :)
  • benmbenm Posts: 8
    Wow!!! Do you mind giving the dealership name, city and state?
  • capplacappla Posts: 29
    Anyone purchase an Insight recently? If so, please post your purchase price (before tax, tag, title) and whether you got an LX, EX or EX w/ Navi.
  • eric_jreric_jr Posts: 1
    Just got two certified 2010 Honda Insight EX(s) (2K and 5K miles, no Navi) here in Fayetteville, AR. for ~18,400 a piece on March 24th, 2010. They didn't really compromise on the price any more, but after getting a trade-in of $7500 on our 2004 Honda Element (w/ 108K miles), my wife and I walked away with a combined note of $550/month (60 months). Not too bad I think and we're loving our decision more and more everyday. While we do miss Ellie (pet name of our former Element :), hybrids make the most sense these days in our opinion, especially with our impending move to the DC metro area. Can't wait to get more familiar with the car and the driving experience ;)
  • arch85arch85 Posts: 2
    Sorry -- didn't see your message until just now.

    We bought it at Herb Chambers of Boston -- Jasmine was the kind lady who helped us get the deal.

    Hope you guys have luck!!
  • countyslavecountyslave Posts: 5
    edited April 2010
    Why does it have to be a So. Cal dealer if you can get it shipped for free from another dealer?
    I'm in San Francisco area and I wouldnt buy ANY parts or acc from a local dealer as they are far too expensive and have the idea they have the only game in town. Most have no clue that they are being undercut by smaller dealers out of state that really want your business. Insights are dirt cheap here but as for the "Extras" forget it.
    Try "pattypeckhondaparts" on ebay, might have to google it.
    Price is more then right and shipping on mine was free. Also check other listings from them as when I got mine I bidded on it and got it for less then $130 free shipping as no one else even bidded on it (from PattyPeck).
    Only wish I could have leased my insight from out of state on Ebay without being hit with Calif tax laws. Probably be too big for UPS or FedEx anyway ;) .
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