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Honda Insight Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I only tried the 2012 because that was the only one available & I bought it. (base model =what I wanted). I paid $18, (including doc. fees but not Rhode State taxes).
  • I have an offer for a Insight 2012 LX out the door for $21,927...this includes a $499 doc fee and 7% sales tax. Anyone wnat to comment on if this is a good deal?

  • $16,857 in Southern California + $55 doc fee,tax,title,license
  • that is pretty good deal. are you willing to share where did you buy your 2012 insight in Southern Cal? I also live in Southern Cal and thinking of buying one in the beginning of the year. thanks,
  • This was at metro Honda, though I also got good quotes from some dealers in the inland empire. However it was before the truecar fallout and I used that to my advantage
  • sparker3sparker3 Posts: 2
    Any help with what is a reasonable price for a '12 EX (no NAV) would be appreciated, as well as recommendations for Northern CA dealers. Thanks. I can share that I got a quote of 19,900 (not including tax and license) for the LX, before I convinced myself to move up:>
  • i just bought the 2013 honda insight base last 2 month 12/12 2012...with the price that good?
  • dnatechdnatech Posts: 21
    It's hard to answer to your question, if it's a done deal, you don't want to have regrets, right?
    I find this excessive for a base model. I have a 2012 base model I bought in Nov. 2011 for aprox $18,200.00. I went with the AAA printed quote they have to go with. I don't think they were happy and asked for my AAA card but I got it that day brand new, no haggling.
    Maybe the car prices went up, it is a very good car and still cheaper than the Prius and the dash board makes sense.
    Enjoy the car!
  • twartedtwarted Posts: 5
    I have a 2010 Insight with 99950 miles with full kit (Nav the works) and extended warranty and all service records and no scratches. I went to Pompano Honda to trade in against an Accord last night.... and Guess what? I discovered the error of my ways.
    Its worth maybe $7,000 after paying $24,500 for it new.
    Had I not listened to the Honda Sales Pitch I would have bought a Toyota Prius which with the same mileage would have been worth a LOT more. Perhaps Consumer reports might like to take a look at depreciation between the two?
    I no longer drive the car in case the battery dies and BTW the fuel consumption has been between 35 and 37.5 MPG. Is it true Honda have been sued in a class action law suite for lies about fuel consumption claims?? Have I a case?
    Better they be sued for a pretend Hybrid system that has a massive loss in value as a result. Any Lawyers reading? - Look at my records if you wish!
    As we say in Ireland it has not got the power to "Pull the socks off of a dead man" and the only redeeming quality is I can drive it in the HOV lane!!!
    Reliability was excellent but for a full assembly replacement of GPS - CD-Radio at 41,000 miles. Service department at Pompano Honda puts my Lexus Department to shame - They are excellent in all ways.
    Silly me for buying one - All you happy owners .... Your time will come! - The car was rushed to the market and "Under Engineered" (Never saw so much painted metal since an Alfa in the 60's!) and you will pay the price in resale value.
  • co772erco772er Posts: 1
    The experience you've had with your 2010 seems to mirror the general consensus- that the earlier models were duds. They were indeed under-engineered and rushed to the market. However, most people will agree that the 2012 and 2013 models are excellent. It brings the MPG up to 41 city and 44 highway, although if you check another very popular, general car web site (you can probably guess which one), people say they've been getting even high into the 50's for highway. I really have never seen a vehicle rated as highly as the Insight, with an average of 4.9 out of 5. That's quite an endorsement, in my opinion.
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