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Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg



  • tredfern,

    I highly recommend the 2007 Jetta (base or wolfsburg). My mpg has gone up to 25 already at 1500 miles. It is running smoother. It stalled a few times as I am getting used to driving a stick shift after 15 years.

    What you have paid is fair in my opinion. Did you get 0% for 36 months? You may buy the Rabbit for your daughter which has the same engine and transmission as Jetta. 2 door Rabbit model may be cheaper than 4 door Jetta.

    I researched the price people paid in Edmunds, and went to shop at the dealer on the last day of July. It appears that sales people are eager to make a deal. Within 1 minute the asking price went down by $1500. I bought it from Boardwalk VW in Richardson, TX. Ask for Marcus, he would give you a good deal. He was very nice. Hurry as the 2007 models are selling quickly. Also, try for 0% financing.

    Good luck
  • May I ask where in Dallas you bought this? I've been dealing with Lewisville and they're telling me 20000-21000 for a wolfsburg. I would need an automatic.
  • Any current dealer cash incentives or rebates on the 2007 VW Jetta Wolfsburg?
  • What was the price paid excluding tax, license and fees?

    Any operational and/or MPG updates??
  • jaa1jaa1 Posts: 1
    My daughter just purchased a 07 wolfburg edition. What exactly is different on the wolfburg edition?

    Also, has anybody add the ipod docking station when it didn't come on the car?? cost???
  • the difference is sunroof, heating seats, 16 inch alloys, leatherette and badging

    Ipod docking station costs an extra 100 and is messy with wires. Go to best buy or circuit city and get the wireless one for 40 bucks, its better, I've used both
  • How much did your daughter pay? and why didn't she get the 2008 SE instead?
  • My 2007 wolfsburg is short one wheel. I bought a set of (RSL Burnout) wheels brand new last year. Now I have a damaged one and can't find a replacement. I don't want to buy a whole new set. Please help?
  • Have you consulted your dealership?
  • erothmannerothmann Posts: 1
    have a 1997 jetta gls looking to switch 5 speed manual for 6 speed manual. Want to keep the 6 speed stock with 6th gear like a .0.70-0.65, any ideas were to find the 6. Just looking to improve high miles
  • OK, now I am confused, the dealer told me there was no breaking in period.....I just got a 2008, just broke 1000 on the what is the true break in time? When do you start seeing better gas mileage? How long do you have to be easy on the engine?
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    I think the owner's manual has several suggestions for "break in". I could be mistaken, but seem to recall that by 1000 miles the initial "take-it-easy" period had ended.
  • Let er rip buddy!!
  • Anyting special I need to do for the Wolfsburg 2.0T? Someone mentioned with a turbo, you have to let the engine idle when starting and turning off the car......I have only had one new vehicle I drove off the lot with less than 5 miles.......
  • ndmike88ndmike88 Posts: 155
    We had a 1980 Monte Carlo with a Buick turbo. If I remember correctly the manual said to let the turbo idle for several minutes before turning it off.
    Fast forward to today----------we just bought an '08 Jetta Wolfsburg. The manual doesn't say to do anything special with the turbo and the salesman never mentioned anything. I'm assuming the times have changed and you do not need to let the turbo idle before shutting it off.
  • Out of curiosity - I bought an 08 jetta wolfsburg - $21145 - has everything but the navi system........hope I didnt get snowed over.....

    The dealer told me the same thing, no break in time but I wanted to ask someone who was not a sales person...............
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    I really hate it when the dealer says their is no break in time. Thats bogus! I truly believe the break in takes forever! You will notice a difference in time, how the engine kind of loosens up. I have even noticed that even after like 15,000 miles its finally beginning to feel really good! But, that really doesn't mean its will take that long, but just noticed. 15k isn't really all that much. My dealer told me, my car was already broken in, and I am like, no way, it feels likes its all stiff, and as you drive it, the engine and transmission really work more smoothly. So you can no way judge it too harshly on a test drive, the engine once broken in, will work much better! But, with that being said, once you are past the factory break in mileage, that is when you truly have to "train" your new engine. Letting the RPM's run up and down, so the transmission really works through its cycle. You will be then breaking in the car more, and prepping it for the life of your car. After doing this "Nicely" I have even noticed my car is more smooth and responsive.

    So have fun! Newer engines are more durable, but how you treat them in the beginning really preps the life of the car!
  • Thank you for telling me this. I am treating this car like a baby and I want to make sure I don't screw myself in the long run.......
  • i have a 2007 Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg edition that i bought new. i have the oil changed at the dealer and every service preformed at the dealer. my problem is back in january or so i had the oil changed. on the way home from the dealer we get about 1 mile or so from the house (the dealer is 50 miles away), and we smell a oil smell and the oil light comes on. i get to looking at it and the bottom of the car is covered in oil. long story short the dealer sends a wrecker picks it up and looks it over. it is found that the service guy pinched the oil filter gasket. they clean it up redo the oil change and say everything is cool. well i wasnt convinced everything is cool so i negotiated a additional 30k warrenty. well oct 1st or so we take it back to the dealer due to a knocking sound that i had pointed out to them a month or so back ( i think it is a bottom bearing or something like that). in any case dealer is saying they are going to replace motor with a crate motor (which im cool with) but my concern is they are going to rebuild it and i dont want that. are there any numbers on the motor? (like on chevys they have the vin #)

    any input would be a great help
  • fho2008fho2008 Posts: 393
    When I bought my 2008 Wolfsburg the info for '08 was gone, got a '09 brochure and you're right, you will not find Wolfsburg Edition mentioned anywhere. I'm told they only make 12,000 a year, still why it isnt mentioned is anyones guess.

    Someone mentioned that they took a Jetta SE trim, replaced the 5 cyl with the 4 cyl turbo, and they seem to be right. A fun car without the cost, or looks of the GLI.
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