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  • oldold Posts: 13
    Thanks for the info Shipo, I'll be sure to get this oil changed soon then.

    Also ETP, thanks for the suggestion on the first free oil change. I'll check with my dealer.

    I'll also check the manufacture date and let you know. thanks again!

    btw, my last mileage check was 17.6mpg, mixed driving. lots of AC on.
  • Feedback -
    2009 4.0L SXT

    Wife's van is getting around 19.0 mpg. (She's got a poor mileage driving style, prone to excessive idling, foot in the gas all the way to a red light, etc.) I also did not see the 89 octane recommendation, van seems to run well on 87. I will have to see if it has more power on the 89 octane fuel.

    If you have ideas to share...
    And at 1700 miles all the green VFD information in the instrument cluster (odometer, information center) has gone dark. Worked fine but then died overnight and would not work in the morning. Tachometer still seems to work, so perhaps I can drive it to the dealer.

    Here's to hoping it's not a :lemon:
  • I'm getting a dismal MPG - 19 MPG highway and 14 MPG city. I have the 25th Anniversary package + 4.0L engine. Tires are at 35 PSI. Any ideas what is happening?

    I got the oil change message at 2600 miles, got the free first oil change as well.

    Now I'm getting 'hood ajar' sometimes. Go figure.
  • etpetp Posts: 153
    It looks like they are doing these at 3k as my new sticker reflects that on the windshield. Also I changed from 5W30 full synthetic to 10W30 free crap bulk oil at the dealer and my HWY MPG went back up to 27.1 -28.2. 45-55 MPH is your best mileage BTW since I checked this today. My mixed city driving MPG went down with the bulk crap to 20-22 MPG was 24.5 MPG. So I will try another mixture with 0W40 and see what happens when my free coupons run out. It seems the synthetic 10W30 and 5W30 definitely improves my trip to work MPG but the 5W30 hoses my HWY MPG. Without more evidence it is hard to say for sure but it looks like the 4.0 needs a heavier oil at high speeds. When I change to 0W40 that may give me a clue. Maybe not!But the 44PSI in my tires does help my MPG in all driving conditions. When these tires wear out I will be switching to the Fuel miser tires / LRR that have a 51 PSI cold max pressure rating.. They will handle the high pressure better than my present tires. - hicleSearch=true&fromCompare1=yes&partnum=265TR7AFM&tirePageLocQty=%26partnum%3D- - 265TR7AFM - +A%2FS
  • A reporter is looking to speak to consumers who purchased a Chrysler or Dodge minvan recently or are in the market for one. Please send your daytime phone number to by Tuesday, September 8, 2009.
    Corporate Communications

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • etpetp Posts: 153
    Just completed two more trips and I got 14.2 in very heavy stop and go city driving and 16.8 in city driving. 27.2 to 28.1 on the HWY with two adults and baggage as well as 45-65MPH.
  • 455ho455ho Posts: 2
    Was reading the posts on the GC &TC minivans and I felt that I should comment. I just want to say thanks to all of the happy owners of these vehicles. I work for the company at the plant where they are built and I can tell you that our plant is always at the top of the corp's quality list. These things have been pumped out of here since '83 at a consistent rate and for good reason. We have done the best we possibly could through all of the cost cutting (since Daimler took over) and we still put out an outstanding product. Just want to say thanks for buying our product!
  • etpetp Posts: 153
    Best vehicle I have ever owned including my Prius. It is phenomenal how good the mileage is on this vehicle and the 4.0/6speeds performance. My daughter has one just like it and I would not hesitate to get another. If you have a family and need more than 4 seats this is it folks//period!
  • etpetp Posts: 153
    PS// back up to my normal mixed driving to work at 22-24 MPG and 27.5-28.5 HWY at 44 PSI.
  • How good is it to put (40-42 psi) into the tires for the 2009 GC. Kinda scares me for that higher mpg. Thanks
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,267
    As long as it is at or under the max PSI rating of the tire, it will not hurt the tires any. Higher pressure will result in better fuel economy, but also will transmit more of the "road" through to the inside of the vehicle. It is really a matter of finding a balance that works best for you. I tend to run my van at 40 psi.
  • etpetp Posts: 153
    Ditto // good advice // run your tires at the max cold sidewall PSI rated if you want the best MPG. Then as you get more data points adjust to suite your driving needs. On bumpy roads you would be better off at 38 PSI. If you do HWY driving on a smooth road then do what you need to do to get your best MPG. I can only speak for myself and no one else. I always run at the max PSI except my Prius which is 51PSI on the side wall. I am running 44-46 PSI on smooth roads only. This is strictly a personal preference and I can not tell you what you need to do. If you are overly concerned then run them at the door jam pressures.
  • etpetp Posts: 153
    I have developed a minor sliding door issue on the drivers side. Sometimes it refuses to auto close and I have to manually close it. Intermittent at best. It seemed worse when I was parked on an incline at staples on saturday. Still not bad enough to take it to the dealer until my next oil change.

    Still a very nice van in all respects.
  • oldold Posts: 13

    we have that sliding door issue too, actually, ours is, when parked on an incline, when we auto open it, the door will open to the max point, and the motor will start to click for a few seconds and stop. it's as if the motor is still trying to open the door. This happened since day 1. We haven't taken it back to the dealer yet, but will do that before the 36K warranty is up.

    Also, we're at 6K miles and the oil light is up again requiring the change. If that thing shows up at 9K, I'll be pissed, since the manual states change every 6K, not 3K.
  • etpetp Posts: 153
    Mine is working for the moment. However my daughters TC 4.0 6 speed is in the shop for a final output shaft bearing. It was shifting fine and just had a beaing noise.
  • etpetp Posts: 153
    Just got back from Disney and we managed 25.5 MPG going down and 27.4 coming back. Still getting 23.2 in mixed driving. My daughters transmission was fixed and they have their van back. I am down to my last free oil change and will try 0W40 probably in January. A small plastic flange on the botton of the plastic surround on the drivers seat broke and is on back order. I forget to get the sliding doors checked as I was in a hurry.

    I hope the transmission problem on my daughters van was a fluke as mine is running very well at this time.
  • etpetp Posts: 153
    UPDATE//my MPG is starting to creap up again and I have no idea why that is!

    Sliding door is noisy but ok! If you turn the key off you may not get proper sliding door operation. I still think this is the best van so far on the market! Time will tell.

    Seat is fixed and my daughters trans is fine so far.
  • qwikdripqwikdrip Posts: 4
    edited February 2010
    My wife is only getting 11-12 MPG locally with our 25th Anniversary 3.8. She uses it with 2 cars seats and a double stroller. Anyone else having similiar MPG problems? Any suggestions as to what my options might be? Please let me know. Thanks.
  • etpetp Posts: 153
    Check your air at 40PSI or max cold inflation pressure.
    Air filter
    I just switched over to 0w40 Mobile 1 oil and my mileage is up
    Don't know about the 3.8 as I have a 4.0 with the 6 speed.
    With very heavy stop and go city driving that may be right.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,267
    Short trips, significant idling (such as warming up the vehicle before heading out), and stop/go, will wreak havoc on mileage. When my wife used our '98 DGC w/ 3.8L in the winter time, 13 mpg was not uncommon even with relatively long trips simply because the 10-15 minutes she let the van warm up before loading up the kids would offset any gains made down the road. :sick:
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