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Buick Enclave Power Steering Noise



  • OMG ! I can cry. I finally was able to get my dream SUV and now it PROBLEMS !
    I purchase my 2007 Buick Enclave in March 2013. It was making light noise then but me being a woman thought it was ok. I mentioned it to the sales guy and he told me it would go away soon because it has been serviced. @ to 3 months went by, same noise. I asked a friend and he said, " It maybe air in the line". Checked to make sure power steering fluid was full. So I called the dealership to let the sales guy know it is still making the noise. He told me to take it to a Buick because it may still be under warranty. I didn't go right away because my son is a Senior and had to visit 4 Colleges for offers. I traveled to 5 Universities throughout the summer and noise still remains. Then 7on 7 season came and I am the ONLY mom was runs with these boys like crazy so I kept pushing it back. Late July my dad had a stroke and for those last 2 months reheb and changing his living has swamp me. Now im ready to work on getting this problem fixed........HELP !
  • I too am now on my 2nd steering gear. First one replaced at 58k, now second one at 78k (just 16 mos. later). In my previous 1000k of miles, I've never had strg gear problems. Worked w/ dealer w/ little success and tried 1-800-gmcares, and have gotten busy signal for 2 days. Any luck getting partial or total reimbursement for faulty parts/design? Where do I go if GM doesn't answer phone?
    (Also, I just had my second brake job in 20k miles. Former SUV's and vans were always good for 40k.) Was thinking about a 2nd car/ LaCrosse, but now seriously concerned about GM reliability.
  • Could not agree with you more! GM needs to recall for the steering issue asap. I have been having the same issues with my 2009 Enclave and I've got two new teenage drivers who don't drive the vehicle becasue they can't anticipate when it will seize up. It started as a nagging issue that happened occassionally and mostly in parking lots with tight turning radius. It has progressively gotten worse. I have had it to the GM Dealership four times in the last year and they could not diagnose what the issue was. They "couldn't replicate the steering difficulty in test drives" so no action recommended or taken any of the four times. They told me the power steering system was tight and solid..."could be the pump or the gear in the steering colum" or a
    bubble in the steering fluid that simply was circulating" but not a danger. I moved to TX and had the car serviced at Auto Check repair shop. They identified the rack and pinon system as falling apart and a danger as well as the steering pump as the cause of the issue. The snapping sound when turning was the evidence for the r&p (I told them about the sounds four times!). It took the TX service station two hours to figure out the steering (and a cylinder misfire issue that also was undiagnosed for a year even with check engine lights!!) So far there has not been any Customer Satisfaction covering on this steering issue and it IS a dangerous issue. GM needs to address this!
  • I filed a complaint with the National Highway Transportation Board.
    I advise others to do this with the steering issues on GM vehicles.
    Here is there link.

    I too have this issue and posted a complaint with "GM no customer service". I did receive a phone call but was told with the amount of miles I had on it, it would not be covered. Nor were they willing to help out on the cost of the parts. Invoice totaled 1500.00 and that was with the dealer discounting his labor. We had a GM extended no deductible warranty that covered everything till 62,000. R&P fail with other steering parts at 68,000 miles.
    Dealer was great but GM was awful. This was after our 2008 Acadia had the same problem at 50,000 that was covered by our extended warranty. We traded it in after 60,000 after">link title VERY extensive warranty work for 2 years. It was a POS. We have a 2010 Enclave but when we do trade it in we are looking at Ford vehicles. Don't need to tell anyone why.
  • File a complaint with the NHTSA
    Here is their link
    They need to know!
    More files may get the ball rolling on a national recall.

    I did after our 2010 Enclave had the same problem. It was 28 months old.
    I called GM "no customer service" about it and was told the car had too many miles on it. We had a 62,000 no deductible extended warranty. It had 70,000 when the R&P steering went out as well as other steering parts. Ending up costing more than 1500.00. That was after the dealer discounted his labor. GM said they wouldn't even discount the part. They told me it had too many miles.
    This was after our 2008 Acadia we bought new had the same R&P replaced at 50,000 miles. We ended trading it off because it was in the shop 37 time for warranty work in a 2 year period. It was a POS.
    The next car we buy will be a Ford. Don't need to tell anybody why.
  • I filed a complaint 3 months ago with NTSB but never heard anything back :-(. My 2009 Buick went back to the shop 2 weeks ago for more steering wheel noises and guess what?? I needed all of the bearings replaced this time! Another $1200 after I had already spent $1000 on the steering column and other parts that needed to be replaced. Needless to say, I traded that car in and got a Hyundai THE NEXT DAY! I AM DONE!
  • I just experienced the "loss of steering" issue described in many posts, and had my dealer (today) during a routine check-up ID the noise and suggest the steering gear repair. After his contacting GM, I am "participating" to the tune of 40% of the initial estimate ($1,800), but will have the work done today.

    Unlike many of the others in this thread, I have had GREAT luck with my 2008 Enclave, despite my initial reservations at buying a first model year vehicle. I did also experience the water pump failure on a recent trip, but at almost 86,000 miles, I have been very fortunate to spend little on any kind of repairs beyond normal maintenance. Some of this is clearly good fortune (based upon the the tenor of many posts), but much is attributed to the great dealers that I have had (currently moving from the third to the fourth - all due to my relocation). While the fervor of many posts has admittedly put a "chink" in my commitment to purchase another Enclave some day, I am still very much hopeful that the vehicle will provide many more trouble free miles.
  • I was so glad to find this site. We purchased our 2008 Buick Enclave in January of 2009 with 20,xxx miles. Shortly after we made the purchase we experienced a loud whining from the power steering. We brought it in and was told it was the power steering hose and they replaced it. The next issue was the sunroof was leaking into the back storage area and also had that repaired. The power steering issue arose again this past summer and has been accompanied by a groaning noise at lower speeds and it getting quite loud. We are told the rack and pinion will need to be replaced. Of course, it is just passed the 50,000 warranty so now we get to foot the bill. It only has 60,xxx miles and am looking at an expensive repair at an apparent know issue with the Enclave. It makes us wonder now with the first power steering issue if the rack and pinion should have been replaced then and they just took a shortcut to stop the noise temporarily. I have also read on here some have got their parts paid for to make the repair. That would be a a great help and how did you get this accomplished? Hopefully GM/Buick will be willing to help us out on this since it just went off of warranty otherwise we may need to consider a trade. We shopped around a long time for this SUV and there isn't really any other we were happy with and kind of hate to get rid of it, but can't have all these issues coming up, we need something more dependable.
  • I bought a 208 Buick Enclave when it first came out. Boy, what a mistake. Never buy the first year of a new model. I think i've replaced all major components except the engine. I think all the failures were premature when compared with other cars i've owned. Now I have this loud steering noise that I complained to the dealer about two years into my ownership. Nothing was done to fix the problem except a power steering replacement, which did not fix the problem. I really cant understand GM abandoning its customers on this issue. We know that this should have been a recall issue long ago. It's unsatisfactory service/warranty issues like this that drives the public to foreign autos. Incidentally, I am shopping for another vehicle but it definitely want be GM, probably Ford. Come on GM stand behind this steering issue that may even be a safety issue.
  • I experienced the same problem with my 2010 Enclave and replaced the steering unit at 67,000 miles. Interestingly, two of my friends have had the same problem - one has the Saturn Outlook, and the other has the GMC Arcadia. I agree that General Motors needs to step up to the plate on this one. Definitely a safety hazard.
  • I've had my Enclave for three years. In the three years I have brought it to Tustin GMC for service 22 times (My 2001 Yukon XL has only been in for service 21 times). At first they were able to come up with some solutions to the problems but it still continues to be an issue.
    1) right before the engine shifts from to 10mph there's a thump sound and again right before 20 mph. This only occurs when the engine is cold.
    2) there's a loose/clunk noise when going over bumps. This also only occurs when the engine is cold.
    3) hissing noise when the AC is on.
    4) high pitch whine when engine starts
    5) left and right blinker has been replaced 4 times
    6) back gate makes a "clunk" noise and will not close intermittently
    7) driver side seat will not move back - intermittently

    Not to mention the following major problems I have had to replace:
    -Strut assembly replacement on both sides & replace mounts
    -Steering column tilt wheel position sensor replacement
    -Porosity in sided cover K7461 Case cover replacement
    E3853 Strut, Strut component or Spring replacement both sides
    -Spool valve noisey steering gear replacement/fluid/gear/OLH Nec for bleeding system
    -Carrier noisy due to no insulation/C2465 Instrument panel carrier replacement
    -Leaking core Air conditioning evaporator core replacement
    steering wheel airbad coil replacement
    flush and bleed power steering sysdtem
    air distributor case replacement
    pump and/or gasket coolant replace
    replace front engine mount
    -Sway bar links/Road test. Check all front sub frame and suspenstion found play in front sway bar links. Replace E21470.7 OLH 0.5 Total 1.2
    internal binding in steering housing replace steertin gear housing, bleed system with ATF
    -AC his and not cooling, low on freon, found line leaking @condensor fitting Replace refrig, valve, core, reseal line, replace service fittings and carge system and test drive with customer to confirm repairs
    -Performed diag tested starting charging system after recharging battery found generator commanded 100% but not enough amp at abattery tested found excessive resistance in starter cable/replace starter cable and retest 1.0OLH for extended diag and battery charge time
    - Camera replaced 2 times
    - Left front door and right back door applique has been replaced 4 times

    I'm now using my extended warranty to resolve some of the old and new issues. What is frustrating is that I'm repairing problems that should not occur since it's only 3 years old. Furthermore, every time I bring it in there's a deductible of $100 even if these are issues that I have had problems with since I first purchased the car. What bugs me the most, is that the service department will say at least I have extended warranty and I'm only out of $100 compared to the thousands of dollars I would pay if I didn't have it. My answer is always, why should I even have to pay for problems that existed when my car was under warranty and why should a car that's 3 years old have major issues.

    Honestly, I would rather drive my other car that's a Toyota Hybrid because it feels much more sturdy and I don't have to hear all the irritating noises.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    Hello jqurick,

    I recognize how frustrating this whole situation has been for you, and apologize that you've had to make repeat trips to the dealership without your concerns being fully resolved. We'd like to start a case for you within our system to document your concerns and investigate this issue further. If this is of interest to you, please email us your name, VIN, exact mileage, contact info and dealership. We can be reached at [attn Amber]. Please also reference your screen name.


    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • Dear Amber N.:
    Per your request: Please contact me and I will provide you with my information and VIN #
    Phone: 714-944-0765
    VIN #
    Mileage: 56,998

    I forgot to mention the other two problems:

    10/26/2011 Tire replaced 2 front tires
    dismount and balance 2 tires -

    11/7/2012 same tires replaced were worn out - service department never recommended or checked

    5/29/2013 Battery No crank no start Batery test failed/replaced batery

    8/2/2013 Battery Key will not come out of ignition Performed diag tested starting charging system after recharging battery found generator commanded 100% but not enough amp at abattery tested found excessive resistance in starter cable/replace starter cable and retest 1.0OLH for extended diag and battery charge time
  • adams704adams704 Posts: 1
    edited December 2013
    I too, have been having trouble with my steering. It started at about 58,000 miles. When I take turns or try pulling into a parking spot, the steering completely locks up. It has been scary a few times, so scary, that I don't even valet park it at hotels or restaurants anymore as I fear what could happen to the person driving it, not knowing the issue. We took into the GM dealership and they could not "replicate the problem". I was told to wait until it gets worse and then they might be able to detect something. It is definitely worse now, and they have finally found an issue. They said it is likely the power steering pump and that the cost would range between $1,500-$1,900.

    I will obviously have to get this fixed as I use this vehicle to tow my young children around. But after reading so many similar complaints, I decided to file a complaint with NHTSA. I find it suspicious that so many people are having the same problem that is a real threat to safety. Once I get it fixed, we plan to sell our Buick and do not plan to purchase another one. It is a shame because I really liked the look and space of the Enclave but I am not willing to pay $50K for a car that has these types of problems for so many people.
  • Here is the fix.
    These cars have no tolerance for debris or metal shavings in the fluid. You need to install an in line filter on the return hose going into the reservoir. You can use a fuel filter with 3/8" hose fittings. Make sure the filter has a metal casing because p.s.fluid gets very hot. Drive for a few days and you can remove the filter if you like. Filter will catch all metal shavings that get caught in valves and cause hard steering. Flushing the fluid wont do a good enough job, the filter will.
    Good Luck!
  • I've posted my information for Amber N. from GM Customer Care on December 1, 2013 and I still have not seen an email or phone call. Amber. Please contact me.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,981
    Best thing to do is email GM customer service yourself.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • I have had my 2008 enclave for less than two years. We bought it "certified pre owned" which doesn't mean anything to me anymore and have had to replace the battery the brakes and the power steering system twice within 6 months it's in the shop right now for the same problems yet their telling me it's the belt and will be 250.00 to fix. Now I have also started having transmittion problems it shifts so hard sometimes I think it's going to give me whiplash the technician told me today the they reset the transmittion whatever that means and he wants me to drive it and tell him if it happens again. I have had it with this vehicle I am very dissatisfied with the quality of this vehicle and the lack of support from GM or the Buick dealership.

  • I have a 2009 Buick Enclave, 68,000 miles. Just had to replace Oil sensor, power steering pump, rack and pinion gear, and front axle. $2400. I requested help from my local GM dealer and they reduced the charges to $1250. Still, more repair costs than I have ever paid for a 4 year old vehicle with only 68,000 miles. Now I have a "park assist" warning light on. Back to the GM garage in the morning!

  • byntymebyntyme Posts: 2

    Same issues - whining noise at low speeds. Spoke with GM - they contacted dealer. I was furious that they refuse to acknowledge this as a problem. They say that there are not enough problems reported to require them to issue a recall. They say that they are not responsible for this decision. It is a federal safety issue and that they issue recalls based on numbers, however, this has not happened often enough to issue a recall. Also, if there is a recall in the future I will be reimbursed retroactively for my expenses. I am so angry! My dealer, however sings a different tune. Says that this problem exists in the Enclave, Acadia and the Chevy Traverse...... I am not sure that I believe or trust anything they have to say! I have a 2011 Enclave (which I absolutely loved up until now!) with 60K on it. Now out of warranty - Eventually this will have to be fixed - leaving a very large dent in my pocket and a hole in my heart because I really thought I would have this car for a long time. However, once it is paid off I am dumping it. No more Buicks or GM cars for me. Not ever!

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