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2006 F150 Starting Issues/Limp-Home mode/P1000 code- HELP!

I apologize in advance for this being lengthy, but I don't know how else to say everything involved here!

I have a 2006 F150 w/ the 4.6L V8. I have an intermittent starting problem, among others. Most times it starts fine, but sometimes it will crank for 3, 4, 5 seconds before it catches and starts. Sometimes, it will take turning the key 2 or 3 times before it will start. You know how on most vehicles, including my previously owned 2001 F150, you just bump the key and it starts?...this truck has never been like that. It happens on both hot starts and cold starts. There seems to be no ryhme or reason to the problem, except that is seems to happen slightly more frequently when the A/C has been running. Ford dealership can't recreate the issue, therefore can't find a solution. No codes have ever been tagged. Now, here is where it gets deeper... Twice in the last 4 months the truck has went into "Limp Home" mode and the gold colored wrench lights up on the dashboard. According to the owners manual that light indicates a problem w/ the electronic throttle body. Both times this has happened it has been when going from reverse into drive. As soon as you put it in drive the truck kind of goes "chu-chunk" (almost sounds like a transmission issue) and then the engine dies down and spits and sputters to a very low RPM, but never dies (hence, the "Limp-Home" feature). There is barely any acceleration when stepping on the gas. Both times this has happened all I've had to do was to shut off the truck, restart it, and it seems to run fine...light goes away and all. I didn't bring it into the dealership the first time this happened, but I did when this happened 2 days ago. Surprise, surprise it is not tagging any problem codes... however, here is the weird thing- it is showing a code P1000, which indicates the PCM has been cleared by a disconnected battery or manually with another plug in, NEITHER of which has been done. In my opinion it is showing the P1000 code with no valid reason to show it. Could that be a problem with the PCM itself and maybe that is why it isn't tagging any error codes related to the starting issue or the "Limp-Home" mode issue? Keep in mind I have had this truck into my dealership about 4 or 5 times now for the same starting issue, the only time they have ever done anything is to replace the electronic throttle body back in Oct 08. I think they only did that to appease me. Now I think it's awfully weird that this starting issue has never gone away, and after they replaced the throttle body the limp-home mode thing has happened twice, not to mention the incorrect P1000 code coming up at the most recent dealership visit. I just can't imagine that all of these issues aren't connected somehow. Someone PLEASE help! My dealership, whom I feel for, can't fix it because, of course, it has technician syndrome and won't act up while there. They have contacted the Ford engineers and the only recommendation they had was to keep my service ticket open so that if it happened again it would still be covered under factory warranty. What the hell are they doing to cover under warranty if they can't find anything to fix in the first place? PLEASE HELP ANY ADVICE IS APPRECIATED!~


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