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Volvo XC60 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • The price seems pretty good especially with the MSRP as you have posted. The R design is a nice touch. Double check with several Volvo dealers, especially through internet sales if possible. It looks like the factory is doing some terrific promotions with options and hopefully you can benefit from it.
  • My 2003 XC90 got wrecked last week; not my fault so I'm getting a decent settlement from insurance. Decided to try the XC60 as a replacement since we are now empty nesters and can have something smaller. Here's what I've got:

    2010 T6 AWD
    Premium electric silver, sandstone, no wood trim
    multimedia pkg (includes nav)
    towing pkg (dealer installed)

    Dealer's price: $41,475
    OTD price $43,180.25

    That includes all taxes, tag transfer, etc.

    Should I get it? I've put requests out for an XC60 with xenon and this was the only thing that came up. Most dealers in our area don't have any. They have all said that most only come as custom orders. So I'm tempted to snap it up. Does it sound good?
  • That sounds like a good deal to me. With all of the options, I don't think you can find a better deal.
  • fantomfantom Posts: 211
    That is a very fair deal and an excellent group of options.

    We went from an XC90 to an XC60 T6, and we couldn't be happier with the new SUV.
  • It sounds like a really nice deal.

    IF you are in no hurry, the 2011 mid-model XC60 will have the new Nav system that is currently being introduced in the 2011 S60. It will do away with the steering wheel controls and introduce a round knob on the center console and will look pretty much like the S60, no more USB hump on the dash and a 7" screen.
  • Thanks for the replies. I did put a deposit on the XC60 and now can't wait to see it. They are getting it from another dealer so it will be there tomorrow or Monday. I was so upset to lose my 2003 XC90 since it had 102k miles but looked like new and had served me very well for such a long time. It handled perfectly in the accident; I never lost control of the car despite a side impact collision that literally crushed the front end of the other vehicle. No serious injuries, thank goodness, just a person who didn't look for oncoming traffic when attempting a left turn across a busy highway. I think I may like the XC60 better and I'm very excited about the great warranty they are offering. Will update when I take delivery with my impressions.
  • Ah well, such is life. There is always an upgrade around the corner! I can't wait unfortunately because the insurance co. is cutting a check for me on Monday and is paying for my rental car only until Friday. So, I do need it now. I don't use nav that much but do like having it. I'm used to the controls on the wheel already from the XC90. That does sound like a nice improvement though.
  • You're going to love it. We have pretty much all the same things and you're going to love the xenon bright and great at night around turns. Also I've gotten so used to the nav that I like the steering wheel control. Hands are always on the steering wheel. I also like the little popup info center...looking down at the nav screen definitely forces me to look down and away from the road but that might just be because I like my seat highish as I'm 5'6".

    Enjoy the car!
  • kev10kev10 Posts: 6
    There is no typo. ODT is 36,121. The dealer is Annapolis Volvo in Maryland. Sale rep is Tom L. You can mention my name Kevin and he will match the deal or give you similar discount. Volvo and Subaru use different discount strategy.
  • Kevin:

    Could you give the dealer's phone number? ThX!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,704
    You may include the dealership name, city and state in your post. Please do not post names of salespeople, telephone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information.

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • gvolvogvolvo Posts: 5
    I was contemplating buying a 2010 T6 R-Design and I waited a bit too long and the 1.9% financing expired. The dealer I was working with said he could only cut $250 off the price and that there is no longer any special financing.

    No one was buying these vehicles on the lot when there was 1.9% financing. The dealer has 5 2010's. Does anyone know what happens with these cars? There is absolutely no reason to buy the 2010 when the 2011 are on the lot with 2.9% financing.
  • Has anyone recently purchased a 2010? Automobile magazine shows that in my area (mid-atlantic) the average price people are playing is $4,000 below invoice. I haven't been able to find any dealer from north carolina, virginia, dc or maryland that will go more than $1500 under invoice on 2010s. Please let me know if anyone has gotten a better deal on 2010s.
  • hey buddy,
    It depends on the car why someone would go that far under invoice.
    The reason some are only 1500 is because they are not applicable incentives to warrent anything more.
    Tell us the car and I can tell you why.
  • I'm looking for a T6 with climate package. MSRP 40,550. Best deal I've gotten was 37,260 OTD but it had black leather and I really want the tan.
  • thomas,
    a T6 is not a model its an engine for several different cars. Which model are you looking for T6 S80, XC60, XC70, S60?

    37260 OTD?
    Thats a great deal.
    Which state are you regestering the vehicle in?
  • mikey38mikey38 Posts: 141
    Since this is an xc60 forum it's probably safe he's talking about an xc60
  • Hi everyone,

    The best offer I received for the following options are $41,411-($500 Costco Employee Pricing + $500 Costco Gift Card) = $40,911; this does not include destination, tax and doc fees. Do you think is a fair deal? By the way I live in San Francisco.

    Xeon Headlight
    Metallic Seashell

    I have been pondering whether to take this deal or the Overseas Delivery which was offered at $40,430 ( no Costco's deal nor xeon headlight).

    Thanks in advance.
  • We went to a Volvo dealer today and b/c they didn't have the featuers/color we want, we decide to order. But we were told Volvo is no longer making the 2011 modle already, they are going to produce "2011 1/2" modle, with a new dash board design. Have anyone heard of this? What's more, the dealer said they don't know what the new pricing going to be yet. The whole thing sounds weird, isn't it?
  • fantomfantom Posts: 211
    That's the way it's generation II for 2011, and should be very nice with an upgraded instrument panel and no pod on top. Just agree on a price above/below invoice. If you are a Costco member, I believe they have a very good end of year Volvo program again.

    Good luck.
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