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Volvo XC60 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Agreed...the X3 is fun to drive but the XC60 is a better deal overall. Now the X5 is a different story, but way more expensive..this comes from a 10 year BMW owner of 5 BMWs.
  • We have a deposit down on the last 2010 XC 60 on the lot:
    T6 AWD with moonroof with climate control package and booster seats in the back.

    MSRP: over $40K
    Our Price: ~$34K

    Is this a good price? Also, what is everyone's thoughts on the longevity of the Volvo brand with their somewhat recent acquisition by Geely?
  • I am going to buy a 2011 XC60 and want to pick it up in Sweden. The Salesman told me that on OSD you start with the msrp and then take the discount from that, as opposed to agreeing on a price then subtracting the OSD discount from that price. I thought that was strange since I bought a 2005 bmw X3 and did OSD. In that case I negotiated the price to $800.00 over invoice then subtracted the discount from that. Has any one done OSD, if so how did you negotiate the price?
    The quote I got for a 2011 XC60 T6 with the following:
    climate, xenon, convenience pkg., wood trim, metalic paint, and multimedia
    was $42,767.
    Does this sound about right?
    I know I might be able to get it cheaper by not doing a fixed OSD price, but the trip to Sweden is very appealing to me. thanks for any info. tom
  • Check out this web site which has the prenegotie OSD prices from the OSD web link... g_your_new_volvo/Documents/Volvo-OSD-MY11-XC60-Pricing.pdf

    Also, their phone is 800-631-1667...
  • So it looks like the price for OSD is fixed. Thanks for the info. Has anyone negotiated the OSD price? tom
  • Unfortunately, the prices are not negotiable. However, with the trip to Sweden its a great deal. You can of course thake this price list into your local dealer, it may give you a little bit more leverage.

    Be aware, the option prices listed are retail, no discount. Normally Volvo will announce some sort of option discount pricing or packaging. The big savings is off the model price.
  • I purchased my XC-60 June 2010, but waited for week 46 production with new sensus system, completed buld early Dec and then shipped out; about a month for the ship to arrive in CA.
  • iamsonyiamsony Posts: 12
    edited January 2011
    We were thinking of doing OSD since if you own a Volvo, they give you two extra days (Total of 3 nights free). But the problem is that dealers won't negotiate from the OSD set list. So when I did my negociations and compared the same price to OSD. It was much cheaper to buy it from my local dealer which I did. The difference was about $2000 which is a good size difference and that doesn't even include the $500 Costco card. And with that difference, I can use that money to buy tickets to any place in the world instead of being limited to Sweden. They do have a program where if you pay XXX extra you can include Rome in your trip before going to Sweden

    Honestly I wish they would allow negotiation with the OSD prices. If the price was a difference of $1000, I might have taken the OSD deal.
  • So, you/Costco negotiated over $4500 off (the $2000 diff you mention plus the ~7% off for OSD--closer to $5500 off of a loaded XC)? If Costco can work those numbers plus a $500 gift card, OSD looks a lot less attractive. Of course, we bought the 11th XC60 sold in central Texas and 'might' have gotten $500 off :sick: . That's the price you pay for keeping DW happy :) . We're considering trading our '08 C70 but will likely wait until summer '12. Hope Costco can work some magic for us!
  • iamsonyiamsony Posts: 12
    I checked and according to g_your_new_volvo/Documents/Volvo-OSD-MY11-XC60-Pricing.pdf

    I got the following

    XC60 T6 AWD: 36, 480
    Premium: $2,500
    Conveience: $1000
    PCC: $550
    Plus Dealer Tags: $99
    Plus Dealer Handling: $200
    Volvo Incentive: -$1000
    Taxes (5% MD taxes): $2389.74
    Total Cost with OTD: $42218

    I bought the car "Out the door" for $40,500 plus I get $500 card. I put the breakdown for OTD in my one of my prior post So it wasn't exactly $2000, more like 1718 difference. But still a big difference.
  • I just picked up my 2011.5 XC yesterday, holy cow so much a difference to the 2010 and 2011 models. The Sensus is incredible, new hood design which is a lot nicer. Really pleased.

    Good that you could use the OSD pricing to negotiate your final cost. You will have no regrets!!
  • Well done! Enjoy your new ride. It 'pained' me to pay sticker(but we got such a good deal on the XC70 we traded that I convinced myself that it was OK to be one of the very first to own the XC60). Of course, the fact that we have over 30K miles already doesn't bode well for a high trade-in value any time soon. We could be 34K miles by the two-year anniversary of our purchase. By contrast, our '08 C70 only has 25K miles after 39 months--something about the 100+ degree weather in Texas makes it easy to leave the 'vert in the garage!

    If I may ask, are you financing? Any killer deals out there? Looks like PenFed(who carries the note on our XC) has 2.99% going. Volvo couldn't come close when we purchased in Mar '09.
  • OK, we've blown through a few vehicles in the past half-dozen years...'04 V70, C70, '06 RX 330, "07 XC70 and currently have the '08 C70 and '10 XC60 AWD T6. I've wondered if something happened to the XC, would we consider the significant price difference and take a look at a completely loaded Outback 3.6? It doesn't have all the bells and whistles(I could to without 'lane change', BLIS, adaptive cruise and others--now that we've seen what they can/can't do); but, to save 25% of the vehicle price, are folks even considering this comparison? It's not quite apples and oranges, more like Granny Smith vs Golden Delicious, I reckon. Hmmmm....
  • iamsonyiamsony Posts: 12
    edited January 2011
    That's great to hear. I'm getting excited to get my XC60 2011.5 model. Didn't realize that the hood was redesigned. Also, the sensus can play DVD which is interesting. I got a delivery date of 3/6/11 but they did say they are getting delivery sooner.

    I bought my Volvo from Herb Gordon in Silver Spring, MD. They were great to work with when I made the deal. Though I'm having a hard time getting in contact with the finance department. I wish they would return calls faster. We are financing the car. We are hoping to get that 2.9% deal from last month. Hopefully I will know soon.

    The other dealer that I tried before was Darcars Volvo Rockville, Maryland. But had a bad experience with them. It's bad when I know more then the salesman. They didn't even know about the Sensus on the 2011.5 model (week 46) and even told me that it's an additional cost to have that installed. He also told me that if I did the OSD, I had to pay all cash since the car can't be financed until it has a VIN number. Really? Herb Gordon would have financed it on the spot.
  • dulnevdulnev Posts: 652
    I've considered the Outback Limited 3.6 before buying XC60. The two vehicles are simply not in the same league, in my opinion. The materials inside the outback are noticeably cheaper and lower quality. I also was not impressed with the engine at all.
  • saabskisaabski Posts: 57
    Hello all. I am currently trying to purchase a 2010 XC60 2wd at local dealer in Texas. Here's the detail on the new 2010 XC60 with 5,000 miles on the clock (it's a leftover demo from 2010):

    2010 Volvo XC60 3.2ASR 2WD
    Oyster grey with off-black leather interior
    Premium and convenience package.

    MSRP $37,095

    SALE PRICE $34,850

    MINUS $1000 LOYALY

    $33,850 + TT&L

    I think I could definitely do better on this price...any thoughts would be appreicated.
  • That's pretty much what I figured. It would be tough going 'backwards' from the 281hp turbo! Our XC60 has the rear seats folded down about 90% of the time, making room for bicycles and our Scottie. Doubt the heated rear seats will ever be used! Even the 'panoramic' moon roof is more for the back seat folks(our Scottie doesn't seem to care).

    I can see the appeal of the Outback, especially at $12K+ less; but, you're certainly right that the materials and 'finish' reflect the lower cost. It's nice to drive a vehicle that is nearly fifty grand; but, there's also something to be said for having $12-15K left in the bank after picking up the Outback. ;)

    No free lunch and all that, I suppose ;) .
  • Don't know where you are in our great state/country; but, those Costco numbers posted would suggest you could come darned near a brand new 2011 for that money. I know I'll be talking to them next time! I've gotten some pretty good deals for end-of-model-year Volvos and one Lexus...nothing like the Costco deal on a new model Volvo. Only one Volvo dealer in Austin(two locations)...competition may not be much of an influence here in cenTex. ;)
  • iamsonyiamsony Posts: 12
    You should definitely be able to get a lower cost then 33,850. Couple of things is that is the lower model, it's a 2010 car and it has already 5,000 miles. You should at least try to get it under 33K and closer to 32K.
  • ggs2ggs2 Posts: 18
    i was wondering if anyone who owns the xc60 has attempted to put bicycles in the cargo area standing up? i really don't like the bike carriers on the back of vehicles so i need something that has enough room in back of the suv/cuv. i really like the xc60. thanks
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