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Volvo XC60 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • amcdadamcdad Posts: 61
    Car Man- Do you know if there are any incentives on the XC60 for March? I thought the 2.9% financing for 60 months and the $1000 loyalty bonus were still in effect, but not sure if something else has come along. Thanks!
  • luvxc60luvxc60 Posts: 6
    Could any 2011 xc60-T6 owner tell me what is the background color in the instructional pannel?

    I realize when I tested drive, I saw a blue background, the color just like the blue volvo logo. I know the Redesign shows blue but not sure if the T6 should also be blue. My car only shows bright white over dark.

  • juxtajuxta Posts: 44
    edited March 2011
    Mine is white lettering over a black background. It would have been nice to have a blue background in the T6 but oh well.

    Volvo is putting too many of the nice touches only in the R-design. I didn't order the R-design though because of the tires and the suspension (and there's a bit too much chrome). I really wanted the smoother ride of the regular T6 so it was a trade-off for me.
  • well i'm in the northeast and can't find the car i'm looking for at all. so i may need to order it.
    anyone have any inside info on upcoming promos? i missed out on the costco deal and i don't have any loyalty. lol. so i don't know if i should bite the bullet and order one this weekend or wait for the next promo.
    fyi, looking for a basic 3.2l/moonroof in all black.
  • The Japan situation has impacted all manufacturers, including Volvo. Don't count on any incentives due to the supply crunch.
  • jssnowjssnow Posts: 1
    I ordered an awd xc60 on march 3 and have been informed the car will be available at the end of May- a full 12 weeks after the order was placed! The sales manager said the wait times have become so long b/c many xc60s are being diverted to China. He said they only had 3 units delivered to them last month. Has anyone else had this problem or heard of this issue?
    Thank you
  • Sales Manager is right about increased length of time, but wrong about reason. Japanese companies manufacture 10% of the Volvo's parts. The earthquake/tsunami/meltdown has disrupted the supply chain.
  • Howdy y'all! I have a 2010 XC60, so I've followed this thread for some time. My question is about the C70(VERY little action on the C70 threads!). Do we know when the 2012 model year intro will be for the C70? Our 2010 XC60 came out in March '09 ; but the current offerings of C70 are 2011. Any thoughts on the time frame for the new 2012 designation? The XC60 seems to have 'jumbled' the model year 'assignments'.
    Host and mods, please pardon the interruption; but there really was no appropriate thread in the C70 forum AND it's the XC60 that has 'set the bar' for model year confusion. :)
  • juxtajuxta Posts: 44
    It seems people are already reserving 2012s for overseas delivery.

    Maybe in another month they'll have the 2012s on the website because Volvo just did a press release about some new 2012 upgrades. 7
  • juxta, Thanks for those links! Still can't get a firm handle on the switch-over date. We're considering trading our '08 C70 for the 2011 but would expect a better 'deal' if the 2012s were just around the bend. We were just remarking on a drive last night about how much we enjoy the C70; but that Safe and Sound and 1.9% financing have us considering the new model. What to do...what to do??? :confuse:
  • jc12171jc12171 Posts: 13

    I've been looking for buying a XC60 for a few months (my lease car will reach milage in 2 1/2 months). Went to two local dealers--one has only one on the lot (10 coming but a few were ordered/sold), the other only has 5 xc60. I want a flamenco red or blue, but none is available.

    Here is the best offer I got:
    2011 xc60 3.2 AWD with Sensus, Base price $32400
    Gray metalic paint
    Premium package
    Climate package with Xenon headlight
    ------------------Total MRSP: $40,770.
    ------------------Sale price: $37,550 + tile, tax, etc. if buy before 4/30/11.

    They agree to buy out my lease ($14200) as trade-in, these suppose save me $960 sale tax.

    Is this a good deal? or I should keep looking? I am concerned there are a shortage for 2011 xc60, given the factory is be modified for produce 2012 model. They can't even take 2012 orders, and it is probably too late for me any way.

    Any thoughts?

  • does your price already take into account $1000 loyalty?
  • jc12171jc12171 Posts: 13
    No. Never owned a Volvo. My lease is a 2008 Altima.
  • the amex zag price for the options you mentioned is $38,895. so sounds like a great deal to me.
  • mojobagginsmojobaggins Posts: 15
    edited April 2011
    Been researching new vehicles since the start of the year and today finally pulled the trigger on a 2011 XC60 3.2 AWD in Black Stone - Dealer Link of Vehicle

    included Premium, Climate and Convenience Packages with Xenon HIDs and BLIS.

    Got it for $39.5 with them adding mud flaps and running boards(expensive and require 3.3 hours to install). I don't go back til tomorrow to sign the papers and pick it up on Monday.

    I was originally looking for a 3.2 R-Design but then decided for a T6 in Barents Blue or Electric Silver with PCC and Rear Parking Assist instead of the Convenience Package. Unfortunately, nothing with those options are available anywhere. All T6s with Xenon HIDs have the multimedia package at a minimum.

    So, my only option outside of buying this vehicle that almost has everything I want is to order a 2012 and wait til July at the earliest and possibly not delivered til Aug/Sept.

    Decided to pull the trigger today due to issues with my current vehicle which I don't want to put any more money into and wondering if I should be happy with my purchase or make a custom order and wait months.

    What would you do? Sorry for the lengthy post.
  • jc12171jc12171 Posts: 13
    Hi, guys:

    Thanks for the replys I got for my previous post on 4/26.

    I enventually changed to a T6 AWD from 3.2 L since I find sandstone interior in 3.2 is a little too ligth. T6 has poor fuel economy but for my next job the company will pay our gas. I picked the car up yesterday.

    Following is the details:

    XC60 T6 AWD, silver exterior and darkgray interior, Primium, Climate, PCC, Metalic paint, backseat installed carseat, preNAV, 5yr /60000mile free service.
    MRSP: 41,470
    Sale price: 37,713
    Doc Fee: 250
    title: 33.5
    tax: 1599.6 (6.75% on 23,687 after they buy of my lease for 14,236)
    Out of door price: 39,596

    I paid 10,000 down payment and got their financing for the rest balance at 2.95% 60 mon at 531/mon.

    Have been driving it for 110miles, feeling great--the T6 engine is smooth! Got 22.8 avarage MPG with 75% freeway 25% local driving.

  • 4mercoachrick4mercoachrick Posts: 133
    Call me spoiled, but I wouldn't want to give up my T6. ;) This engine will scoot! We've had ours for two years and one month, 36K miles. Avg mileage is 20.5, best I can figure. Hwy mileage is about 22...balanced by some spirited acceleration between stoplights on our 65mph highways around Austin. :D
    We just got the 1.9% deal on a 2011 C70, trading in our '08 C70. Paying off the 3.99% loan on the XC60 and rolling it into the C70 Volvo loan. Easy peasy.

    That interior might get a bit warm, depending on your location. Our Electric Silver/Sandstone combo isn't too bad; but, the moonroof and windshield will let in A LOT of radiant warmth! Glad to have the 'privacy' windows in the back...too bad our new C70 doesn't have them.

    Enjoy the ride! Congrats!
  • pscnpcpscnpc Posts: 1
    Hey. Can you tell me which dealer you used. trouble finding one to match that deal. thanx!
  • jc12171jc12171 Posts: 13
    The dealer is MAG Volvo of Dublin (in Columbus, OH). you can google for their contact info.

    I just finished the tank come with the car...399 miles and fill the tank with 16.0 gallon of gas, so the gas milage is 399/16=24.6 MPG, while the computer on the car showing 22.9 MPG so far. This is with 85% highway driving around 70 miles per hour.

    I think their 22 MPG highway milage is too concervative ( I think it is likely you will get 25-26 MPG if you drive all highway at 60 mph).
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