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Volvo XC60 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • radoncgsradoncgs Posts: 58
    I am in the same boat here.
  • I'd say THIS is the week to get your deal. End of the month/quarter at the end of the model year should mean the best chance to get 'what you want' at a good price. Unless your dealer just has a glut of XCs(does ANY dealer?), you run the risk of missing out on the one you have your eye on.

    Over at SwedeSpeed, there are some folks closing deals at pretty good prices. Don't mean to hawk another forum, but those members are all about Volvos and know their stuff. In round numbers, it looks like folks are getting about 10% off MSRP...should be better than invoice, I believe. Don't let the dealer add too much 'fluff' to your vehicle in order to inflate the price...extra warranty, paint/interior protection, etc. Stick with the vehicle you want and add any options you already have your mind set on.

    Good luck! Hope you enjoy your new ride!
  • wawzj619wawzj619 Posts: 31
    MSRP $38150, selling price $34350 + TTL. Good deal?? :confuse:
  • 4mercoachrick4mercoachrick Posts: 133
    edited August 2012
    What did you decide?
  • wawzj619wawzj619 Posts: 31
    Purchased it. Seashell Metallic. Not sure about the destination fee. The MSRP they told me is $38215.
  • I've got my eye on a demo 2012 xc60

    6700 miles
    Clean Carfax
    Msrp: $53,000
    Sales price listed on website: $46,000
    Like new condition

    Any advice on what I should offer and where I should expect to end up is much appreciated. My initial thoughts were:
    - 2013s are out
    - last week of the quarter
    - demo car, so losing out on 6mos of warranty
    - I've noticed thanks to these forums that a general 10% off msrp isn't unreasonable for a new car
    - also noticed that $5k-$8k or so discount for being a 5k miles plus demo is normal

    So, what are my chances of getting this for $40k before tax, fees, etc? Any advice on making this happen?

    Thx! Al
  • Al, best of luck getting the deal you want! I'd take a good look at that MSRP to see what's included. $53K sounds like a completely tricked out R-design unless they've 'added' way too much fluff like 'protection' packages, etc. Not saying you couldn't reach $53K on the XC 60, but it would be completely loaded.

    Be sure to be clear on what S&S program is included. There's potentially a big difference between 4yrs/50k and 5yrs/60k on the program.

    You'd be my hero if you got close to $40K...I'm guessing closer to $43-44(again, depending on the ACTUAL MSRP).
  • Hello Carman and fellow posters,

    I've been offered the below deal and want to know if it's a good deal or can I do better.

    2012 XC60 R-Design w/ premier plus pkg, blind spot system and climate pkg.
    MSRP: $48670
    Selling price $43470 + ttl ($5200 off MSRP)
    2.49% financing for up to 72 months.

    What do you guys think? Any more wiggle room. Thanks for the input.
  • 4mercoachrick4mercoachrick Posts: 133
    edited October 2012
    Seems like a pretty good price IF the number you quote is actually +ttt ONLY and no other fees/mark-ups/add-ons, etc. Might as well save a little on financing if you can go for 60 months(1.49%)...
    ...OR ask if US Bank/Volvo will match the rate...they did for me a year ago ;)

    Also, consider the inventory near you IF this is the vehicle you really want. The two-store dealer in our city of 1.7 million is completely out of '12 XC60 units.
  • stealthdivastealthdiva Posts: 1
    edited October 2012
    I Have two firm quotes on a 2012 R design from two different dealers in my area.

    Msrp: $51.3, quote: $45.3
    Platinum package, Blis, Climate

    Msrp: $48.7, quote:$45.2 and then down to $43.8
    Premium Plus package, Blis, Climate

    Most likely I will go with the platinum package for the rear camera, nav system, and upgraded stereo.

    I am new to Volvo and looking forward to joining the club
  • Just trying to find out what others think of this quote:

    2013 XC60 3.2 (base model) with AWD, climate package & roof rack/rails in flamenco red

    $36,225 (TTL not included)

    I'd love to add the premier pkg to this but just don't think I can get the payments where I want them to be.

  • Revised quote from another dealer - lowest quote I've gotten:

    2013 XC60 3.2 (base model) plus AWD, climate package, roof rack - flemenco red with tan cloth interior:

    $34895 (TTL not included)

    Opinions? Anyone?
  • msockolmsockol Posts: 1
    edited February 2013
    Hi, Volvo S60 has 170K and still runs great...and it is time to transfer it over to my sons. I've been in the market for a couple of months, with an eye on an XC60. After visiting a number of dealers in New Jersey, I just put down a deposit on a 2012 XC60 Premier demo with AWD, Blis, and climate package (heated leather seats front and back and moon roof) for $32.7K. It only has 4500K miles and was driven by the office manager. Other demos that I saw in the area were more expensive, had less equipment, were loaners, or had more miles. I would have loved to have scored the full safety package, but the vehicle is wired for navigation if I want it...and I'll probably add the rear camera at a late time. Any thoughts from the peanut gallery?
  • fantomfantom Posts: 211
    The peanut gallery says don't buy it ;)

    Sounds like you got a good deal on a demo car.
  • Be sure of the 'in service' date, as that will impact your warranty down the road ;) . Also, be certain of the Safe&Secure coverage...could be worth a couple grand over time. Also, is this a T6 or 3.2 ? That will make a difference in equipment and value.
  • jnbinsfjnbinsf Posts: 2
    Hi All,

    I received the following offer on a 2012 XC60 Demo model with 83 miles.

    FWD 3.2
    Platinum Package
    Climate with child boosters

    MSRP $45,000
    Selling $39,000

    Sounds like a good deal. Would be interested in what others think?
  • Check the in-service date and try to figure out why it's still on the lot with such low mileage :confuse:

    Be sure of the 'Safe and Secure' coverage as things have changed since the first of the year.

    Sounds like a decent deal; but I'll bet there are folks who got that price last fall on a brand-spankin' new one. Doesn't diminish the value of your vehicle, just makes it a little less 'exciting'.
  • jnbinsfjnbinsf Posts: 2

    In service date is 11/30/12 and warranty is 3 years, 36k miles, which I was told is the new standard.
  • Not exactly...on a model year '12, the factory warranty is 4 yrs/50k miles.
    The complimentary maintenance program is :
    The maintenance program on model year 2012 vehicles, covers the first four services at no charge: 7,500, 15,000, 22,500, and 30,000 miles.*

    *3 years or up to 36,000 miles.
    per the Volvo site on '12s delivered AFTER Jan 1st....BUT could possibly be different because the in-service date falls within the period that Volvo had enhanced the 'Safe and Secure' program. Just a thought(could be worth some bucks down the road ;) ) You might need to go up the food chain above the dealer to get a straight answer on that one.
  • soonerbigdogsoonerbigdog Posts: 5
    edited June 2013
    I know this post is old, but here's some advice from an ex- Dealer. NEVER buy based on the amount of your monthly payment or how much "down Payment" the dealer is asking for. ALWAYS negotiate price of the vehicle without a trade-in and do research first so you'll know appx dealer invoice cost (Not the actual dealer cost, but a starting place, at least). You should be able to buy any new vehicle for no more than $1000 over invoice exclusive of any rebates or cash back and IN MOST CASES, you can do better than that.

    Get the best price, then shop for the best finance rates at your bank, credit union, etc. IF the dealer can match that rate, let him finance, but NEVER buy any of the 'extras' offered by the dealer's finance dept. The only thing they offer that has any real value is an extended warranty and most people don't keep cars long enough to need it. If you decide you want it later, you can purchase this anytime before the original warranty expires.

    If you have a trade-in, wait until you have that absolute 'best' purchase price to tell them. That way, you'll know exactly how much they are really giving for your trade. Failure to do this can result in confusing and misleading figures, and you may be better off selling the trade-in yourself.

    And...Unless you're a very savvy car buyer- If the salesman pulls out a form with 4 squares on containing boxes for price, monthly payment, down payment and trade-in (or anything similar), walk away and find another dealer that will just talk price.
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