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Volvo XC60 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • marsh0511marsh0511 Posts: 5
    Volvo's running a deal for Costco members - $750 off 'employee pricing' until 7/31/13 (for 2013 models). Salesman at the dealer said this is $750 off invoice. Is this a good deal....and is it truly $750 off INVOICE?? Even so, can I do better with just hardballing down to a lower price (not something I'm good at, but...)? Also doesn't seem easy to find out what invoice prices are nowadays, compared to the early 2000's. Looking at a specific vehicle on a dealer lot.
  • zazou1zazou1 Posts: 4
    I just used the Costco program yesterday and received invoice minus the $750 and minus the current $1000 factory to dealer incentive. I also received another $1000 off dur to being a current Volvo owner (loyalty program) So total was invoice less $2750. Volvo is also making the first 3 payments up to $1350 and then Costco gives you a $500 gift card, so the total savings off invoice was $4600.
  • sierra3sierra3 Posts: 2
    Can you tell me what model the $1000 factory to dealer incentive was for?
    I just bought an xc60 last weekend but was not told about this incentive.
  • darkspeeddarkspeed Posts: 1
    Hi buddy,

    It is a Factory to Dealer incentive, which means no one advertises it to the consumer. It is designed to be an incentive for the dealers to be more aggressive and willing to sell [XC60] for less. They count on you not knowing its existence.

    If the deal is already done, chances are, they will not want to redo the paperwork, nor want to acknowledge that it does exist.

    My biggest suggestion to you is, ask for it, but if they refuse, let them know that when you receive the Customer Satisfaction survey from Volvo, you will be forced to reflect that with a bad score (anything other then a 5 or Outstanding to Volvo is a failure; even a 4). The survey is either sent by email or by mail.

    They may also put in a fake email address when they RDR the vehicle so that they receive it instead of you.

    Keep in mind that all incentives are regional, your dealer may not have had it in the first place.
  • jcg4jcg4 Posts: 4
    Would you provide a breakdown of you purchase price? I am currently looking for a 2013 xc60.
  • jcg4jcg4 Posts: 4
    Would you provide a breakdown of your purchase price? I am currently looking for a 2013 xc60.
  • I have the following offers from a Florida dealership. Are either one good deals? I think they are? Which is a better deal?

    2012 Volvo XC60 3.2 FWD
    CPO w/ safe and secure
    Miles: 6000
    Climate Package
    car price: $30.5K
    with taxes and fees: $33,250

    2012 Volvo XC60 3.2 FWD
    Miles: 29501
    Premier Plus
    Climate Package
    car price: $31K
    with taxes and fees: $33,750

    Florida seems to have some of the highest on average doc fees. I've tried to get them to come off the 600 doc fee, but they won't see to budge at this point.

    I've done tons of research, but interested in live feedback.

  • zazou1zazou1 Posts: 4
    Xc-60t6 with platinum and climate package caspian blue adds $650.
    Invoice $45,293 but they started at $45,007 less the $1000 factory to dealer incentive and $1000 Volvo loyalty and the $750 Costco brought the price to $42,257. If you finance through Volvo they make the first three payments up to $1350 and you get a $500 Costco gift card when you do the Costco survey. So total cost is $40,437 plus tax and tags.
  • zazou1zazou1 Posts: 4
    This is a 2013 with 25 miles on it.
  • jcg4jcg4 Posts: 4
    Thanks for the info. It's a helpful start.
  • oldjim3oldjim3 Posts: 13
    Does anyone know the exact specifics of the incentives? I purchased a new 2013 XC60 on the last day of June using the Costco offer. I financed through Volvo Car Finance and received the Volvo employee price less the $1000 sales incentive, less the $1000 Volvo loyalty incentive, less the $750 Costco incentive which was good until 7/31/13, plus I received the Costco $500 Gift Card.

    The day after I purchased the car I learned about the 3-months free payment incentive and when I asked for it I was told it did not start until 7/1/13 and that I was not eligible. The inference was that the 3-months free payment incentive had replaced the Volvo $1000 2013 Sales incentive but this post suggests otherwise.

    I am in the Western Region. Does anyone KNOW the facts?
  • zazou1zazou1 Posts: 4
    I purchased in PA last weekend of July. I brought up the factory to dealer cash to the salesperson, she checked with the sales manager and said yes it applies- which makes sense because Edmunds TMV was $1000 under invoice. The 3 month payment from Volvo was plastered throughout the showroom.
  • HI
    I got this offer from the internet sales manager at Borton Volvo in Minneapolis. I requested he give the best price before any incentives applied. He took off the $1000 factory cash anyway. Since I own a Saab the will trough in $2000 in loyalty. Anybody think I can take them lower? Will end of month help?

    2013 Volvo XC60 T6 R-Design Black Sapphire Metallic with Off Black Leather with Soft Beige Inlays STOCK # 04782
    Equipment: Platinum Trim Level, Climate Package, Metallic Paint, Remote Start
    MSRP: $51,794

    Your Price: $47,956 this includes $1000 factory to dealer cash
  • Just bought new 2013 R Design For the following from Kline Volvo St Paul:

    Black Sapphire w/Climate Package and Remote Start.

    MRSP $51794
    Negotiated Sale Price $47500
    Factory Discount -$1000
    Loyalty Rebate -$2000
    OTD Price $44500 + TTL
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