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2011 Hyundai Sonata



  • bobadbobad Posts: 1,587
    Guess you don't drive much then. It's not a question of rude when someone is changing lanes into your path or into your car.

    About 10K per year, but I don't get in many emergency situaitons where I need to honk. In fact, I don't even remember what the horns on my vehicles sound like.
  • curtman1curtman1 Posts: 1
    Hello everyone, just wondering if anyone knows if there is an aftermarket or OEM headlight auto shut off module for the 2011 Sonata GL. If so is it an easy install or are we talking dealer or pro install? Thanks in advance for any info...curtman1
  • keyman2keyman2 Posts: 78
    I just received this email form Hyundai forum,read the post.I didn't buy the Sonata yet but it worry's me??read below------------------

    The Sonata steering problem I experienced was confirmed by my dealer. They were great... swapped my 2 Sonatas (GLS & SE) out for a Santa Fe (even though they'll have to sell my Sonata as "used" now). They said on new models they get service updates to tweak the programs and will note this steering issue and that an alignment might help. I doubt that as braking did not exaggerate, or "pull" the steering wandering.

    For those test driving to find the condition: travel on freeway @ 70 mph and put into cruise control, point straight in lane and lightly let go of steering wheel. My 2 Sonatas (GLS and SE both automatic), consistently wandered immediately to either left or right - but never stayed center. The feeling was actually like a boatfloating or a heavy corss wind that kept the car wavering. I repeated my test on multiple freeway lanes and in different areas to rule out road/pavement issues.

    Gosh if the Edmund's test drivers felt it, how could a prev poster say he didn't? hmmm are we driving the same cars? hehe!

    I was sorry to lose the fabulous styling of the Sonata. It is one hot car and everything but the steering was good. I would suggest though that the SE's "sport tuned suspension" combined with the 18" low profile tires translates into a terribly bumpy ride that most baby-boomers+ will consider simply an intolerably rough ride. I'd suggest the Limited for a more refined ride.

    Happy driving!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,622
    Maybe it's not necessary to point out the obvious, but... it's not a good idea to let go of the steering wheel on ANY car when going 70 mph. Or really any speed for that matter. I would be more concerned if the steering pulled one way or the other while holding the wheel. I bet if I tried this test on my EPS-equipped Sentra, it would act similarly. But I think I'll keep my hands on the wheel when on the freeway. :)

    If this concerns you, you would probably be better off with a car that does not use EPS. Although non-EPS new cars are getting harder to find. Some have firmer tuning than others, so you might be able to find an EPS car that suits you.
  • chronochrono Posts: 149
    I test drove a GLS last night and the steering felt pretty solid actually. It felt lighter in the parking lot and firmed up on the highway for me. I have sat in the Sonata at the car shows but was overly impressed with the test drive. I think this is my next car. Just hoping there might be some small incentives this summer.
  • pegasus17pegasus17 Posts: 536
    REF: 3029
    I have a 2011 Sonata GLS with PEP2. Love the car; hate the road/tire noise. Very quiet up front, well-isolated engine and wind noise. Perhaps that is why I am hearing a bunch of road or tire noise from the REAR only. Noise varies somewhat with speed but it is driving me crazy. Somewhat muted with the stereo at volume level 12 (or higher). I have not been to the dealer yet but am wondering if something is NOT properly sealed or undercoated in the rear. I noticed the wheel wells are partially coated but mostly plastic. Plus, since this is a GLS, there is a large void in the underbody where the second muffler & associated hardware/piping goes on the SE. Not sure if the LIMITED model has additional sound deadening material but my GLS is too noisy...
  • trainerusatrainerusa Posts: 3
    What is a best lease deal for a new Sonata '10 in MI?
    Please advise
  • xmechxmech Posts: 90
    I would challenge you to find ANY car that can drive straight down a road. There are so many factors, wind, road incline, road surface, other vehicles around you, tire pressures, how fat the driver/passengers are, the torque on the wheel bearings, etc., etc., etc., ...

    That said, reading the Edmunds review on the 2011 Sonata confirmed they didn't do anything about the numb steering I experienced test driving a 2010 way back. Very unfortunate. Now that really scared me. More than a little drift as described @ 70 mph would.
  • schdyschdy Posts: 233
    edited May 2010
    I read your post message#2919 on 5/9/2010 as follows:
    I really can't say the salesmen's name but it's Atlantic West Islip,L.I the salemen is the maneger.He offered me Internet price and something else not sure?but I'm going to him in 3 weeks,I'll see if he's on the level. I'm buying extra's like Mud Guards,tinted windows,maybe pinstripes.Good Luck

    Just 1 week later and you have purchased 2 Sonatas, checked on the availability of the woodgrain kit and returned both Sonatas for a full refund to Atlantic. Some experience!
    Was the service Mgr my friend Vinnie? He's a really nice guy and when he get's back from Myrtle I will discuss it with him.
    Hope you have better luck with your new purchases.
  • keyman2keyman2 Posts: 78
    edited May 2010
    What in earth are you talking about are you being stupid!!!!READ THE POSTS THE RIGHT WAY.I never said I bought 2 Sonatas,I'm asking questions and putting my thoughts on a post.that's what a post is there for.I said I like Atlantic Hyundai they gave me a good price compared to other dealers that I been getting the run around.I'm also reading other post on problem with steering and I posted one on this forum. If you can't be helpful and help other people then get off the forum.I'm buying my Sonata in 2 or 3 weeks,I have to be careful $27-$28+ is alot of money for me,I was hit by a car and that's why I'm buying one and I don't want to get hurt.I want to make sure that the Sonata will be a great car for many years.,and Atlantic seems to be the right dealer I hope.
  • schdyschdy Posts: 233
    edited May 2010
    My apology. I must have misread message 3027. I thought you were posting and supporting the steering problem. I'm glad that you corrected me. And good luck with your new purchase.
    Hopefully you are more responsible and you won't drive 70mph with no hands on the steering wheel. I have the SE and I would never take that risk with any car.
    Again please accept my apology but this reported steering problem has consumed an awful lot of my personal time trying to verify the safety defect with zero results to date. The result was my reading too much into your post.
    The right Dealer is the one you feel most comfortable with.
    In my opinion the 2011 Sonata is one of the safest cars you can drive. That was reinforced by my NY insurance Co.
  • schdyschdy Posts: 233
    I listen to the WFAN here in NY and yesterday one of the sports announcers stated that Brad Benson (former NY Giants footbal player) in NJ is the largest Hyundai dealer in the US. Anyone hear or agree with this. I think his adds are a little risqe'
  • jaimzjaimz Posts: 15
    I don't about all these problems I'm reading about....

    but, my lmtd is doing great so far:

    no steering problem...straight as an arrow
    horn works fine
    quiet ride
    and about 31mpg mixed city and freeway
  • meikmeik Posts: 63
    Same here.
  • ewg54ewg54 Posts: 25
    Mine is doing fine too! :) :) :) :) :)
  • denp3denp3 Posts: 99
    Mine too.
    I think any car at any speed will drift one way or another with the road contours.
  • bobadbobad Posts: 1,587
    I think any car at any speed will drift one way or another with the road contours.

    A car's suspension geometry can be set up to hold a straight line on a road that's not perfectly flat, but we probably wouldn't like the way it handles at low speed. Front tire wear would probably be excessive, too.
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,240
    The new Tucson uses the same steering set up. We have one, and it is great.

    I think one issue some folks may run into on the steering "feel" is that Hyundai uses very fast steering ratios on some of their cars. I will not comment on the Sonata specifically since I do not own one, but I do own a 2010 Tucson and a 2010 Elantra Touring SE. Both have very quick, very precise steering. When I compare either of these to our Blazer with recirculating ball steering, the difference is amazing. When my wife first started driveing the Tucson, she tended to wander a bit in the lane because she wasn't used to such a sensitive response. Now, she loves it!
  • mexjohnmexjohn Posts: 74
    edited May 2010
    What in earth are you talking about are you being stupid!!!!READ THE POSTS THE RIGHT WAY.

    Keyman, I think what happened is that it seemed part of your copied forum message seemed as though it were some of your own words because the text wasn't distinguished. Try this next time: Post your opening part as you did, then, on the next line where you want to post your copied text, click on the B below. Then paste in your copy and click on the B again. That will bold all the text in your copy, and it won't be confused with your own words.
    You can do this line by line if you want to, making a comment, and pasting in something else, making another comment, etc.

    I, too, was a little confused at first on your post 3027, reading it a couple of times before I realized most of it was copied text, but this should help avoid that in the future.

    Also, I don't think you have a thing to worry about, the Sonata IS a great car.
  • rexgrexg Posts: 27
    I just bought a new 2011 Sonata SE. So far I love everything about the car except for the owners manual and the quick reference. I am looking for more information on one feature related to the smart key. For lack of a better term, there is what I will call a "docking station" for the smart key fob. It is located within the console in a very non-obvious location. There is a small indicator light associated with it. The dealer told me that it was used to recharge the battery in the smart key. I wanted to find out more details about this, but could find nothing in the owners manual about it. The manual does talk about dead battery procedures but says nothing about recharging the battery in the fob, and it says nothing about this docking station. Upon further reflection, I doubt that this docking station is used for recharging the smart key. My guess is that it might be required when the battery is dead in the fob -- you would use the mechanical key to gain entrance, and then you would place the smart key into this docking station in order to start the car. Does anyone have any info on this docking station? Thanks.
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