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2011 Hyundai Sonata



  • dash5dash5 Posts: 410
    I know, I'm not trying to be adversarial, sorry if it came out that way. What I'm saying is Krafcik was unclear, or the article was. Here's the relevant text:

    The Sonata turbo won't be much more expensive than standard Sonatas, he notes. The new Sonata carries a base price of about $20,000, which rises to about $26,000 in the Limited edition. The Sonata 2.0T Turbo will range from about $26,000 to just under $30,000 in Limited form, he says.

    What I'm saying is Turbo comes in 2 flavors, SE and Limited. As far as I know anyway. So I'm guessing that last sentence could mean "The Sonata 2.0T Turbo will range from about $26,000 in SE trim with no Nav, to just under 30,000 in Limited form, he says"

    I could be wrong, I'm just theorizing.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,892
    edited June 2010
    Sorry for the curt reply as well. You have it exactly. About $26 for the SE Turbo model and just under $30 for the Turbo Limited. For the Limited, that is about $4000 more than what it is now without NAV.

    Now, add NAV to the turbo Limited and you're pushing $32k before TTL. That's more than the G25 is going to be and the Regal CXL with the 225hp engine. Realize both are not direct competitors and the hp/mpg isn't as strong but they are both going to be very nice automobiles and will compete in my world.
  • When the car sits in my office parking lot during work, it heats up quite a bit and after 10 hours, I notice the lettering and numbering is a faint shadow of its former self. Is this defective or normal for the type of technology.

  • topjctopjc Posts: 1
    I have experienced the same thing. I will be going to the dealer in the next two weeks for my first oil change and will inquire about this.

    The clock looks to be the same technology but is not affected the same way.
  • dash5dash5 Posts: 410
    Gotcha. Well the only thing I can hope is that under 30k is MSRP and includes Navigation. If that's the case it puts it 1000.00 under competition like the V6 Accord, which sounds about right. I guess we will see soon enough.
  • ral2167ral2167 Posts: 641
    Yes thats normal-- I have a radio shack digital preset radio-- when it's out in the sun the digital screen lettering will fade-- it comes right back once it's out of the sun. nothing to worry about. if you can fabricate some kind of cover to put over the radio while it sits, then problem solved.
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 232
    door handles chipping on sonata ,is there a recall on this problem ,I have been touching up the plastic handle outer covers for 9 years now , is there a recall on these handles for a 2001 sonata
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,618
    Is this on the 2011 Sonata, or the 2001? I've seen chipping on painted plastic handles on several of my cars, and they weren't nearly 10 years old. Next time, you might want to get a car with chromed handles, e.g. Sonata Limited, and avoid the problem altogether.
  • moontrainmoontrain Posts: 83
    I have a Black Plum Limited. The color is great,sometimes it looks black and sometimes it looks Plum. The problem is that it shows all the dust, but I love dark color cars. You will have the same problem with the dark blue and the red. I keep a california duster in the trunk.
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,240
    It is the nature of an lcd to fade from heat. Today's panels are much better than the first LCDs produced. I remember watches that if left in the sun for over a half hour would turn completely black and would have to be cooled down to be readable.
  • poodog13poodog13 Posts: 320
    A fully loaded Maxima is available at that price in some areas. Better suspension, more HP, but less warranty.
  • jsmit86jsmit86 Posts: 116
    A fully loaded Maxima 3.5 SV with Premium and Tech package is $39,420. That's a pretty far cry from 33K. I have yet to see $6K off sticker for a Maxima unless it was a demo or a previous year.
  • amoviefan1amoviefan1 Posts: 24
    edited June 2010
    Here is my guess on the pricing for this car (and it's ONLY a guess):

    Current 2011 Limited (no Turbo) w/OUT NAV: $26,015

    Current 2011 Limited (no Turbo) WITH NAV: $28,115

    If Hyundai adds as much as $3000 (I'm hoping for only $2000) for the turbo upgrade, that would mean...

    NEW 2011 Limited TURBO w/OUT NAV: $29,015

    NEW 2011 Limited TURBO WITH NAV: $31,115

    These are full sticker prices.

    One competitor: 2010 Honda Accord Sedan EX-L V6:
    NO NAV: $29,580
    With NAV: $31,855

    This means Hyundai's pricing would be right in line with Honda.


  • meikmeik Posts: 63
    I doubt it in general. But, "in some areas", sure what could not be possible? ;)
    Dealer's internet price for a fully loaded new 2010 Azera was 27K in my area when I bought my Sonata.
  • meikmeik Posts: 63
    If I remember correctly, Limited Turbo will come with some more things like a back-up sensor, hid, heated & ventilated front seats.
    So you need to add $476 for a backup camera and $513 for a backup sensor.

    Limited Turbo : $31,115 (if Hyundai adds only $3,000 for the turbo & other add-on upgrade)
    Accord : $32,843 (if their price on new 2011 model stay the same)
  • dash5dash5 Posts: 410
    I posted this in the Midsize section but Kia has a configuration tool for their new Optima, I'm guessing the pricing will be similar: Optima Configuration tool
  • schdyschdy Posts: 233
    You can't compare a Turbo to a V6. Performance of the present 4cyl Sonata is comparable to the Honda v6. So compare the 4cyl Limited @ $25k to the Honda @ $31k.
  • dash5dash5 Posts: 410
    Why cant you compare the turbo to the V6? Sonata's turbo is their solution to a more powerful car, they substituted the turbo for a V6 so they could get better gas mileage, a lighter weight and the same power/torque. It's directly comparable to the Honda V6.
  • alookmanalookman Posts: 141
    How can you compare a car that has not even been released? I love the new 2011 Sonata as a great value, but their engine technology is not close to Honda's. The 2010 Accord V6 is smooth as silk and has valve mgt. system that shuts of 2 or 3 valve and its an engineering marvel. Except VW most turbos are not smoother than V6s but do provide more for less!
  • alookmanalookman Posts: 141
    I have driven 2011 Sonata GLS/SE 198 HP and its nice car very similar to Accord EX 4cyl with 190HP. Its engine is not even close to Accord V6 at 264 HP. My 03 V^6Accord produces smooth silky 243 HP. 2010 Accord V6 is a great solid engine. Honda is way ahead of other Asian giants in engine technology and HYUNDAI IS NOT EVEN CLOSE! Only Nissan's 3.5 V6 is as good.
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