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2011 Hyundai Sonata



  • ewg54ewg54 Posts: 25
    I have the Dimension radio in my car and I have not fiquered this download problem either, and I notice that it might be a memory problem everytime you turn off the car and go back in and turn it on the radio has reload (read) whatever you were listening to before you turned it off. My GM car does not have to reload XM everytime and it remembers my CD preference as I like to play it as random but the Sonata radio can't remember that . I don't know if the other radio in the Sonata I think it is Infinty or somethig has the same issues. :(
  • schdyschdy Posts: 233
    Like me you should get a call approx 1 mo prior to your free period ending. They offered me 6mos for around $32.
  • schdyschdy Posts: 233
    Each time I start my car I get the message "loading contacts" also. I believe it's suppose to work that way to keep your radio updated in real time. I use voice dialing so having the contacts updated is beneficial.
    The only annoying thing I have not been able to eliminate is while I'm driving that female comes on and asks me to develop a new profile for a second driver. One time I said yes and while I was driving new sentences were being displayed and I had to speak them. Not safe so I turned off the radio. Now when she comes on I hit the cancel call button.
  • I extended it for another year for basic package that came to $136. Your radio ID number is the first channel you'll see the serial # (or the one before it). The sound is fantastic. I drove from South Florida to Northern Virginia and never lost a station.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,897
    I use voice dialing so having the contacts updated is beneficial.

    Agreed, that's the safest way. It just seems bothersome to have to wait several minutes everytime you enter the car to make a call until your phonebook from your phone is uploaded to the car system. I would think for salespeople or others that are in and out of their car a lot it would kind of be a pain. Just wonder if there is some kind of fix to make it quicker. I guess having a really small number of entries in your phone would help some.

    A workaround might be to dial the phone manually before you turn the car on so that you would already be on the call when the phonebook was uploading or maybe it would wait to upload until you finished your call.
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,240
    Don't know if the Tucson Ltd has the 'exact' same bluetooth, but my wife's car will only download the contacts if you navigate to a particular menu and tell it to download.
  • dash5dash5 Posts: 417
    I was just going to post that. I like the styling, moreso than the gas version I think. At least the front. As to the hybrid powertrain itself I'd have to hear more about what it means in terms of things I care more about: handling, road noise, general performance. I'm not into the whole "greener than thou" halo as the article puts it.
  • mccallrmccallr Posts: 19
    Thanks. I hope I get offered that same deal. It wouldn't be worth $15 a month to me since I'm not in the car more than 1 hour a day, but I'd sure take the 6 months for $32.
  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,676
    Do you really think for anyone (a non owner or someone with no first hand knowledge of the car or maybe even a competitor) bashing the car is helpfull to someone who may be interested in purchasing the car . Sorry but I disagree!

    Well, I understand that you have your perspective, but when it comes to how we run these forums, it's not relevant. And again, we have been underestimated - we are pretty well in-tune with determining the difference between a troll, and someone who doesn't happen to like the car.

    Yes, occasionally non-owner perspectives are helpful - for example, if someone has test driven the Sonata and chose another vehicle, it is helpful to know their likes & dislikes, and what feature(s) made them choose another vehicle. This discussion doesn't exist to persuade people what a great car the Sonata is. It is, rather, to provide members with a variety of perspectives - they can analyze the credibility of each perspective for themselves, and determine whether the same likes / dislikes might apply to them.

    Back when dinosaurs roamed the internet, we had "owner" and "fan" forums. Guess what? They actually attracted more trolls. Regardless of how one tries to get their point across, the fact is that we are going to continue to allow this to be a discussion available for all opinions, providing they conform to our Membership Agreement. That's just how we roll.

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  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,897
    edited July 2010
    Beat ya to it! I always wonder how living in the midwest with the cold winters affects the battery and performance. I also wonder how you'd get rid of it if you kept it very long as who would want to buy a 5-6yr old one wondering if you're going to have to put a new battery$$$ in it shortly. Or if you kept it ten years are you going to have to pay someone to take off your hands?

    It did sound like this one pretty much drives and rides like the gas model though. I drive probably 50/50 and live in midwest so hybrids just don't excite me that much.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,897
    edited July 2010
    Sorry, hit post twice.
  • mccallrmccallr Posts: 19
    When you say the first channel, are you talking about the first preset #1? I already programmed that for a station. I'm not sure how to jump to satellite channels yet. I've been using the seek command and one of the round knobs to move from channel to channel. I'll have to keep turning the dial to see if a number appears. Thanks.
  • johnwhojohnwho Posts: 19
    I agree, kirstie h -

    The advice I would give is that when you read anything negative about any automobile on the Edmund forums, you should not take it at face value. Sure, no car is perfect and they will all have some negatives, but we must all take care when evaluating whether a statement is factual, an opinion, or a deliberate attempt to denigrate a particular make/model.

    If I was interested in buying an automobile and I came to this (or some other forum) for information on that automobile, I would not allow posted negatives to effect my interest. I might take note and look for certain items when I go to see and test drive the vehicle, of course. For example, earlier in this thread someone said the 2011 Sonata is "noisy", yet, as I mentioned, on a smooth road I find it to be very quiet. My advice then - go test drive one and decide for yourself. But don't cross the Sonata off of your list because some person who may never have actually been in a Sonata said it is noisy. (I'm not accusing the poster in the thread here of anything - I'm just using this as an example.)

    I put more stock in the "professional" reviews since they actually have driven not only the vehicle being reviewed but also many, if not all, of the other make/models in the same segment. I'm also careful how I view the professionals negative or "con" comments, too. Sometimes it is clearly opinion (like the often dislike of the Mazda3's "smiley face" front end), yet it has absolutely no bearing on whether it is really a good buy for the money. However, it may impact heavily on those who might consider the vehicle. A positive opinion doesn't hurt anything but a negative one may not only affect sales but also may cause a buyer to not check out a vehicle that they would really have found to be "perfect" for them.

    Just how I see it.
  • ral2167ral2167 Posts: 641
    just use the knob and turn it till you get to channel 0 -- then copy down the code and the 800 number
  • denp3denp3 Posts: 99
    I also got the same deal. $4.99 a month plus tax, came out to around $35.00 for 6 months.
  • schdyschdy Posts: 233
    I'm sure it's the same. I haven't received the bill yet but $35 is probably correct. I forgot the taxes.
  • shot_mosshot_mos Posts: 24
    Touch-up paint MIGHT work, but it depends on how deep the scratch is. If you just use the touch-up paint, realize that you'll still see the divot if you get close enough.

    I like the bumper sticker idea myself. :)

    At a shop, paint match won't be a problem. They (shops) will either custom order the paint or may already have it available in their paint booths. This might be more costly than you realize; you'd have to pay to remove the bumper cover, sand down the divot, use bumper filler compound, smooth it down, paint the whole bumper and clear coat the whole bumper, and then put the bumper cover back on. Ballpark $300-500.

    Some shops might take shortcuts and leave the bumper cover on when they do the surface fill, but even with tape masking you might have overspray of paint. :(
  • shot_mosshot_mos Posts: 24
    There are several factors that go into determining an insurance rate. Part of it comes from your home address, your driving record, sometimes your credit score, but other parts of the calculation come from:
    - Collision/Comprehensive : how much do parts cost? How expensive would it be to replace your vehicle?
    - Liability : how much damage could your vehicle do to another vehicle?

    Traditionally, you'll see that liability costs increase as you get into larger, heavier vehicles.

    Not in underwriting but an insurance nerd.
  • jerrycupjerrycup Posts: 6
    I live in Dallas, and it's HOT. I notice that (in practically all cases) when I get in that car in the late afternoon heat, it takes fully 3 minutes for the air conditioning to start delivering cool air. I get air that has no hint of coolness, then after that 3 minutes, a fairly rapid cooldown. Seems to be the case in either normal or recirculate. The system is able to handle the plus 100 heat load after those few minutes with no lapses. Anyone else seeing this? A "feature"?
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