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Volvo XC60 Lease Questions



  • Yes, cpl88, these numbers are right on the money.

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  • Greetings niclaf77. Volvo's January buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2011 XC60 3.2 FWD with 12,000 miles per year are .00124 and 51%, respectively.

    The residual value for a lease with only 10,000 miles per year is 1% higher.

    Other than $1,000 owner loyalty cash, I don't believe that Volvo is currently providing any cash incentives on leases of this vehicle.

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  • njvehiclelovernjvehiclelover Posts: 3
    edited February 2011
    Carman, the dealer quoted me 645 including the 5 percent AAA discount for 36 mos./15,000 on $41,900. Only package not included is the technology package. The deal will be no cash down only because I am trading my 2007 C-280 loaded except no nav, in good condition with 48,500 miles and new tires. I owe 12K and the dealer said they are valuing my car at 15,000. I think the trade-in is light but I can probably get them up. So my real question is whether $3,000 down with the deal above sounds good to you. Really appreciate the help.
  • Hi njvehiclelover. A 5% discount on a 2011 XC90 sounds like a good deal to me. It's difficult to say exactly, but this is probably equivalent to less than $500 over dealer invoice.

    Having said that, the payment that you were quoted, $645/month with $3,000 down, looks a little high to me. Make sure that the dealer is using Volvo's current money factor and residual value of .00134 and 53% to calculate your payment.

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  • I read with interest the comment about a 5% AAA Discount. I am a member of AAA and am not aware of such a discount. Can anyone shed some light on the program and details?
  • Hi

    I'm considering a XC60 T6 AWD vs an Audi Q5 3.2 Premium Plus.
    Could you please tell me the current money factor and residuals?
    For the volvo dealer is telling me 687- does that sound like a good deal?


  • Do you have the five year lease money factor and residual for March, 2011 on a 2011 XC60 R design front wheel drive in Illinois?
  • aspen19128aspen19128 Posts: 4
    edited February 2011
    I am considering an xc60 lease for 36 months, 12,000 mi/yr starting in April. Looking at an AWD model, 3.2L w/moonroof, expecting an msrp of 37,000. Do you have an estimated residual value and money factor? Also, any known incentives on leases? I am a current Volvo owner so wondering if there is a loyalty incentive? I will purchase in either Pennsylvania or New Jersey. Also considering an xc90 but can post that question in the proper form. Thanks for any help.
  • joelg2kjoelg2k Posts: 2
    edited February 2011

    I am looking for a XC60 lease / buy

    Got the following from the dealer (NJ)

    xc60 3.2 AWD, premium and the climate packages, 15K miles per year

    MSRP $39,325.00
    Invoice $37,268.00
    Selling price $36,061.23

    Monthly Payment $499.00

    No money down

    $3,252.56 up front including:

    MV fee's $425.00,
    doc fee $199.00
    acq fee $795.00
    tax $1,327.06
    and 1st payment $499.00

    Gap is included,there is a dispo fee of $395.00

    Also included would be the free maintainence for 3 years or 36k miles

    The money facter is .00134, and residual 53% or $20,842.25

    If I want to buy the APR is 2.9 % for 72 months or $15.50 per 1000 financed

    I ran it by some colleagues at work and they told me it looks like a good deal, what do you think ?

    Thank you

  • I just got a very similar quote, also from a dealer in NJ, for the exact same model. My monthly payments were a bit lower, but I asked for 12,000 mi/yr. Interestingly, the residual I was quoted was lower at 52% which seems odd since it's a lower mileage lease. Overall, the numbers worked out and it seemed like an acceptable deal, however, I might wait until March to see if next month's leasing options are any better. C70s, s80s and xc70s are leasing for 450/month right now with less money out of pocket. I'm hoping that as winter is ending, they will be pushing the AWD vehicles harder, but who knows.
  • Joelg2K,

    I am also in Jersey and it looks like you are getting a much better deal than what was offered to me. Are you willing to say which dealer? I would love to get the same deal.
  • Hi Scharrock,

    I asked about available leasing discounts at Cherry Hill Volvo in New Jersey and they said AAA provided a 5% discount off of the monthly payment. I've seen some discussions on this message board about Costco as well. I am not familiar with it though.

    As it turns out I am going with another dealership who gave me a better deal, but it was good to know about the AAA program.
  • gman1967gman1967 Posts: 3
    Looking for rates/residuals on a 2011 xc60 AWD 3.2L

    15k /yr, 36, 39,42, 48 whichever they are running now.

    Suffolk County, NY
  • joelg2kjoelg2k Posts: 2

    Sure, dealer was Bridgewater Volvo... Good luck!

  • s60leasers60leaser Posts: 53
    Hey Carman and KYFDX!
    Glad to see you are still out there! I am getting ready to lease an XC60 AWD T6 with Climate pkg, no other options. The first numbers I have gathered are: MSRP $40,275,
    CapCost $38,919,
    RV 53%,
    Money Factor .00109,
    15K miles, 36 months,
    Zero down,no trade in but multiple Fees :$795-US Bank,$155 Plates, $81 upfront sales tax,$275 conveyance fee,$125 lease set up fee and first months payment.
    Mo Pymt $553.84 plus 33.23 tax=$587
    No incentives available, according to this dealer.
    Only US Bank for Volvo leases, according to same dealer.

    All sounds high to me, especially CapCost, but I've been out of the market for a while. Consumers($36,754 best price) and Edmunds($37,808 true market pricing) both have a considerably lower price for the vehicle-What do you think? What lease numbers should I be looking for? Ive read through the forum but don't see any March numbers that compare with the T6AWD.
    Thanks everyone!
  • rdxerrdxer Posts: 33
    Hey s60leaser

    Drove a T6 today a loved it -- what a hoot! Need to lease something in the next month or so. Using the numbers you provided (thank you) via the calculator at leaseguidedotcom, I came up $612.08. Just confirming that you're not paying anything out of pocket?

    CarMan can you please double check my math (maybe I'm being dumb).

  • s60leasers60leaser Posts: 53
    Agree- theT6 is a much smoother ride than the non turbo. And yes, correct- zero down but for all those fees!
    Im eager to hear from Carman on the lease numbers too!
    Were you bothered at all by the blind spot behind driver/ rear window on drivers side?
  • rdxerrdxer Posts: 33
    Truth is I didn't notice a blind spot, but will pay more attention on the next test drive (I was too busy punching the throttle around corners!). If so, it does make a case for getting BLIS.
  • s60leasers60leaser Posts: 53
    Are all Volvo leases done through US Bank now? Is that a Volvo restriction or dealer choice? Doesn't no competition mean higher lease prices?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,671
    When Ford owned Volvo, most of the leases went through Ford (aka Volvo Finance)....

    Now Volvo uses USBank... Even though USBank is an independent bank, they have a special affiliation with Volvo to provide their "manufacturer" lease program.

    So, there may be any number of independent banks that might offer a lease program for a new Volvo, but they likely won't have any special rates or incentives that Volvo has chosen to apply to their own program through USBank.

    In that regard, things are normal.. the "captive" program is almost always better than an independent bank program.

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