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VW GTI (All styles)



  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    Yes, I was saying that if they had the button on the wheel change presets, it would change the discs instead of the tracks. If you notice that the track button on the head unit is the same as the seek button.
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    I've noticed that sometimes when I go to shift from 1st to 2nd, the shifter sometimes sticks in first gear. It doens't happen all the time, and it just requires a bit of force to pull it out. I thought that I didn't have the clutch depressed enough, but I don't think that's the case. Today just 10 minutes ago, I was slowing down from 40 MPH. I braked to about 15 MPH until I put the clutch in and moved the shifter into first, with the clutch fully depressed. I heard a very weird noise, like the gear was going rubbing, it was a grinding sound. Has anyone else heard of a problem like this? Do I need more clutch fluid of something? Does this happen to anyone else?


    - Anthony
  • CooperCooper Posts: 55
    Well, I finally placed my order for a GTI GLX on Saturday. Anyone have experience with and recommendations for Winter 17" tires? I've been poking around Tirerack and Discounttiredirect getting ideas. Thanks.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    The general recommendation is that you get smaller , narrower winter tires, 16" or perhaps 15". Can't see spending the money on 17" wheels for winter tires.
  • CooperCooper Posts: 55
    Thank you. I've been thinking of maybe getting the 16" instead of the 17s, as there's a big difference in price. And, I'll only need them a few months here. At least, I hope so (i.e., I want some snow.)! I probably wouldn't have needed them at all last year. I really do want to try to get some skiing in this year, but last winter really didn't cooperate! I'm leaning towards the Michelin Pilot Alpin tire and a reasonably priced wheel.
  • bonsgbonsg Posts: 1
    Can someone who has had a suspension upgrade done to their GTI vr6 pleeeze let me know how you like it, what you did, and if you noticed any problems/drawbacks: Hard ride, uneven tire wear, ect. Or just refer me to so links that would educate me on this subject.

    I am going nuts trying to figure out what to do. I don't want to spend 1-2k and be unhappy. But I want to improve the handling.

    Many Thanks

  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    I'm going to get some H&R coil overs for my 2001 GTI VR6 in about 2 months. They run about 1000 dollars with H&R adjustable springs and Bilstien shocks. The nice thing about coil overs is that you can adjust how many inches you drop the car. Basically, if you want a soft ride, you should only drop the car 1 inch. But if you want better handling and cornering, then drop the car 2 inches. The more you drop the car, the harder the ride will get. Also, if you are running on stock wheels/tires, then I wouldn't worry too much about a stiff ride because the 55 profile tires that come stock absorb a great deal of bumps in the road. Also, if you drop the car about 2 inches, your camber might be off meaning you'll have uneven tire wear.

    - Anthony
    E-mail me if you want some more info
  • dowadowa Posts: 1
    I am looking for any information concerning purchase price for the 2001 GTI. I live in the greater boston area and I want to find out what most people are paying for the GLX VR6 around here (I realize that in most places the dealership doesnt budge on the msrp). Let me know if anyone has any info on this subject. One other thing, does anyone know how reliable these cars are in the long run?

    Thanks in advance
  • obviously varies. Dealer won't budge from MSRP but you could try Atamian Honda-VW in Tewksbury, MA where I got mine for 22 even (including 6 disc changer). Also give Tulley Nashua, NH and Mancherster, NH a try...

    Email me if you want..
  • CooperCooper Posts: 55
    A salesman at a dealer mentioned that GLXs are going for about $1,300 - $1,500 above invoice here.

    For reliability: I've owned 3 VWs and my wife has one, too. A 1983 Rabbit (75,000 miles), an '87 GTI 16V (175,000) and a '97 Passat Wagon (110,000 miles, still have). My wife has a 1997 Passat (65,000 miles, still have). Both Passats have the VR6.

    So, that's 4 VWS and over 400,000 miles. Reliability has been very good. Just the standard stuff, to be expected over 20 years and 4 cars.
  • here's the deal.i have a 1996 subaru legacy sedan. i have put in h&r springs, braces, both front and rear and a k&n filter. it's fun to drive around but it lacks that real pull. i have been considering a 1998 gti vr6. nobody in the subaru part of this place would give me an impartial reason why not to buy a vw. i was hoping someone here could do the same, but for a vw.

  • I'm thinking about buying a used 96 GTI VR6. I test-drove a 98 which was sweet, but north of my budget. I've found a couple of low mile 96s. Does anyone have comments about what to watch for on an almost 5 year old car? tks
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    Does anyone else have the problem on Golf/GTIs where whenever you go over a bump, and you get body flex, that the doors squeek? This is caused by the top of the door rubbing up against the rubber weather striping. To ease this noise a bit, I put silicon spary on the rubber, but it doesn't help too much. VW has tried adjusting the door latch thingy so it will ease the squeeks, but it has done nothing. I think VW should come up with a solution for this problem.

    - Anthony
  • We had our first real rain here in SoCal yesterday and when I went to open my GTI VR6 using the remote control, nothing happened. Tried using the extra remote and still nothing. Has anyone else had this problem? After I drove to work, the remote locked the car. I didn't leave the power on last night so I don't know what to think.
  • I was always wanted to have an eyes on 1.8T GTI but recently I have heard the TMV of Saab 9-3 is selling at $21,000. Well, can someone tells me what your picks? and why?

    Thank you any feed back!
  • Been thinking about a new GTI and would like to know if the 10 year engine warranty also covers the turbocharger and related parts. Also, have read here that most do not like the automatic transmission in the GTI. Why so? Where I live the commute traffic is so bad that a stick is no fun.Fine on the weekends though when you can head out into the country. Your experiences/opinions on automatic vs. manual GTI's would be appreciated.
  • I'm the proud owner of a 2000 GTI GLX in black with beige leather interior. I love my car... It's everything I wanted. Unlike the similarly priced competition, it doesn't feel as plasticky as a Chinese toy factory. The interior is class.

    The engine is a sweet unit, responsive, yet smooth. It's a pleasure to drive.

    I have noticed the following small things, however...

    1. My car doesn't feel particularly sure-footed in snow. In fact, it scares me silly. I live in NE PA, and it gets downright scary when there's any accumulation on the road surface. I've currently got the factory Goodyears on the car still, which are all-seasons and might be a good part of the problem... Has anyone had similar issues and did a switch to snow tires improve things any?

    2. The interior is great, although, I've noticed an ever increasing number of rattles and squeaks coming from the rear interior panels. I'm wondering if that has anything to do with the panels having become looser/less taut from me excessively blaring the Monsoon system to deafening levels...? :)

    3. The rear seat, contrary to some of the posts I've seen, aren't the greatest in terms of leg rooms. In fact, they could qualify as some sort of torture technique. Luckilly, my car doesn't have too many backseat passengers.

    Otherwise, this is the nicest car I've owned in my relatively short 26 years. I'm hoping that VW releases the 4motion Golf VR6 at some stage before I'll get my new car in 2003, or else it'll be an Audi S4 for me.
  • illinoisjim,

    I have a Auto and love it! I think most buyers get the 5 speed because it is a sporty car and they want the extra 3/10th in the 1/4mile. Personally I wanted a quick and sporty daily driver because I already have a 12sec Talon for a race car and I need some reliable transportation.

    There is some lag off the line with the turbo/auto combination but about half way through the intersection (10mph-3500rpm) the torque really pulls hard and the tires try to break lose. By end of second gear all the cars are specks in the rear view and best of all it is so quite and smooth no one knows your really getting on it. I really love this car stock and when I get a APR chip I am sure it will be a huge improvement with another 40hp and 80lbs of torque.

    The best thing is when I am sitting in stop and go traffic I am totally relaxed and unhurried because it is so much nicer that my Talon with a ACT 2600lb clutch and AWD. If you do a lot of commuting and a 14sec time slip isn't your goal then get the auto!!

  • I've seen alot of posts about prices...

    I have two dealerships within 50 miles of me, so I just played them against each other to see what they'd offer and see how low they'd go. I ended up paying $21,500 for the GTI GLX with the in-dash CD and the roofline spoiler. If you have the cash, get the spoiler - it does complete the look of the car - and makes it look like the GTIs of old.
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