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VW GTI (All styles)



  • eman5eman5 Posts: 110
    Anyone know when VW plans to freshen the GTI's styling?
  • here in seattle..there are zero gti models to be had.. the only one just sold.. it sunrises me that with 4 dealers within 15 minutes.. they have no inventory..voa is adverting heavily on the gti and has no cars to sell..hmmmm..anyway so that supply and demand thing means you will be paying sticker..out here a 1.8t 5 speed with leather and sport pkg..and monsoon is 21, surprised back eat u can get a glx vr6 for that price..just decided to forget the a4 plans as 28+ seems to much to pay for a car..although nice seems burdened alot by the heavy quattro system,,after a chip i know i would be calling apr for the 280 hp turbo i geuss its going to be the gti 1.8t with a quaife..oh but wait..theres none available..maybe i just need the new subaru wrx with awd 2.0 turbo,227hp and 0-60 in 6.1..naw cant buy a subaru..oh well..i will just keep driving my heavily modified a2 scirocco 16v..

  • I just bought a Silver GTI 1.8T with the leather package and 17" wheels for $20300 + TTL ($1100 under sticker) in Dallas. So they are available and you can get it for less than sticker. So shop around and don't let the dealers push you around.
  • gzarbegzarbe Posts: 2
    I just bought a 2001 GTI GLS with Monsoon sound, but it didn't come with a CD changer installed. I've considered going back and buying a changer from the dealer, but I've heard it would be quite expensive. Can anybody recommend a 3rd party changer that would be compatible with the factory VW stereo? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.. Steve
  • frylandfryland Posts: 1
    Just got a new brick red 2001 GTI GLX. Took it on a trip up north and was disappointed when the trip was over. It is fun, comfortable and economical on gas if you keep the speeds moderate. The big engine doesn't have to work at all at moderate speeds, which I like because I keep cars forever and want the engine to run a marathon. People who really know cars suddenly are checking it out in the office or home parking spot.

    My question is whether I should add a spoiler to the back, either for appearances sake or to keep the back down? The dealer suggested that a spoiler may reduce the miles per gallon. What does the group think. I like the look, but do not want to detract from the economy of the vehicle.

    P.S. Bought my car in the Balimore area. No GTIs available at the other dealerships in the area, so paid MSRP. I think the car is a bargain in the low 20's anyhow, so I grabbed it when I had the chance.
  • Thanks for your input on the automatic vs. manual transmission question. Now I need to find a turbo w/ automatic at a local dealer to give it a go.
  • I am torn between the 4-door Golf GLX (doors for the kids) and the GTI (for me!), both with the 1.8t. I understand that the base Golf is now put together in Brazil, but I am trying to verify if the GTI is still put together in Germany or if it too is built in Brazil. This for U.S. delivered cars of course. I'm assuming the German built will be more reliable, comments on that?
  • wordman93wordman93 Posts: 36
    can tell you if your car was built in Germany or Brazil. IF the Vin begins with a 9 or a 3 (I think) it was built in Brazil, if it begins with WVW it was built in Germany. My TDI was built in Germany but my friends GLS was built in Brazil. I've had no serious problems with mine and nether has he.
  • augmach5augmach5 Posts: 12
    sticker price for gti with 1.8t,sport package,leather is 20,625 with destination 20,300 is ok.. but not 1100 under sticker..the best i can do up here in washington is 20,450 with all of the above plus monsoon..but then its a two month wait for the car..
  • I'm looking for a 2001 VW GTI GLX in the So. Calif. area and discovered they are hard to find at any price. Does anyone know why a car would be heavily promoted and then not produced for sale? I test drove one w/17" wheels that the dealer later told me went for $24,400 ($400 over their MSRP). Wait or give up is the question.
  • Sorry, but the spellchecker massacred my note. It should say:
    I am currently posted in Germany and got a new VW GTI when I arrived in 1998. I love the car, but expect to have to sell it before I leave because it has European vs US specs. I'm holding out hope that it might be possible to drive the European spec car in the States. I'm told that while the import will not be very problematic, getting replacement parts will be because German cars have metric specs and US cars do not. Can anyone comment authoritatively on this? Should I really give up my hope of bringing my car with me when I come back to the States this May?
  • I am located in the COLD North East and I am
    not the first at my dealership to have the plastic
    hinge on glove box to SNAP! The dealer believes the COLD weather causes the piston to become stiff
    and thereby the glove box door carder to close and the hinge snaps. Luckily my 2000 GI still under warranty
  • garryc1garryc1 Posts: 9
    Howdy folks. New to these parts and I'm curious as to whether anyone's "heard" (rumor or otherwise) what changes may be in store for the GTI for 2002. Planning on shopping late summer/early fall. Thanks much!
  • CooperCooper Posts: 55 has a report on the 2002s, and there lots of discussions on the changes for the 2002 GTIs ... 24V, 201 h.p., 6-speed, equipped closer to current GTI GLS than current GLX, GLX items available as options, lower MSRP, etc.
  • garryc1garryc1 Posts: 9
    Hadn't been to vortex is awhile. That's exactly the kind of stuff I was looking for! Now, do I pick up a GLX (if I can find one) before all the "goodies" go away or wait for an '02 with all of the neat new stuff? Nice dilemma! Thanks again.....
  • cirrus3cirrus3 Posts: 4
    Also noted the 2002 model year changes on Vortex. Glad to see the Euro 24 valve finally making its way to the States, but sad that there will be no 4-motion. 201 hp is a lot for a front-driver to handle, especially given the relative sloppiness of the Golf platform, sports suspension or not. I suspect VW may be worried that Audi will lose TT sales.

    May have to get over my ugly-phobia and go for the Subaru WRX. Shame they can't borrow some plastics from VW...
  • garryc1garryc1 Posts: 9
    Subes are definitely great cars. My wife's got a '99 Outback Limited Wagon and it's been flawless. Took it in today for a scheduled maintenance and the dealer happened to have a WRX that had just been delivered. Well, everything you've read is true, because it's an absolute blast to drive. BUT - and this is hard to believe - it's even more hidious looking in person! It looks exactly like a Neon on steriods that was drawn up by a 10-year-old who was given the "race car I want" assignment in Art class. I can only imagine that the "W" stands for "Wretched." It's a sin that they put all of that sweet machinery under such a beastly skin. I just wish Sube would hire some of VW's design team. There's no comparison! Unless that boy-racer look really floats your boat. Personally, I outgrew that when I graduated high school.....
  • cirrus3cirrus3 Posts: 4
    Loved your "10-year-old's race car" description garryc! There is something to be said, however, for "characterful" design, which is so lacking in most new cars today. And the WRX has a purposefulness that is a nice snub to the excesses of certain "ultimate (as in car payment) driving machines".

    But those plastics are unforgiveable in this day and age.
  • elantra00elantra00 Posts: 225
    Hello Everyone....

    I would like to know what would be considered a good deal on a 2001 Volkswagen GTI VR6, fully loaded. I'd be looking to buy late this year, maybe early next year. Also, are VW dealers negotiable? I know, for instance, Saturn has that "No haggle" B.S. I currently have a 2000 Hyundai Elantra that I got for 10,900 after haggling the salesman down from 14,000. i was able to have him throw out the detail, destination and any other stupid fees in there. So I'm pushy and usually get my way on car prices ;) No way Im pay MSRP.

    However, I have driven the GTI with the VR6 and it is a lot of fun. The car also has potential to be hooked up. Im not a rice boy, so screw the civic and Integra, prelude, celica, etc. Too many of those out there. However, not enough GTI's on the road...well, at least here in Jersey. So any pricing input would be great.

    Also, how are VW dealers....anyone have any good/bad experiences to report? Also, any good VW dealers in NJ that anyone would recommend? Thanks a lot!!!

  • I too have just had this Check Engine, "Emissions
    Workshop I" pop up on my 2000 WV GI LX with 3700 miles. Made apt for May 1 to bring the car in, earliest they could take it, but today
    decided to change the oil/filter myself. After I started the engine, Guess what , NO Check Engine
    lie. Took it for a drive still no Check Engine
    so I hope I fixed it, only time will tell. This would have been my second Warranty Repair after Glove box door had to be replaced for busted hinge.
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