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VW GTI (All styles)



  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    Well, black is too hot and way too hard to take care of. I ruled out arrest-me-red and arrest-me-yellow, because I can get all the attention I need from the gendarmes without that kind of help. The orange and green are just too weird for me.

    So I got the silver, which is more understated.

    But this is really just personal taste. Buy what you want.

  • Not that the Monsoon system is great, but I am not going to replace the entire thing. Does anyone know of a good in dash C/D only that will work with the existing Monsoon system and its electronics (obviously the $250.00 VW option will). I still like the option of changing C/Ds without stopping to get to the changer and the auto pilot isn't quite sophisticated enough to let me do that while rolling.
  • kevinckevinc Posts: 51
    Silver would have been my first choice, but I took what I stumbled into - black on black. Yeah it's a MAJOR PITA to keep clean and is hot in summertime.. but looks great. I also like Tropic Orange and Futura Yellow...

    One consideration when picking a color is resale value and ability to resell. "Classic" colors like black or silver will hold their value better and be easier to sell to a private buyer. The more "exotic" colors will be somewhat handicapped.

    As for an in-dash CD player, the VW unit is $240 list, Timmons in Long Beach sells 'em for $216, and there's a coupon in the current "Driver" magazine (sent to all new VW owners) for a 20% discount off accessories from the dealer you bought the car from - or a whopping $48 bucks off on the CD planer, or $192 - quite a bargain. And of course it integrates perfectly, lighting matches, etc. I have it and it's great. Oh yeah, integrates with the changer too...

  • dan0dan0 Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a cosmic green GTI GLX and really could care less about the resale value. This is not the type of car one purchases if they are considering selling it in the future. The car itself is an absolute blast, and the color just adds to it's character. A head-turner to begin with, cosmic green turns 'em twice.
    I've had nothing but compliments and positive comments on the car since receiving it, and would fully understand if someone didn't like it.
    It's what I wanted and that's all that matters to me personally, and that's the way it should be with everyone who purchases this car in any color.
  • kevinckevinc Posts: 51
    Congrats Dan0, and I agree with you wholeheartedly - while color can eventually affect value later on, I still think it only makes sense to please yourself when buying. I've seen a couple of GTIs in Cosmic Green, I like it too! And definitely not common, also a good thing in my book..

  • I went with '00 Cosmic Green (and black leather)
    for several reasons:

    [1] This was the only car I could both test drive
    and buy within 20 miles of Manhattan. I bought it
    on impulse, after I decided I'd had it with my '86
    Mazda 626 Turbo.

    [2] My family always drove green VW's. But my mom
    wanted a red '62 beetle, they just shipped green
    by mistake.

    [3] Nothing else about this car (which kicks [non-permissible content removed]
    on the highway; it takes real discipline to drive
    safely, ironic given my excuse was my Mazda was no
    longer "safe") makes sense to anyone expecting a
    sports car "look", so why should the color? I
    wanted a nonobvious but HIGHLY practical sports
    car. People who don't know it just think it's a
    Golf. Why should the color make sense? A funny
    time to be cutting people slack, after you've
    gotten this far?

    There's nothing on the road quite this color,
    which I've very happy with.


    Got to trade keys the other day with a 323i BMW
    convertible, the day after its owner was the
    subject of a great deal of Thanksgiving BMW
    teasing. BMW owners apologize so easily! This BMW
    has nearly the same engine, nearly the same
    gearing, and the same stick pattern, so it's very
    familiar to drive. It's 500 lbs heavier, center of
    mass closer to the ground so less roll. Otherwise
    the GTI clearly fits into this quality league, but
    handily out-accellerates the BMW as the weight
    difference would predict. The BMW owner looked
    truly stunned after seeing the GTI trunk space.

    which brings me to

    [4] The GTI has in-BMW's-face anti-status, which
    Cosmic Green just reinforces. Smile the smile of
    having saved at least 10 large (green).
  • I'm actually becoming OK with the Monsoon stereo, as enough time passes to forget what my last stereo sounded like.

    Two of my four woofers cause buzzing in door panels nearby, e.g. Natalie Merchant "Tigerlily" at ordinary volumes has too much bass. Bring it along to a test drive! The speakers are definitely not blown. I would never have put this much bass in the walls, going rather for a separate subwoofer. But there appear to be NO options for modifying the Monsoon stereo except pulling the system out head to tail. A glance at any of its wiring is seriously discouraging.

    Since VW didn't give me a choice here, I hope they recognize they're in the audio business now, and that they will back up the weakness in their design by sending a mechanic (who'd probably rather be working on the engine) on a wild goose chase to find the buzz sources. We'll see...
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    I bought the VW in-dash CD from the parts department at a local dealer and put it myself (unfortunately, it's PITA to do so, due to the tight quarters, but I digress). Whether or not it is a "good" CD player I'll leave to you to decide. Works fine for me, however, and integrates with the Monsoon system perfectly. Just plug and play.

    '00 GTI GLX
  • I'm in the market for a new car and I think I have settled on a GTI GLX. The only other car I've ever owned is a Honda Civic hatch, which was great for the time (struggling post-college), and I was thinking about again, untill I saw the GTI and began reading about it. I'm still partial to hatchbacks, but want something sporty and fun, so the GTI seems to be a good fit.

    My big concern: the sound system. My favorite thing about owning a car is driving and listening to music. I'm concerned after reading the various posts here and elsewhere about the poor quality of the GTI soundsystem and I'd be curious to hear owners' opinions. How hard is it to upgrade/correct? And how costly? Ideally, I'd like a minidisc system in the car as opposed to/or in addition to, a CD player. Any thoughts? Also, is a CD player standard, or is it extra and then the changer more still? Is there a better fit than the GTI given the sound issue? Thanks for any input -- what a great site!
  • kevinckevinc Posts: 51
    Hi Steve.. if you're a hatchback guy (as I am) then there is NO other choice that even comes close. Have you driven the car yet? You may have a lot of trouble finding one, you'll likely have to call all over hell. But it's worth the effort.

    My comment on the sound system - I have a '99, which didn't yet get the Monsoon system. I have the previous "Premium" 8-driver setup. You know what? I like it - a LOT - and it's a far lesser setup than the Monsoon. I had a '97 GTI VR6 previously, and its sound system was SO bad (mostly underpowered) that I ditched the head unit within 2 weeks of getting the car, despite wanting to keep it stock. No such desire this time around, the new head is a big improvement, definitely more power, which makes all the difference. Try the Monsoon system, unless you're an ultra-audiophile, I think you'll be more than satisfied.

    As for MD, I had a Kenwood MD changer in my '97 (actually it's in my closet now - wanna buy it?).
    MD is GREAT. I'd love to have it in my GTI, but I'm keeping everything stock. Neither the changer nor the in-dash is standard, though I think they're now putting the changer in all cars for $200 or $250 at the factory or dock and just adding it to the sticker. The in-dash is $240 at full list and works great, I have both, which I find is quite handy.

    Good luck, let us know which way you end up going.

    '99 GTI GLX
    '86.5 Scirocco 16V 2.0
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    I'm no audiofile, but the sound system works for me. The CD player and changer are dealer installed options. You can buy the changer and CD player from the parts department or directly from VW and install them yourself. The changer can be installed in 5 minutes with just a screwdriver. The in-dash CD player is more of a pain to install.

    Go take a test drive and listen to the system. Then decide for yourself whether you want to replace it.

  • Thanks Kevin and Jared -- I'm hoping to find one to test drive this weekend, so I can hear the stereo, but GTIs seem to be scarce in these parts (Chicago area). I've found a few on the web and I'm going to call a few dealers tomorrow. You've both calmed my fears about the stereo, and on paper 8 speakers sounds impressive. And you are right -- beauty is in the eye of the listener (though I know from experience I'm a pretty picky listener). Hate to forgo the MD though, but I don't think I want to corrupt the look of the dash with non-OEM materials. Since it looks like I may have to order mine, anyone have any luck in negotiating "deals" when ordering as opposed to buying off the lot? Given the scarity of GTIs I feel I'll be lucky to get MSRP. OTOH, I'm not in a hurry, so I could wait out the drought. Thanks again for your help.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    I paid ~$22,200, which is about $1000 off list. I found a dealer with a Silver/Black GTI GLX on the lot and started dealing. The previous 3 dealers I spoke with wouldn't deal. This one would.

    You do have to be willing to walk away. When the salesman gave me the line "these are real popular, I don't think they'll discount much", I said fine, I don't need a car now. I want to buy one now, but if you won't deal, I'll wait three months when the supply is better. At three dealers I had to walk away. But the fourth was willing to deal.

    Be polite, but firm. When I walked at the previous three, I told them to give me a call if they wanted to sell a car. Two of them called back -- one with a minor improvement in his price, and the second after I had already bought a car.

    '00 GTI GLX
  • Has anyone purchased a "bubble" cover for the sunroof? Does it make a difference?

  • pipopipo Posts: 36
    debijon, if you already have the Monsoon system with the "VW" changer, your only option (other than the "VW" headunit) is to get a Panasonic head unit, which must also be a model with built in amplifiers, so that the speaker level outputs of the headunit may be wired to the speaker level inputs on the Monsoon amplifier. The changer is manufactured by Panasonic, and configured to work only with a Panasonic head unit (or the factory head unit, which is apparently a Clarion modified to work with the Panasonic changer).

    If you don't already have the "VW" changer, then your choice of head units is limited only by the requirement mentioned above: that it have built in amps for proper wiring into the Monsoon system.
  • pipopipo Posts: 36
    stevem14, I, like you, anticipated that the Monsoon system would sound pretty good, based on the description I got from a Monsoon representative (8 speakers, 200 watt amp, customized equalization).

    First, the bad news: I was disappointed by the result. If you are a picky listener (as you said you are), particularly if you are sensitive to abrasive treble, be forewarned, this one's an ear bleeder. I actually keep the tone controls turned all the way down in the midrange and treble, while I adjust the bass in the minus 8 to minus 6 range (for most source material) to make the system listenable for more than a few seconds.

    But before you despair, here's the good news (based on hearsay, but nonetheless good news)! The headunit is apparently the weakest link in the system, and a good aftermarket headunit (with built in amps; see prior post) can transform the system. That's the fix I'm going to try.

    If you haven't yet purchased your car, my advice would be not to get the "VW" changer (which would limit you to getting a Panasonic headunit). Then you will have a multitude of headunits to choose from, and you can add a changer if you'd like.

    The Blaupunkt Alaska is made to match the VWs' dash lighting, but it's not reputed to be the best of the available headunits.
  • I just bought the Autoweek magazine and they mention that VW is coming out with a sports suspension for the GTI. It doesn't say what parts will be upgraded. No dates were mentioned as to when, but it will be sometime in 2000.
  • kevinckevinc Posts: 51
    Everything will be upgraded - springs, shox, and swaybars. This was reported by the boys at, who have a direct pipeline into VWoA. The changes will appear in the spring, along with the 1.8T in the GTI GLS. Also at that time, the Golf/GTI will begin coming from Brazil rather than Wolfsburg.

    It will be interesting to see just how "sporting" they go with the upgrade. Also they sorely need to upgrade the tires, which are your garden variety, all-season grocery-getters. More suspension without more tire will be a big letdown for those who don't go ahead and upgrade the rubber after buying.

    '99 GTI GLX (upgraded suspension & tires)
    '86.5 Scirocco 16V 2.0 (ditto and then some)
  • Peter -- Thanks for the response. I'm not sure it is possible to avoid the changer -- they seem to be adding it to all the newer GTIs. I've only seen two at dealers so far and both had the changer already installed (no in dash tho). Frankly, I'd prefer the in-dash to the changer, but I suppose that would make any swapping out of the head unit only more problematic. Do folks not like to change the head unit just for appearance sake? Is there anyway to leave the VW head unit in place, but rewire "behind the scenes"? I imagine that would be a royal pain, but doable.

    Regarding the newer GTIs with the sport suspension . . . would it be worth waiting till spring to buy? Any word on the effect on cost, either of the improvements or the switch to Brazilian production?

    One dealer I spoke with this weekend said he would be able to cut me a deal the last week of the year, but gave me the expected "GTI's are rare, they come from Germany and take a while, I can get you a better deal on a Jetta" etc. It was still nice to see one "in the flesh" -- Cosmic Green, which I actually liked (tho I'm smitten with the Tropical Orange).
  • VR6 Mk4 Owners,
    This is the first car with ABS brakes that I own and I am not sure if mine are OK. When I slam on them in snow or on a slippery surface, It feels very weird. Not only do they pulsate, but it feels like I just ran over a huge rock and it is scraping on the underneath of my car. I don't know if this is normal with the 2000 GLX Abs or what. Please let me know about your experiences.
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