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VW GTI (All styles)



  • altionaltion Posts: 1
    I'm considering buying a 1988 GTI diesel (1.6L) -- the 50mpg is sorely tempting, but I have heard them described as "underpowered." I don't need much oomph for driving, but whatever car I get I do want ot put a tow package on to launch/retrieve a small sailing dinghy, take a trailer load of debris to the dump, etc. These won't be long trips, but they do involve hills. If anyone has a practical sense for the older non-turbo diesel's abilities, I'd appreciate the info.

    Also, any info on reliability/maintenance would be great. Thanks!
  • Did you replace the brake light switch (attached to the brake pedal)?

    Here's a simple test. Since all of the brake lights aren't working, the yellow triangle is displayed on your instrument panel and your cruise control stops working all of a sudden - the culprit is the brake light switch. These systems are integrated by design to let you know when one or all of these systems stop working.
  • I currently own a 2003 Altima SE. I owned a 1998 GTI VR6 before that which I really liked. Am considering the new GTI.
  • Have read almost all the previous postings in this forum but haven't seen any discussion thus far. Just recently I've started to see a copious quantity of water in the floor board on the driver's side only. I'm located in Northwest Oregon and it's been a bit wet lately to say the least. I'm curious to see if others have had the problem and if so what were their solutions. I finally got an opportunity to chase the drain on the left side of the moon roof and poured water in it to make sure it drains. I'm assuming that the sun roof is not designed to be water tight but rather, water resistant. Also I'm pretty sure this is not a coolant leak as the fluid level has been static between the min-max level when I've check and there is no "sweet" smell in the cabin.

    I did see a reference to a posting on the web about the seal where the pollen filter penetrates the cabin might be a problem, but I'd expect to see water on the right side of the cabin for this unless I'm mistaken. Ideas anybody?
  • I fell in love with the new GTI when I first read about the Audi A3. I have an Audi A4 now, but have been wanting something sportier. Hence, my interest in the A3. I am impressed with the A3's balance of size, technology, luxury, and sportiness. Price though has scared me away. I could get a base 2006 manual 325i w/ sport package for the same price as the optioned A3 I was considering. Then I heard about the upcoming release of the Gen V GTI and I was hooked. I test drove one last weekend and ended up purchasing a Red - Pkg. 1 - auto with the 18" wheels. The DSG is awesome. Coming from the triptronic in my A4 it is a definite improvement. I can't get over the plaid seats, I love them. I pick it up tomorrow, I'll give an update soon.
  • :D Have you seen the fast?
    It's a mutated rabbit that all of the 06 gti owners are getting. Very cool!
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    Looks like Vaders head :surprise:

  • Moe importantly, you should try out a test drive with Helga...

    :) :D :P ;) :surprise:
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    Now that is one fine Steering wheel.. ;)

    0-60 7.1 How is it that the heavier 5 door A3 beat's that by a full second ?

  • You cannot compare manufacturer supplied 0-60 times to times tested by magazines. VW is always quite conservative with their 0-60 times. Magazine published times are around 6.5, if I recall correctly, without launch control or full-rev clutch drops. On VW's site, the times also vary with specs (manual vs. DSG, 17" wheels vs. 18" wheels).

    Car & Driver published 6.0 even for the new GTI (Euro-spec with DSG, which means they may have used launch control). EVO magazine just published 6.7 on a manual. DSG is faster, but not typically by that margin...
  • xeninxenin Posts: 3
    Hi all:

    I thought I'd get relatively the most neutral answers here instead of from brand specific enthusiast forums. I've narrowed my purchase down to an 06 RSX-S or a new GTI, I test drove the Si but decided it's not for me and I'd gladly take either car mentioned above over it. Now I've test driven the RSX-S 4 times and the new GTI twice.

    I like the RSX-S very much, in fact, in the past couple of weeks that I've been researching I've thoroughly considered cars from Scion tC to a base model 350Z or RX-8, there were good thing about each and every one of them but I find myself coming back to RSX every time, I've even crossed it off the list after test driving the WRX but somehow it came back after a few days, that's how much I like it.

    But after test driving the new GTI I just think that it offers everything that the RSX offers but does them a little bit better. More interior and exterior features, a little more variation in styling, steering wheel is a bit better, brakes are a bit better, ride is a bit better, space is a bit better etc etc etc. It's just an overall more complete car, I liked the car a little bit better in every aspect, well, maybe not EVERY aspect, because it's still better to have the 8100rpm redline of the K20 engine, it's just completely insane when you get up there in the revs, feels like a little serious racer.

    What's stopping me from buying a GTI, however, is the concern with overall reliability and dealership customer service. My projected time frame of ownership is AT THE MINIMUM 5 years and really planning to keep it for about 8 years, roughly in the 100~130k miles range. Now with the Acura I'm pretty certain it will offer me relatively cheap and trouble-free motoring for the time that I plan on keeping it, but with the GTI, I'm not so sure. I'm not so sure it will properly get me to my finals on time, I'm not so sure it's not gonna leave me stranded half way to my first job's interview, I'm not so sure it's not gonna make me call a tow truck when I'm on a road trip. Due to Volkswagen's recent history I just simply CAN'T be sure, this will be my only car so I NEED it to work all the time and every time. And the dealership service as well, als from recent history and reports, apparently VW service is among some of the worst in the auto industry, well at least here in the US. Having problems or the need for maintenance is one thing, having problems while dealing with a dealership's service apartment that just doesn't give a damn about your stupid little car is just double the frustration. That is the other major concern I have over the future ownership of a GTI if I choose to purchase it.

    I liked the GTI quite a lot, it offered the perfect blend of performance, luxury, sophistication and styling and just enough spunk to set it apart from the crowd. But that's the impression I got from driving two brand spanking new vehicles with less than 20 miles on the odometer, what about when that reaches 2,000 miles? what about 20,000? What about 120,000? I can't help but wonder.

    What do you guys think?
  • I have a 2004 VW Jetta GLS 1.8T. I bought this car in Sept 2004 and to date have put over 35k miles on it. I have had no real issues with the car except for some minor interior items.

    Now of course I bought a 2004... which is basically the last ones VW made before the new MKV. That means that most of the issues (and there was a lot of issues) with the older 2000-2003 had been resolved in the 2004. I think your fears are not unfounded. This is a first generation VW and I wouldnt doubt that it will have some issues.
  • gogogodzillagogogodzilla MarylandPosts: 698
    On the other hand, the new Mark V isn't a first year Volkswagen.

    It's been out in Europe since 2003, and the US spec vehicle is made at the same Wolfsburg plant that makes the European spec GTI's.

    So the same factory crew is making both the US and Euro spec GTI's in the same factory.

    I'd imagine that if it does have problems, it'd be more along the lines of the problems found on the third year of a production.
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    I think your Dealer concerns are more important than your concerns over the vehicle. Otherwords, IF there is an issue will it be taken care of ? With a 6/60K powertrain warranty one would assume that IF you were going to have an major issue is would occur by then.

    To confuse things more, the Acura is about 100 Times more likey to be Stolen/theft than the V dub. How that equates to your insurance rates im not sure.

    Good luck,
  • Yes yes the insurance on the RXS-S might very well be significantly more than the VW. Also if you plan to modify the car you should look at the aftermarket for that specific car.
  • If reliability as close to perfect as possible is your number one concern, you really have no choice. VWs are a bit hit and miss. I have been very lucky, but clearly, by all measures, they are not as reliable as Hondas or Acuras. Now, having said that, I would also add that the better VWs of the past are only about a factor two less reliable than the best cars out there. So, if something breaks in your Acura after 1 1/2 years, chances are, 2 things will have broken in the VW. That is clearly more, but is not 10 times as bad, or so. Also, more than likely, whatever breaks will be fixed for free under the excellent warranty, and possibly simply when you have your oil change done.

    As for long-term reliability, I would take a well-maintained VW any day over a Honda or Toyota. For vehicles driven normal mileage (around 15K miles/year, or so), all well-maintained VWs I have encountered have had a better record and cheaper cost-of-ownership after 100,000 miles or so than the Hondas and Toyotas my friend and family have had. Anectdotal, for sure. But among enthusiast VW drivers (who actually have oil changes and timing belts etc. done), you will find many with cars in the 150,000 to >200,000 range that are still going strong.

    Last but not least, the MkV has been out for a while now, in Europe, and is by far Europe's best selling car. VW has been trying to improve their reliability, and in my opinion, they are definitely on their way up.
  • xeninxenin Posts: 3
    I've decided to go with the GTI, I probably care about my car more than I care about myself so I'll definitely maintain it properly, reliability and ownership costs aside, the GTI really wins my heart.
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    Congrads, Enjoy the ride ;)

  • Allhorizon, I totally agree with you when you talk about long term reliability. A few years back I bought a 91 golf that had around 100k miles. The lady I bought it from had a vanilla folder of all the preventive maintenance service paperwork. I drove that car for another 100k miles and never had any mechanical issues.

    Hopefully I can talk the wife into parting her protégé 5 for a new GTI. Is it true we are getting a 4 door version?
  • May-June for the Golf, ~end of July for the GTI.
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