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VW GTI (All styles)



  • 600kgolfgt600kgolfgt Posts: 690
    > Do I need to change my 04 Jetta VR6's timing belt at 75,000 miles if I always use VW502.00 Synthetic oil?

    Your VR6 has a timing chain, so the timing belt change issue doesn't apply. If you always use the VW 502.00 spec oils (such as Castrol Syntec 5W-40, Mobil 1 0W-40 European Formula, Valvoline's 5W-40 Synthetic oil, etc.) every 5000 miles, it will greatly reduce the possibility of sludge-related failure and enhance engine longevity. These engines, when properly maintained will last at least 400,000 miles (I can speak from experience, having put 429,000 miles on the original engine from my 1987 Golf GT and currently have 185,000 miles on my 1997 Jetta - and it doesn't burn a drop of oil).

    I would highly recommend changing the water pump at 75,000 miles (or even at 70,000 miles), because the factory water pump has a plastic impeller that will eventually disintegrate (make sure you or your mechanic replace the serpentine belt at this time as well - whether it needs to be replaced or not - to save on labor $$$$). I would also recommend replacing the factory water pump with the improved aftermarket water pump with the metal impeller, which will last much longer. Once you have the improved water pump, you can change the water pump and serpentine belt at every 100,000 mile intervals.

    HTH... :shades:
  • waiwai Posts: 327
    Thanks, 600Kgolfgt, yourknowledge with VW and the way you keep your VW so good impressed me. my VR6 doesn't burn any oil yet. How do I know that the dealer will use the aftermarket water pump with metal impeller or the factory waterpump ?
  • 600kgolfgt600kgolfgt Posts: 690
    > How do I know that the dealer will use the aftermarket water pump with metal impeller or the factory waterpump ?

    If you take it to the dealer, chances are they will use the factory waterpump with the plastic impeller (they probably have thousands in stock, so they are going to exhaust that supply first before considering using the pumps with the metal impeller).
    These OEM pumps have been improved (more durable impeller), but the impeller is still plastic, so these would have to be changed every 70,000 - 75,000 mile intervals (to be on the safe side).

    What I do is go to one of my favorite sites ( They have the improved water pump with the metal impeller (as do most aftermarket shops/sites that deal with VWs). I order the part there, and have my private VW mechanic install it. That way I can extend the water pump change intervals to 100,000 miles.

    If you can find a good VW mechanic who can do the work, I would go the aftermarket route. Otherwise, I would take it to the dealer every 75K.
  • maxwell3maxwell3 Posts: 10
    ...the four door GTI?? Are they on sale in the U.S.? Nothing about it on VW website.
  • I was told by a VW Rep Aug or Sept for 4dr GTI.
  • gtigalgtigal Posts: 2

    I'm trying to figure out if a 2002 GTI 1.8T needs new struts around 50k... the tire guy said the struts were 'leaky' and I saw what looked like leakage. He offered me an 'upgrade' from the factory install to KYB for both front and rear. A four for the price of three deal if I agreed right then...

    Did the car need new struts?
    Are KYB struts good?
    Am I a giant sucker?

    This GTI Gal would appreciate any info you got. Thanks!
  • guy1974guy1974 Posts: 89
    I expect they are waiting for the 2007 model year before bringing the 4 door (or 5 door as it is called in Europe) over to the US. Saves having to have just one or two months with '06 4 doors available before switching to '07.
  • 600kgolfgt600kgolfgt Posts: 690
    If the ride on your GTI has gotten worse over time (especially when going over bumps, potholes, etc, then it is a good time to replace the struts/shocks. KYB is a definite upgrade from the factory shocks.

    How much are they charging you for the shocks?
  • evergreenevergreen Posts: 208
    According to their website, Armstrong VW in Gladstone, Oregon, just received a 4 dr model. Should be everywhere soon.
  • I compared the new GTI against the new Civic SI. In my opinion the SI takes it. I took possession of the SI today. While the GTI has much more torque, I didn't notice much difference in city driving. On the highway, the SI blows away the GTI in handling and performance. Glad I got the SI. Don't take it personal, just my opinion. LOL.
  • unkosanunkosan Posts: 1
    My local dealer has 3 on his lot. I checked it out yesterday and its reasonably nice. I thought with 4 doors, the doors would be too small, but it's not too bad. And back seat room is decent. I think even better than my Sentra.

    If all goes well I hope to be driving around in my 4 door GTI in a few weeks.
  • gtiupgtiup Posts: 1
    It's been a month now since I picked up my '07 GTI 5dr (stop drooling). Driving this thing in Germany's an absolute dream! Anyway, why I'm posting - since I am in Germany with a US spec GTI I can't listen to AM radio stations. The GTI is preset for 10khz increments while Germany uses 7. I am always at least 3khz away from whatever station I want (873,1107, or 1143). Many radios have a switch to allow the change, or can lock in to signals, regardless of the freq. Is this possible on the GTI? - I've already lost satellite radio because I'm here.
  • The new GTI has a receptacle in the glove box that I was told is for connecting an Ipod. Can anyone verify this because the dealer is giving me conflicting information. If affirmative, does one simply connect the Ippod and play it thru the radio? Thanks.
  • I have a 2006 GTI with the (Ipod) MP3 connector. It's a 1/8-inch (headphone) cable which begins in the glove box. It's long enough to reach the steering wheel and thin enough that you can easily close the glove box with the cable protruding. Set the source to CD/AUX to use. Once you get the Ipod player output level just right, it sounds as good as the VW CD player......
  • Thanks. I will give it a try. Incidentally, how is your car holding up from the reliability standpoint? Any problems areas yet? How many miles do you have? I picked mine up yesterday and so far all is perfect.
  • I'm still below 5000 miles. So far so good.
  • I live in Toronto Canada. Is it necessary to have winter tires to replace the 17" tires? I spoke to the salesman about the GTI and he said its a must which is a drag.
    I'm wondering if the Rabbit with the 16" tires would need snow tires in the winter as well?
  • I have a 2001 Jetta Wagon VR6 with 60,000 miles on it. We have taken this car in every 10,000 miles for service as required as well as regular oil changes. Last week the timing chain tensioner disintegrated, allowed the chain to jump teeth and basically caused a lot of damage (repair estimate is $5800). As I am the second owner, VW is not standing behind their product. This type of failure at 60,000 miles seems very premature. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I have had a lot of problems with this car including having to replace the intake manifold two times. I would also be interested to hear about anyone's experiences in VW's support of the product.
  • riposteriposte Posts: 160
    So sorry to hear about your problems.

    Check out:
  • Chances are, the car was probably trashed (i.e. poor or non-existant maintenance) by the previous owner. My guess is the oil wasn't changed at the proper intervals (if at all) and the cylinder head seized (sludge) - causing the timing chain to fail (which means the engine incurred at least $5,000 worth of damage prior at the time of timing chain failure).
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