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2013 and Earlier - Audi Q5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ccgas5646ccgas5646 Posts: 7
    Excellent point. But the invoice the dealer gave me was quite itemized ... all charges were shown individually (base, destination and all of the options on my vehicle were broken out separately.) I would think that a regional advertising charge would be itemized as well. Maybe not, though. I will certainly ask!
  • bbetterbbetter Posts: 5
    great deal. would you say which dealership you went? My dealer in NJ only gave me 650 over invoice.
  • ccgas5646ccgas5646 Posts: 7
    I am in the midwest so prices are more reasonable here than on either of the coasts ...
  • hdyl2011hdyl2011 Posts: 1
    ccgas5646, I live in Denver. Can you let me know which dealership you went? I was told by a dealer that 2012 Q5 will be available at the end of July or early August. Did you order yours or you got it from the dealer lot?
  • ccgas5646ccgas5646 Posts: 7
    I didn't have to order since my dealer found one with exactly the options I was looking for. She just had to swap another dealer for it. Apparently it has been built already (I have a VIN number) but is still in transit. It is scheduled to arrive by the end of the month.
  • uknirmaluknirmal Posts: 8
    Are the 2012 Q5s out in the market? I checked with a dealer and he said they are comming out soon. He called me and said that 2012 Q5 are released from Port to be delivered to his showroom. Has anyone got their 2012s?
  • uknirmaluknirmal Posts: 8
    Do you know if yours Q5 has rear camera installed? The dealer I spoke with said that due to recent tsunami in Japan, the cameras are backlogged. Q5s are released with prewired and the camera will be installed by end of october when they are available. Is this the case with yours?
  • q5manq5man Posts: 1
    My 2012 Audi Q5 2.0T Premius Plus arrived to port of Newark on Friday, July 8th. My dealer "New Country" in Greenwich, CT said my car will arrive to dealer on July 20th. I have not heard anything with the rearview camera issues. I'd hope he would have mentioned that, but won't know for sure until I pick my car up. I was able to get $1500 off and am sure anyone can get the same deal. It's got NAV, smart key, 19 rims, exhaust tips and splash guards. I can"t wait to get it!
  • uknirmaluknirmal Posts: 8
    Wow! yours is fully loaded. I am getting Plus with Navi. I am picking from the inventory he already has at the port. Ideally, I wanted to add smart key and exhaust tips, but I cant wait for three months. My lexus got totalled and need a car asap.

    BTW, how do you track your vehicle? Any website where you can check?
  • djung01djung01 Posts: 3
    Hello everyone. I just got mine from Audi Manhattan (NYC), it's the 2.0 Premium Plus with MMI NAVI model for 43,250, just 1,000 off base MSRP.
    Does anyone know if this is supposed to have a rear view camera? or just the radar sensor?
    The dealer told me to come back once they have camera chips available. These are short in stock because of the tragedy in Japan. Never-the-less, I really didn't know what he was talking about, lol. I just wanted my Q5 and got it.
    I sold me 2004 Honda Accord EX-L V4 for 8,300 in a private sale.

    Anyone bought a similar model? How was your price and experience with the sale and drive?
    Leasing? Financing? Just want to know how everyone got theirs. Thanks!
  • uknirmaluknirmal Posts: 8
    I got mine today and the rear view camera is missing a chip for it to function fully. The chips are being made in Japan and are delayed due to recent tsunami. Audi will notify when they are available for free installation. I got similar config - 2012 Q5 2.0 Pre Plus w Nav, white color/beige int and paid 1200 less on msrp. I live in TX so the extra 200 you paid is for the region.

    Anyway, love the car and drives awesome.
  • fieryfranfieryfran Posts: 1
    I just pre-ordered my 2012 Q5 Prestige package yesterday and the dealer mentioned the camera chip is missing in most of the new q5's. The chip should be arriving in October/November w/ free installation.
  • I have a offer of $1000 off MSRP for 2012 Q5 Premium Plus No NAV. Is this is a good price?
  • djung01djung01 Posts: 3
    Considering I got 1000 off msrp and the other buyer got 1200 off seems to be fair. See if they can add all season floor maps or discount on Audi care.
    BTW, how much is 1000 off msrp for 2.0 PP w/o navi?
    I actually like the NAVI, it comes with a lot more than just navi.
  • bespokebespoke Posts: 5
    Has anyone purchased a 2012 Q5 Premium Plus with Audi Care in MA? If yes, how much did you pay for Audi Care?
  • Hi - I'm looking to buy a q5 in nj too. can you say which dealership in nj you went to. Did you end up buying at 650 over invoice?
  • Just purchased yesterday - Jul 23 - Fort Worth Audi, TX:

    0) Q5 Prem+ with Nav, Advanced Key, Moonlight Blue, exhaust tips, standard rims
    1) Great dealership experience - ask for Collin, young fella starting out
    2) negotiated $900 off msrp (after some argy bargy of course)
    3) also provided me the $1,500 rebate for loyalty
    4) tax paid was on the difference between lease hand back value and negotiated price for car (around $1,190 total taxes at 6.25% in Dallas/FtW)
    5) added Audi Care and Manufacturer Platinum (7 years/70K miles)
    6) plopped $5K down - monthly pymts at around $640 - gave me 3% financing over 72 months - pymts would've been $593 if i waived the maintenance plan and audi care so those two aren't cheap, but i'm planning on holding this car for 7+ years
    7) had them foot the tint job for the panorama glass - not yet collected

    btw, the advanced key is sweet - and so is the integrated traffic reporting with the nav routing..

  • bbetterbbetter Posts: 5
    I went to Audi Newton, my final price was about the invoice price. The people there are pretty nice. First time buyer from this dealership. will pick up the Q5 around mid Sept.
  • jjm4jjm4 Posts: 1
    I'm picking up my new Q5 this week. What are your thoughts on the merits or negatives of the Audi Care Protection Packages? Necessary or a waste of money? Any other "must haves" that you recommend ... I know often rust protection is usually less expensive 3rd party....

  • Can you provide a bit more details. Like what was the package you've got. Was it 2.0T or 3.6? I am looking into Q5 in MA and Newton is really close to me.
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