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2013 and Earlier - Audi Q5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • goltzgoltz Posts: 2
    I was told at the dealership in Lexington KY that for demos they would go at least $3000 off.
  • dssxxxxdssxxxx Posts: 69
    Here is my buying experience - no leases - just trade and cash - all new, no demo's.

    2010 Q5 Prestige: $5K off list - Full Edmunds Trade In Value for Private Sale for 2008 Lexus RX350

    2009 A8L Loaded: $17K off list - Same as above for 2007 Lexus LS460

    2012 A7 Prestige: $6.3K off list - Same as above for 2010 Q5 (sold during the time of the sale of the A7 - same day)

    Hope this helps.
  • I am starting off with my deal search for an Audi Q5 2.0 in Moonlight Blue Metallic.

    Can some of the recent buyers of the Q5 2.0 tell me what's the best price I can get for a Premium Plus Model. Thanks.
  • audi_buyer1audi_buyer1 Posts: 3
    edited May 2012
    I got a 2012 2.0 Q5 Premium Plus for a base price of $38000 + Taxes and Registration.

    Try to get quotes from different dealers and make them compete. The 2013 models are just a month or two away. If you can work patiently and not rush, you can bargain and get a Premium Plus for around ~$37000 base price or even lesser.

    The dealets will try to scare you but don't listen to them. They have to get rid of the 2012 models since the 2013 ones are coming in soon.
  • srvemsrvem Posts: 1
    I want to buy a 2012 2.0 Q5 Premium Plus and also in a time crunch. I appreciate if you let me know where I can replicate your deal.
  • cscamp20cscamp20 Posts: 9
    i dont know about you guys but there's not a lot q5 in stock where i live. IF there then there are added options installed.

    I just received my q5 that i ordered 2 months ago. 2.0T premium with sunroof and heated seats. with taxes and fees all came up to $37800.

    If you can get that premium plus for $38000 that would be a great deal
  • Has anyone placed an order for a 2013 Q5? Was it a factory direct order or an order from your dealerships expected allotment? What did they mention for an expected delivery date? Do the dealers actually have an MSRP for the base vehicle and options or did you basically put down a deposit down against what the dealership expects to receive? Did anyone take advantage of the supplier purchase program 6% off MSRP on a 2013? Any limitations on its use against a 2013? Any additional discounts received for a factory order?

    Sorry for the long list of questions, but all responses to any of the questions would be appreciated.
  • cscamp20cscamp20 Posts: 9
    Eventhough 2013 has been announced, There is no pricing on the 2013 Q5 yet so i doubt you'll be able to order one.
  • thomatlthomatl Posts: 7
    I'm preparing to begin negotiations on a new 2012 Q5 3.2 Prestige with Luxury Pkg. MSRP $53750. Two local dealers (Atlanta) have said firmly that Q5s sell at MSRP. I bristle at statements like that, especially this late in the model year. They have very little Q5 inventory, so is MSRP the norm?

    Both dealers confirmed that the 2013s will ditch the 3.2/6-speed auto for the 3.0T/8-speed. They also said 2013 pricing has not been announced and Audi is not yet taking orders.

    I'm torn between 2012 and 2013 - I'm okay with the 2012, but if these darned things really do sell at MSRP, might as well wait for the 2013 and get the newer enging and tranny. Of course, the 2013 MSRP may jump. What do you experts say???
  • sbornosborno Posts: 9
    edited May 2012
    Here's the thing..., You will be able to get a good deal on the 2012, once the 2013 start to come on. There is plenty of 2012 inventory, and it is a good vehicle. That being said, I've always thought the q5 to be underpowered.

    It really comes down to your time frame, and power requirements. A bit of a trade of, cause you will pay much closer to msrp on a 2013, but i don't see msrp changing that much. I want to see the new q7. That should be very interesting!!
  • foodyfoody Posts: 11
    Just bought a '12 Q5 2.0T Premium Plus. Options include:

    MMI Navigation, Exhaust Tips, Cargo bench mat, and wheel locks.

    MSRP: $44,600
    Price Paid: $43,300 + TTL

    I'm sure that if I waited until the '13 models started arriving, I would have gotten a better deal. I liked the car so much that I decided to take the plunge! This was one car I was willing to accept a "so so" deal. The 2.0Ts are very scarce here in Southern California. Happy hunting!
  • phiaphia Posts: 1
    Just received the following quote for leasing a 2012 2.0T Q5 Premium Plus black on black, with Nav, Audi Advance Key, Exhaust Tips , All Weather Mats/Trunk Liner, Splash Guards, Bang and Olufsen Sound System.

    Price is $44,447.00. With $5,000 down including 1st payment, a 36 month lease with 10,000 miles per year of $637.13. The money factor is 0.00194 and Lease End Value is $23,881.00.

    Does this sound too high? I saw some lease money factor quotes on the forum that were much lower. And the price is much higher than $38,000 that someone else posted on this forum.

    The dealer does not want to budge though. Any feedback would be much appreciated.
  • sleepybubbasleepybubba Posts: 54
    I've got an offer from a local stealer for the following 2 models (color is not my first choice, but I could live with). Looks like they've taken an MSRP, deducted the rebate (according to Edmunds up to $1500) and pitched it as a huges last year inventory reduction.

    2012 AUDI Q5 2.0 4-DR AUTO QUATTRO
    Exterior: Monsoon Gray Metallic
    Interior: Black
    Exhaust Tips, All-Weather Floor Mats & Trunk Liner, Ipod Cable For Audi Music Interface, Navigation Package, Premium Plus Package
    MSRP $44,700, SALE PRICE $43,048

    2012 AUDI Q5 2.0 4-DR AUTO QUATTRO
    Exterior: Ice Silver Metallic
    Interior: Black
    Options: Exhaust Tips, All-Weather Floor Mats & Trunk Liner, Ipod Cable For Audi Music Interface, Navigation Package, Wheel Locks, Premium Plus Package
    MSRP $44,780; SALE PRICE $43,122
  • I have pricing for the 2012 Q5 Prestige line- MSRP=$53,700 (it has the luxury leather package). they are offering it to me for $53,000, trading in my 2007 Audi A4- silver, black interor, cold weather package, premium plus w/o navi for $14000. I will also get the additional $1500 for loyalty.

    Do I have more room to negotiate?
  • jlin1028jlin1028 Posts: 2
    Hi guys,

    The dealer gave me an offer for Audi Q5 3.2 Quattro MSRP $47,175 for $44,900
    Options Includes: Navigation Pk
    All weather floor mat & trunk liner
    ipod cable
    S-Line Pkg (its all 3.2 has S-Line Pkg?)

    My 2007 lexus with 64525Mildes trade in of $14,000

    Reg fee: $396
    Doc fee: $349

    How's sound for the deal?? Thanks for reply
  • carnewbie2carnewbie2 Posts: 3
    edited June 2012
    Here is a deal that 1 dealership has offered and another has matched for a moonlight blue/cinnamon 2012 Q5 2.0 Premium Plus with Navigation and floor/trunk all-weather mats for 36 month lease 10k miles/yr:
    1st month $597.89
    Tax $1987.55
    Inspection $10
    Tire Tax $12.50
    Doc Fee $75
    Bank Fee $695
    Total due at signing $3,377.94
    Residual 52%
    Buy Back $23,160.80
    Money Factor .00134
    MSRP 44,550
    Sell price 42,317.13

    Does this sound like a good deal or should I wait for 2013s to be delivered? This deal includes the $750 loyalty rewards. I am on Long Island, NY. Thanks for your help!!
  • sirjo36sirjo36 Posts: 3
    Hi Carnewbie2,

    What dealership did you go to in LI ? I saw much higher quotes from Brooklyn and NJ audi. I think your numbers look good. I was quoted w/o any negotiating 36mth / 10k $630 w/ 3300 upfront. I told them both they were way off.
  • I went to Atlantic and Huntington. Atlantic quoted the deal and I had Huntington match it since they have a better reputation and my husband got his A4 from them. 2 salesmen with the names starting with the letter J, 1 being the manager at Huntington Audi are great to deal with, very patient and they know not just Audi's but Mercedes and BMW. Beiner also got within a few bucks of their offer but I wasn't thrilled with their attitude. Research dealers on I am still wondering if I might pay up a little for the 2013 X5 as they are offering great deals. I wonder if German car manufacturers are having a hard time moving cars with what is happening in their economy and the Euro.
  • aramanaraman Posts: 3

    I am trying to negotiate 2012 Audi Q5 3.2L Premium Plus SUV with the following pkg:

    to $43,000 + tax + title. Is that a reasonable price to go far.

  • mbusa123mbusa123 Posts: 1
    You're trying to get the car for $1,000 BELOW invoice which I really don't think will happen when people are struggling to get the car for anything close to invoice. That said, $100-200 ABOVE invoice is possible if you try hard enough. However, if you are eligble for the $1,500 Audi loyalty bonus, then you might have a shot.
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