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2013 and Earlier - Audi Q5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Got the price down to $43,000 +tax+title on a new 2013 Audi Q5. Is this reasonable?
  • dcamesdcames Posts: 4
    Hi Chanjim3,

    Can you please post the specs? And also the state and dealership. I am also shopping for a 2013 Q5. Thanks.
  • nj875nj875 Posts: 2
    Hello all,

    Just purchased a 2013 (Moonlight Blue metallic) with premium plus and navigation for an out the door price of 45,480.
  • dcamesdcames Posts: 4
    Hi nj875,

    Can you please post the complete specs? And also the state and dealership. I am also shopping for a 2013 Q5. Thanks.
  • u2fan1967u2fan1967 Posts: 19
    edited October 2012
    Hooray! Just picked up our 2013 Q5 2.0T from our local dealer and its sure is gorgeous (it was the one one display on the showroom floor :-) ). The interior is just beautiful to look at and be surrounded by. Wow, those new headlights are already turning heads on the road..LOL

    The vehicle is so much better than my 2008 LandRover LR2 I traded in (of course they are different vehicles, but still). The Range Rover Evoque is wayyy too overpriced, X3 and MB GLK350 was another $6k comparably equipped. The 2.0T is plenty of power for normal driving, its 2s faster than my LR2 (I6) and has more torque. so its quick off the line and smooth with the 8 speed transmission. We love the integrated WiFi Hotspot and Google/online with the T-mobile (6 months free) online data service.. Wow!! I feel like the 2013 changes really "make" this vehicle now what it should be. Great job Audi.

    This is my wife and I's 4th Audi. We love the brand.

    Deal Details
    $35900 2013 Audi Q5 2.0T quattro tiptronic Ibis White, Black Leather
    $4300 Q5 Premium plus (sunroof, xenon, heated seats, power tail gate, etc.)
    $3550 Audi MMI Navigation Plus package
    $850 Bang & Olufsen Sound
    $800 19" 5-Double Spoke Design Wheels
    $550 Audi Advanced key
    $895 Destination charge
    = $46845 MSRP
    - $2757 Supplier Discount - my company makes the LEDs :-)
    - $1000 Audi Loyalty
    = $43088 before tax, title, etc. An excellent deal.

    Got rubber all weather floor mats thrown in.
    Even got 2.75 for 72 months from dealer for loan.
    Now for some fun driving. Can't wait to open up that large panel sunroof!
  • scott_njscott_nj Posts: 5
    edited October 2012

    I just signed for 2013 Q5 2.0T with the following:

    1. Metallic Paint
    2. Roof
    3. Heated Seats
    4. Lighting package
    5. Convenience Package

    Cost is $38,000; before DMV/Taxes, etc.

    Did I get hosted?
  • nj875nj875 Posts: 2
    Hello all.

    Just brought home my 2013 Q5 and we love it.
    Moonlight metallic blue
    2.0 TFSI Premier Plus
    Naviagation Plus Package

    MSRP= 45,170
    Price= 41,867 (which included a delivery fee since the car had to be sent from a different dealership) + taxes and fees

    We couldn't be happier
  • rknjrknj Posts: 3

    Congratulations. I am also in the market to get a Q5. Can you please share the dealership info.

  • rknjrknj Posts: 3

    Can you please share the dealer info. I am in NJ.

  • rknj:


    I thought I posted the info. Anyways, it is Paul Miller Audi in Parsippany. The guy I worked with is Paul Cheng - good guy - patient and straight forward. The prices are pretty good too - I compared.

    Not sure if putting phone number up will get the post erased, so I advise you to google the dealer, and ask for Paul Cheng.

    Please let him know that Scott from Randolph recommended him.

    Hope that helps.

  • Hi rknj,

    I actually posted the info, but included last name of salesperson, which is not allowed by Edmunds.

    Anyways, the dealership is Paul Miller Audi, and is in Parsippany, NJ.

    The guy I worked with is Paul (not the owner) - he's a good guy: patient and straight forward.

    If you do speak with him, please let him know that Scott from Randolph recommended him.


  • rknjrknj Posts: 3
    Thank you very much for the info.
  • j2222j2222 Posts: 1

    I'm negotiating for the same vehicle right now. They are stone walling me at 38,200 + tax/title.

    Q5 Premium 2.0
    Phantom black exterior
    Black interior
    Convenience Package
    Lighting Package
    Panorama Sunroof
    Heated front seats
  • rrq5rrq5 Posts: 1
    2013 Audi Q5

    Premium Plus 2.0T
    Audi Advanced Key
    MMI Navigation
    B&O Sound System
    19" wheels

    MSRP $47,320. Done at $45,800 + tax + DMV fees.

    No trade ins, no loyalty rebates, purchased. no lease.
  • Just leased and drove home the above vehicle tonight after going through the Costco Auto program in South Florida. Dealt with Tyler at Prestige Auto. Great guy.

    Costco program requires them to show you the invoice price for the car, and charge $400 above invoice. Invoice was $36,763, so total cost was $37,163.

    Dealer added acquisition cost of $695, dealer fees of $697.50, doc fees of $60 and various other taxes and fees.

    Originally offered money factor of 0.00189 but thanks to this forum (thanks guys!), I knew the MF was .00159. He said that is only for prior owners of VW and Audis or with payment of security deposit. I agreed to security deposit of $550.

    This resulted in payment of $499 and change plus inception charges of $2,890 (incl. sec dep).

    Dealership was closed, salesman, detail guy, finance man and manager were all waiting to go home. I wanted to keep out-of-pocket at $2K (incl sec dep). He agreed and pointed out to me he was selling me the car at $300 below invoice to make those numbers work. Personally, I think that dealer fee makes up for that loss.

    When finance guy did the paperwork, no sec dep was included but inception charges were still at $2k. After some back-and-forth via phone with manager and at my suggestion, finance man took out the sec dep so my inception charges were $1450 and payments were at $499.

    Buttons feel a little plasticky but car feels great to drive. Very solid. And great visibility. Thanks for all the info on the forums. :)
  • tp2009tp2009 Posts: 7
    Is $38.5K + (NY) taxes + fees a good price for following vehicle?

    Q5 Premium 2.0
    Convenience Package
    Lighting Package
    Panorama Sunroof
    Heated front seats
  • tp2009tp2009 Posts: 7

    Wondering if you closed this deal? I'm in the market for a similar config and the dealers first quote was close to $39.5K + taxes and fees....
  • ken117ken117 Posts: 189

    According to Edmunds, the TMV of this vehicle is $37,490. TMV is an average price which, by definition, means half of the vehicles purchased are purchased at a higher price and half are purchased at a lower price.

    Dealer fees (additional profit) of $697.50 added to the Costco price of $37,163, results in an acutal price of $37,860.

    Just one example of why people should avoid car buying services like Costco.
  • Paid for same exact config for $38K even, with $299 dealer fee (got punked on that one).

    This deal is in North NJ.
  • In my experience, both the TMV and TrueCar overpriced their estimates - I am not sure where the heck they get the data from - the dealers, maybe?

    I purchased two cars in the last 3 years and both times, the dealer appears to be somewhat surprised at the price I was willing to do the deal.
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