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2013 and Earlier - Audi Q5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • teris10teris10 Posts: 4
    edited August 2013
    Hi all.

    I've been offered a Q5 Premium plus with navigation for 42,000 even (8% below MSRP) plus tax, title license and doc fee. I got 1.9% financing. Good deal?

    Thanks for your insights!
  • Yup, sounds like a very good deal. Any details on which year,location and do you any customizations like wheels or added features like premium audio ?
  • teris10teris10 Posts: 4
    Thanks, ksusarla. It's a 2014. Nothing besides premium plus and navigation (no wheels or premium audio). I believe MSRP was around $46.500. Contemplating Audi Care now. I'm in CA, but would rather not post exact location until deal is closed. But I will once I close if it will help people.

    Anyone have thoughts on Audi Care pricing? Price is negotiable from what I have read.
  • Definitely a very good deal. Makes me wonder why dealer is offering for a price well below the invoice. If i were you, i'd just have the dealer print the invoice with details and VIN and sign it right away! [my $0.02] :)
  • teris10teris10 Posts: 4
    The deal wasn't difficult to get -- no long negotiation process or anything. Based on that, I didn't assume it was a great deal, but I felt it was fair.
  • cdeneocdeneo Posts: 5
    I am negotiating for a Q5 3.0 TFSI and am down to the final numbers. I am looking for advice on the Audi Care package. I am quoted $820 but have read before that this is negotiable as well.

    Can you please share your experiences here - what is a good number to settle on? Also, is it recommended to go for the additional extended warranty now or should that be tacked on as needed towards the end of the manufacturer's warranty.

    I would appreciate a quick response since I need to go in to finalize the numbers later today!
  • f1xpf1xp Posts: 1
    I know this doesn't help your cause, but can you give insight into what you were able to negotiate the price down to? Also what options are on the car?

    Thanks and good luck.
  • cdeneocdeneo Posts: 5
    7% off of msrp. Audi Q5 3.0 w Navigation, Floor Mats and Wheel Locks. The dealer wasn't willing to budge on the Audi Care pkg unless I bought a couple other pkg offerings.

    Any insight on Audi Care + other pkgs would be very helpful to hear from ppl - interior care pkg, exterior 3M shield pkg, etc.

    At this point I just got the car but am still in the market for audi care + other stuff.

    Looking for guidance :)
  • teris10teris10 Posts: 4
    Finally closing my deal as my 2014 Q5 comes in tomorrow. The exact car I wanted was unavailable, but still got the same deal percentage wise off MSRP. Had the same question as a previous poster here. Negotiating for Audi Care. I know it's possible to get it in non-tax states like Oregon so I assume other states will negotiate it. Is anyone getting it discounted beyond sales tax?
  • Hi,

    Got an offer for a 2014 Q5 2.0T Premium Plus Black (no other options) for $40,900 + TTL.
    MSRP is 42,095.

    Is this a good deal or can it better in the Chicagoland area?
  • MSRP - 47000, dealer asking for 46000, anyone got better deals?
  • martin2498martin2498 Posts: 22
    edited September 2013

    Am looking to purchase two cars for the family, so I feel like that alone should help with the deal (one car we had was recently totaled in an accident) in the market for 2014 A4 and 2014 Q5. The prices I am getting (before taxes and any extended warranty) is 39 for fully loaded A4 and about 49-50, for fully loaded Q5. What do you think of the pricing? I feel they may be able to do a bit better...We are between those two and a Lexus AWD IS 250 & RX 350. Wanted to get some opinions, any advice would be great. Would be paying cash and am in MA.
  • Nope, you can do better .. you are still above invoice..
  • Anyone got good deals in Carlsbad ca? They say no incentives at all for q5 since long time due to it being hot selling model and not much inventory on lot.

    Looking for 2.0 with navi and b&o.
  • ejb5ejb5 Posts: 2
    I have been able to get invoice pricing at multiple dealers. not lower though. not for lack of trying

    although i have been able to fend off all the BS default add ons the dealerships throw on
  • rr70rr70 Posts: 1
    Hi all - Been a while since posting on these boards (our family keeps our cars a long time!) and looking for reaction. Considering a 2013 Q5 Hybrid Prestige w/sport interior as only add. It's loaded (as the Prestige-level is) Has about 3k demo miles on it driven by dealership exec. List is north of $52k, can buy for $46k. Thinking this is an excellent deal if we want the hybrid over the traditional combustion-only Audi experience. Drove the vehicle and it is very smooth (and quiet). You do not get the engine or exhaust notes that the combustion-only cars have, but I'm not overly concerned about it. Thoughts on the deal? Thinking we should pull the trigger.

    FWIW, we owned a '01 A4 1.8T Avant and, despite many problems, loved it - until the known oil sludge issue nearly fried the car at 65k miles. We've missed the stick-to-the-road-like-glue in any weather handling of Audi Quattro and thinking of giving the brand another chance with the Q5.

  • suirsuir Posts: 5
    MSRP $46,450
    Closed deal $42,000
  • pmendupmendu Posts: 14
    edited September 2013
    Suir - could you pls let me know the details at pmendu(at)
  • I am in market for 2014 Q5 w/ following specs in San Diego, CA.
    All the dealers are quoting ONLY $1k less than MSRP 47,000 ( Any good deals anyone got recently?

  • Hi Suir, Could you let me know the place?
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