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2013 and Earlier - Audi Q5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lobstergallobstergal Posts: 2
    Great - sounds like you got a pretty good dal Phan - did you get the Homelink and Navigation as well? Purchase or lease?
  • lvjudylvjudy Posts: 1
    Thanks for the info Phanjo! I am thinking of buying from their sister dealer, Don Rosen Audi Conshohocken. If its not too intrusive, which sales rep did you work with?
  • phanjo33phanjo33 Posts: 6
    It was a purchase.I did get the Homelink, great feature.
    Did try out the navigation, didn't like it much. Wasn't intuitive enough (Just my opinion) and it wasn't touch screen. I'm not sure why german companies don't go with the touch screen. I also test drove GLK 350 the other day and that didn't have touch-screen based navigation either. Don't know about BMW, VW and some others. Acura has one of the best navs on the market, not just my experience but I also have a profession in that area.
  • phanjo33phanjo33 Posts: 6
    I believe I'm not supposed to post names of salespersons here according to the forum policy. Once you send out the quote request thru, I'm pretty sure that you will get to the person that I dealt with in Audi Wynnewood. That's how I got to that person. Audi Conshohocken, they're also professional and great people to deal with in my experience. It's just that Audi Wynnewood was more aggressive when trying to reach a deal. But worth a try since they had many Q5 in stocks.
  • phanjo33phanjo33 Posts: 6
    Wow, I think that's a fantastic deal. Even if it's prestige and S line, which means there're more rooms for price nego, I've never heard anyone getting Q5 under invoice. At least around where I live.
  • oooooooo Posts: 5
    Looking for some buying advice in Florida. This is for a Q5 Prestige, with no additional options. Dealer is offering only $1,000 of MRSP, or $48,500 plus dealer fees. According to True Cars this doesn't seem like a great deal. Inventory seems low currently as they phase out the 2009 for the coming 2010 in the next few months. Any advice?
  • pc323pc323 Posts: 5
    You should be able to get at least $2000+ off the MSRP.
  • aw19aw19 Posts: 1
    About to finalize a lease for an Ibis White Q5 w/ Prestige package.

    Options: Side assist

    MSRP: $49525
    Sell: $48,013

    $3079.85 due at signing (NYS taxes up front and they waived first month)

    I thought I'd qualify for the Conquest reward b/c I am coming off a Lexus lease but I was told Q5 was excluded (confirmed with another dealership). Only incentive was the 1st month's pyment waived.
  • oooooooo Posts: 5
    Just bought a '09 Premium Plus with Navigation for $44,350.00. Using Audi finance so they'll pay for the first two payments.
  • pc323pc323 Posts: 5
    ["Just bought a '09 Premium Plus with Navigation for $44,350.00. Using Audi finance so they'll pay for the first two payments."]

    What state was this in and does the price include taxes, title, and doc fees, etc?
  • rubinjosrubinjos Posts: 9
    I am getting real close to pulling the trigger on a Q5 Presitge Package w/ no other options. Pricing has not come out, but I am guessing that it will not chage a whole lot (may go up a little because Side Assist is being added as Standard for Prestige Package). There has been some talk about people getting these 2009 Q5s for very little over invoice. This is hard for me to believe considering they are becoming very scarce (It is really hard to find a Prestige out there). I have not started negotiating w/ dealer. Should I have any problems breezing into dealer and ordering a 2010 Q5 for invoice (or a little over). I am in Michigan so they may be having trouble selling these. What else should I ask for? - two payments, any incentives (I have a BMW -Conquest incentive?) What about paying the ad fees - are they mandatory? Any advice that will save me $$$ is greatly appreciated!
  • oooooooo Posts: 5
    This was in Florida. It does not include tax, title, or $600 doc fee.
  • telebumptelebump Posts: 12
    Do you know when the 2010's are coming out, and what changes they will have from the 2009's? I have not been able to find an 09 in the setup I want so I am looking for the 10's to come out. Thanks!
  • ccjw511ccjw511 Posts: 18
    salesman told me the car will be available around another 2 months and there is nothing change on 2010.
  • rubinjosrubinjos Posts: 9
    Your sales guy is wrong about no changes on 2010s. There are several changes. For example, Side Assist is standard on Prestige. Different rims on S-Line; Plus - hybrid may be available later in 2010. keep that in mind. I am also impatiently waiting on 2010 pricing and availability
  • rubinjosrubinjos Posts: 9
    Just put in an order for a 2010 Q5 Prestige today! Black (exterior) on Beige (interior) - thank God Audi decided to add the Walnut inlays as an option on the beige interior cause the Almond would not have worked out. Cant wait to take delivery of this fine Auto!
  • wigglewiggle Posts: 2
    First a quick thanks to others on this forum for your insight in helping me negotiate a deal. Picked up a dealer demo Q5 yesterday. Premium Plus, MMI Nav plus pckg, ibis white, cardamom beige w/1400 miles. Paid $39,300. I'll sleep well....
  • mikumiku Posts: 2
    I've been looking at a car very similar to this...what city did you buy in?
  • wigglewiggle Posts: 2
  • slikrik98slikrik98 Posts: 1
    just bought a Q5 w/ PP, MMI, and 19" wheels package, black/black, in Chicago for $45000. 36mo finance to take advantage of the 2 months payments from Audi Financial (36 is as low as they'll let you go). 2.9% APR.
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