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2013 and Earlier - Audi Q5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Q5 Premium Plus with all the discounts they will give me a purchase price of $39K and even agreed to 59% residual value on a 36 month lease, BUT they want to charge me a .00205 buy rate....seems ridiculous to me! I noticed the buy rate posted in the forums a few months ago was .00139, is that correct? I am definitely top tier credit so why is the buy rate so high? I walked out on what otherwise was a good deal because I thought they were ripping me off.
  • Has anyone used the Audi Club of America (ACA) discount. Can I just buy the 1 year membership and then give the dealer my ACA# to get the 6% discount or is there a waiting period before you can do that.

  • mw12mw12 Posts: 5
    What should I pay for a 2013 2.0T Premium plus with Navigation package and Audi Advanced Key? The dealer's price is 45.5K. How much discount on this 2013 should I ask for? Thanks.
  • @next2000

    there is 6 month 'waiting' period.
  • Hi. I am looking to buy a specific Certified Pre Owned Q5 and wanted to get your thoughts on price and the offer made. The details of the care are;

    - Premium Plus package
    - Monsoon Gray
    - Navigation Plus Package
    - S-line package
    - Bang & O Audio
    - Sport Interior package
    - the car has 7,500 miles on it

    The original sticker price was $52,670. Dealer has offered it to me for $49,852 + TTL

    What do you think about that price? Any input would be appreciated. Any tips to help me negotiate would also be appreciated.
  • 6% off MSRP on a car with 7500 miles on it?

    I'd pass... I'd rather pay $1000 more for a brand new one..

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • karchkarch Posts: 42
    I have to agree, but I recently found out I get 6% off for a supplier discount.
  • I got 6% on a new 2.0 Q5 PP + Nav. And a friend got the same discount on a new 2.0 Q5 Premium. There you have it. I think 6% off is invoice price. So for this price, get it new. ;)
  • Thanks for the feedback guys. VERY much appreciate it. A few follow up questions.

    - What do you think is a good price on the above-mentioned CPO 2013 Q5? What should I offer them? is there any way to know what they cost is in a used car?

    - What do you think a good price is on a new 2014 Premium plus with Nav, S-line, Bang and O, Sport interior? I am eligible for the Audi loyalty program ($1,000)
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