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Toyota Camry Road and Wind Noise



  • Everyone who rides in my 2010 XLE comments on how quietly and beautifully it rides. Conversations are easy even at 75 mph. I have the tires that came with it - don't know what they are - with 17K on the car. It is certainly quieter on asphalt than concrete but it's all been fine with me. I had a 92 Camry as my last car which ran beautifully and quietly for the 205k that I had it for. I'm sorry that people are having a problem.
  • petras2petras2 Posts: 104
    the road noise level on my 2010 le is also generally low..however as you said I think the type of road surface and its texture has a lot to do with my area on the same highway, there are stretches where the car is very quiet and then I'll drive over a stretch where the noise suddenly rises..
  • ecoman33ecoman33 Posts: 1
    This new Camry Hybrid LE, bought used @ 65K, is extremely noisy, very road and wind sensitive and this makes for an unpleasant driving experience. My former 1993 Touring model, top of the line, was much quieter.
    I believe Toyota neglects insulation on the LE models and brings more care to the more expensive models. Example, just tap on the roof of your car and you will find it sounds hollow: no inside coating there for sure! Very disappointed with this car (which by the way is not that economical compared to my I-4 1993 Touring model!)
  • kif2kif2 Posts: 2
    We just traded in our 2009 Camry LE for a brand new 2013 Camry LE. We like the new features but when we drive it, there is this strange noise that sounds like a sensor going off, or whistle that comes and goes. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is this a mechanical defect or just an annoying nuisance? I have read in this blog about wind/road noise. I'm not sure that's it, but I guess it could be. Any thoughts? Thanks! Kat
  • migo1migo1 Posts: 1

    I just bought a certified 2011 Camry, only 16k. I took it to the dealer twice, and finally the dealer changed the rubber of the 2 front seats. However, the problem still persits. It's too noisy and annoying on the high way. The dealer was helpful but that's a problem, that's hard to identify. Going into the high way, the dealer couldn't hear the voice. I guess, it's something I have to live with or just.. sell the car. Thanks.

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