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Chevy Venture



  • jsm1ajsm1a Posts: 3
    It turns out there was a dealer bulletin for my year venture.
    I took it to a dealer to have the PCM reprogrammed to correct
    false EGR position error.Cost $90.
  • Just wanted to fairly update my previous entry regarding and my remotes purchase. Eventually, I did receive what I ordered. But it was over a month after ordering and the service was poor. At this point I'm not sure if they work. I'm going to assume so. They are used remotes, but I expected that for the price. I still cannot recommend that anyone use
  • I have a bugs bunny edition 2000 venture van, and it has the usual number of problems, but overall drives very nice. I question whether this car has the 20 or the 25 gallon gas tank. This car appears to have about every accessory Chevy offers, that's why I am asking. I bought the car used, it was a repo by the bank. The gas gauge is spastic, sometimes full sometimes empty, so it's no help. I use the computer to tell how much gas is used, but I have no idea how much is left. I have only put about 12 gallons in it at a time due to the spastic gas gauge. If I know how big the tank was, I wouldn't keep filling it up so often. Is there any way to tell which tank it has?
  • My interior Dome lights are not working and I was told maybe there is a problem with the ground circuit G302 located in right "B" pillar.
    Does anyone know where I check for this problem.
  • My Ventures wiper blades stay in the full upright position when the switch is in the OFF position. Has anyone had this similar problem and does anyone have a fix?
  • Did you check the switch that is in the ceiling. Mine has four switches right next to each other(power door,alarm, etc..) One of the switches will keep the interior lights off.
  • Thanks but all he switches seem fine, I'm trying to find out where to find where the G302 CIRCUIT is. Apparently I have a short in the system and I'm wondering if the G302 CIRCUIT is on the sliding door of the van

    If anyone knows please respond
  • My service manual for 2002 Silhouette shows the G302 Circuit is secured (screw) near the base of the right B-pillar, not in the sliding door. This will be under the trim. Right is passenger side.
  • thanks for the input Just4fun2. I'll check and see if this solves my problems with my dome lights.
  • Hello, All:

    Our Venture 2000 alarm has been going off sporadically. Here's what I have done:

    1) Tried to change the programming of the content and damage sensor alarms to turn them off. This doesn't work at all...there are no chimes when I turn the parking lamp on and off.

    2) Checked the setup of our system...when I took out the correct fuse, and set the key to the accessories position, I got three chimes. This means, according to the table, that we have no contents or damage alarm system. In addition, our system has a flashing LED to the left of the steering column that is not shown in the manual.

    3) Called the dealer who told us to turn off the valet switch. This didn't help.

    Any ideas?


    Eric from NY

  • The larger gas tank is in all extended length chevy vans (which includes all WB, I believe). The wheelbase is longer making room for the larger tank. My 2000 Venture had the same fuel gauge problem after about 100k miles, and it was actually a chevy-wide problem for a few years. The float assembly in the gas tank is bad, and needs replacing. The assembly is sold seperately from the fuel pump it is attached to, don't let anyone tell you different - the part should not cost more than 80-90 bucks (US). The tanks are also VERY accessable and about the easiest to take down of any modern vehicle out there, if you have done that before. Just remember that the tanks are pressurized. Also bear in mind that the computer reading is an approximation, and mine is usually about a gallon off, depending on what kind of driving I do.
  • I am not sure I understand - I know that if I turn off the ignition when the wipers are up, they will stay there. Do you mean that the arms are up when the wipers are off? If they are but they work otherwise, check your linkages located under the hood, maybe one is out of sync and not attached where it should be?
  • I had this problem. It was intermittent but wasn't convienient on holidays or when it was raining or snowing. I took it to the dealer and they replaced the switch and it solved the problem. It cost less than $200.00 (can)
  • Yes, I meant that the arms stay up with the wipers off. I found the problem though. There's a small tab above the wiper motor assembly. The tab must have gotten jammed by some ice( it was snowing hard when this started) and got out of position. I bent the tab back slightly towards the drivers side and it works fine now. This tab appears to catch a switch on the motor to return it to home when off.
  • I dont have an owners manual and i was wondering what type of oil a 2005 chenvy venture takes 5w-30 or 10w-30
  • I have a 99 Venture with the power sliding door not functioning. The door currently will not unlock which caused the door not to open either manually or electronically. Anyone know how to fix this?
  • iainaiaina Posts: 1
    I own a 2002 Chevy Venture, and the rear hatch no longer stays locked.

    Is this something that is easy to fix? I'm hoping that someone will say that the part is cheap and point me in the direction of how to fix it. A link to some instructions would be fantastic. Otherwise, I'll be forced to spend more hard-earned dollars with our local gas station.

  • This may sound silly, but is it printed on the oil filler cap? :blush:
  • When I first got my van I went to Canadian Tire to have the air filter changed - they charged me $20 labour and it took an hour before they got to my van and I got it back. The next time I went to a "The Great Canadian Oil Change" -they charged me $5.00 and it only took 5 minutes!
  • bmoranbmoran Posts: 1
    On my 1997 chev. venture here is the problem.When I get in the vehicle and start it up then put it into gear. The locks should engage. Mine no longer do. Also when getting out of the vehicle and locking the doors at the armrest buttons it should chime 3 times and lock automatic. This is not happening. Dome light does not come on when car is stopped and turned off and key removed. All the door do not unlock when I stop the car and put it in park. I have to unlock manually. I do not have a hand held remote for locks. It is all done at the door. I have checked the fuses inside and out and can not seem to find that one is out. Any help would be appreciated.
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