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Chevy Venture



  • tpj8499tpj8499 Posts: 3
    Hi everyone. My 2005 venture has a windshield leaking problem. There is rust at the top of the window and i assume thats the problem, i guess what in am looking for is a cheap fix ...any idea's........
  • dweb99dweb99 Posts: 2
    TSB 626222 dated 20 Sep 2001 might cover this even in a 2005. The only problem is that we don't have access to TSB's as far as I know.
  • :) I don't know but I was looking for a lot of used vans and drove them all ended up with this one and mechanically it runs fine just having a few problems with the dummy light sensors I believe ,but it runs great and has a lot of bells and whistles and just to have a van that the middle window opens is a miricle ,far as I'm concerned it's a keeper
  • psphpsph Posts: 1
    Well today i understood that overheats at closter is not overheat at engine...why? Cluster is just a display and engine work with temp sensor...some chevrolet clusters have failure: speedmeter, temp and/or gas tank, but it's just the display...I hope this help you...
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