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Chevy Venture



  • I have a new 2000 LS extended that I won and am trying desperately to sell it. I've posted it on the Edmunds marketplace and no bites in 3 months!!so since this is an exclusive venture discussion, i thought i'd give it a try. it has virtually no miles on it and is brand new like i said. The MSRP is 28515, the factory invoice is 26101 less the 3000 rebate. so real invoice is 23100. it is fully loaded. If you're in California or close, email me at or call 562-694-0121. thanks Roger
  • We purchased a 1998 Chevy Venture. We like the style, engine, and transmission. The problems we have the dealer never fixes, they are all mechanical problems. I have the sound under the drivers dash that sounds like a chattering relay. I have the pounding problem at highway speeds that sounds like it's in the roof and its loud. I have the rattle in the passenger sliding door. Also had the door's electronic module replaced 3 times. I like the van but the mechanical problems are a pain and the dealer can't / doesn't know how to fix them. Any suggestions to help solve any of these problems would be greatly appreciated. I notice many other people have these same problems / complaints. Another question are these mechanical problems fixed in the later models of the Venture?
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Would suggest that you contact Chevrolet on their website and tell them the problems and that dealer appears unable to resolve. Hopefully they may direct you to another dealer or have a GM person speak to the dealership.
  • owner4owner4 Posts: 1
    I bought a new Chevy Venture LT extended. We were between the Chevy and Honda Odyssey. Went with the Chevy because of the dealer rebate and I had $1,500 rebate on the GM card. The other factors were the Venture seats seemed more comfortable and the radio in the Odyssey stunk. The Odyssey EX would have been about $3,000 more than the Venture LT with all of the rebates considered. We owned two Honda Accords before this with good luck and it was hard to cross over.

    If nothing else goes wrong I will be satisfied with the purchase but it seems like I keep saying that and every month it's something else. Here are the stats so far. Use them as you see fit.

    4/20/00 - Picked up new van
    8/8/00 - 2,177 miles - Keyless remote quit working. Took it back and they replaced the receiver in the van and still didn't work. I had to take it back two more times because they claimed they were going to trace the wiring to look for a fault. It turns out that the new receiver they put in didn't work so they finally got another receiver and that one worked. That took three trips to the dealer.
    9/27/00 - 3,795 miles - Front plastic on dash warped they replaced it.
    - The face of the radio started peeling. They changed the radio but the dealer wasn't bright enough to realize that my radio had a CD player in it and put in a radio without CD in it. They said they would order the right radio.

    10/9/00 - 4,400 miles - They put in a different radio with a CD player in it.
    12/1/00 - 4,501 miles - The radio wasn't working right. The sound would fade in and out. The dealer wouldn't order another radio before I brought in the van. I called the GM Customer Assistance Center and complained. They told the dealer to order the radio prior to me coming in and it was replaced.
    12/29/00 - 5,591 miles - On a trip across the state the Anit lock Brake (ABS) light kept coming on. A line under the van came loose and was rubbing against something. They repaired the wiring and rerouted the harness.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Sorry to hear of all your bad experiences. As a 35 year GM employee I too got tired of the crappy dealers GM has. They think this is still the 50's or 60's. We'll fix it right one of these times but until then tough luck. The product is as good as anybodys but anything can go wrong with any vehicle as these forums tell. I took a big chance and tired a Odyssey because it's bigger and the quality is supposed to be better. Well I have had it about 4 months and not one problem. I could never say that about any of the many GM products I bought. Sometimes the company discount just isn't worth the pain in the you know what of taking them back again and again for the same thing because they don't fix it right.
  • We bought our Chevy Venture LS Van in August of 1999 and now have ~26K miles on it. THE GOOD: We love the 8 passenger seating, the ride is good, the stereo and climate systems are very good.
    THE BAD: My wife discovered at 24K miles that she was unable to turn to the left without a serious effort. Luckily this occured close to home. We took it to the dealer who discovered that we needed a new "steering rack" and the work was done under warranty. THE UGLY: Only 2K miles after the steering rack problem my wife reported a high pitched whine at speed on the highway. I drove the Van this weekend and thought that it might be the transmission. While diving at about 65 MPH I downshifted the autotrans from "D"rive to 3rd gear. Th whine stopped immediately. Surprisingly, I was not able to detect the engine revving any higher once I wnet to third. I suspect that the Van is never getting to 4th Gear and the whine we hear is the result of the engine transmission trying to shift into 4th but never making it. I'll be taking it back to the dealer again later this week. I drive a 2000 Acura TL and I am thinking about trading the Venture for an Acura MDX. I know I will get killed on the trade, but I am concerned that the Chevy is going to continue to cause me problems (just as my Chevy Lumina sedan did before I bought the TL). Any thoughts, common experiences or advice appreciated.
  • gadangadan Posts: 1
    Hi, I just bought a Chevy Venture 1998 and I realized the power door lock won't lock the doors unless I do it with the keys. The only ways it locks the doors is if I turn on the car and start driving, but if I turn the engine off, remove the keys, and hit the lock switch, does not work. The unlock switch works fine. I was told that I have to change the power lock relay, is that true? If is true, where is it located? I checked all the fuses and they look fine, besides the system seems to be working fine since the unlock has no problems. Any advice will be appreciated.
  • kkollwitzkkollwitz Posts: 268
    and the experiences described in recent posts are completely unlike mine. We picked up our new Venture a year ago today, and we have had 18,000 miles of flawless driving pleasure. Everything is still tight, quiet, and in working order. How odd it is to read about all these problems others are having.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Dealer fixed this problem, but did not get to talk him as to the cause. Assume had to replace a part/sensor as the coolant expansion tank need a top of 50/50 DexCool/water. Brakes tightened up as well.

    Closing in on 20K and apart from this item we are delighted with this van.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Apart from coolant warning problem, the dealer also replaced the plastic trim along the front of the windshield, which he felt had somehow warped.
  • Hi. My wife and I want to replace our 96 Transport because we want the driver's side sliding door. We found a 97 Venture that we can afford, but it has 95,000 miles, mostly highway miles. Any comments on the reliability of these vans after 100K? Owner says it has an extended warranty to 125,000, but I haven't seen the paperwork yet. My other concern with this van is the lack of rear a/c. We live in an area with hot summers, so we need good cooling. Any thoughts on that?

    By the way, our Transport has 86,000 and is doing great.

    Thanks, Greg
  • '97 Ventures with the driver's side sliding door are hard to find in fact I'm not so sure they were available that year/model. And why would you trade-in a van that's doing great and has less mileage than the one you're looking at just to have the driver's side sliding door? Oh and we've had 7 passengers ride in our Venture on a hot day with no complaints and we don't have the rear A/C so I wouldn't worry about it. If you absolutely MUST have the driver's side sliding door then shop around a little more you can probably find a 97 or 98 with less mileage. If not then my advice would be to keep the Transport.
  • Well, here's our thinking. We love our Transport, but with two small children in car seats, the lack of the 2nd slider is a major pain. Getting in and out of the car is really hard sometimes, especially when one decides she doesn't want to go. Also, the 96 pontiac has only one airbag, and lots of blind spots because of the huge posts between windows. The 97 Venture has the 2nd slider, two airbags, MUCH better visibility, daytime lamps, AND 2 integral child safety seats! It seems like a much safer van to us than the Transport. I'm not too concerned with the mileage difference, because this particular Venture has an extended warranty and our Transport doesn't. Also, the seller is selling it for $2000 below bluebook, because it is a company car, and this is more than they would get on a trade-in. So, we could get a newer, safer van for just slightly more than we can sell our Pontiac for. We're building a house now too, so cash is tight and we can't really afford to trade in on a car with 30,000 miles.

    Make more sense?

  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Have you taken a look at the IIHS crash test ratings for the minivans? Seems like safety is one of your higher priorities, so you may want to have a look at this:

    Good luck!

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  • of the GM minivans! Even though you now get a safety discount from State Farm on the Pontiac Montana based on real-world crash data....

    And let's not forget that the Insurance Loss Data Institute's figures show the GM vans as having some of the lowest accident claim costs of any vehicles on the road today....

    Why not point people to all the information, not just that which you feel is important? Isn't that the job of host on Edmunds? It would seem that your bias is getting in the way of your job performance....
  • had problems with the automatic door not closing and just recently my car while doing about 40 miles an hour just dies out w/no reason. The car has been warmed up,I lose all the power in the steering and the brakes, the second time i was on a hill going in reverse, the dealer cannot guarenntee this can be fix, anyone out there with similar problems. my car is only 14 months old> badcar2
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    I am not a mechanic, but the door situation can be re set and instructions are in the Owners Manual. In regard to brakes/steering both these which are power assisted would feel heavier when the engine cut out.

    I would seriously consider another dealer and if not happy call Chevrolet direct.

    Good luck and keep us posted.
  • I have a 2000 LS Venture which is just 7 months old. Have had problems with it about 1-2 months after we got it. I was picking up my 5 year old from school in 110 degree weather with a 3 year and a 1 month old in the van and could not get it started until the 3rd try. We took it in and the dealer flushed out the fuel injector. Still have problem starting, and is getting worst every day. It stalled 3 times today after I started it and put it in gear. Also, it seems to be choking when I drive it in the parking lots. Going to take it in tomorrow to see what can be done.... love this van, but I hate the problems! Anyone got the same probs? And what's the fix for it?
  • Just purchased a used 2000 Chevy Venture with under 20k miles. I really like the van (sure beats the '90 Mazda MPV I used to drive!). As I don't have an owner's manual (the dealership has ordered one for me), I'm hoping someone can answer this question. When I start the van, lots of indicator lights come on briefly on the dash, then go out. However, in the information window, the battery picture appears, then the "Change Engine Oil" message will appear and stay on for a good 2-3 minutes. The dealership assures me that they just changed the oil. Anyone know what's going on? I'm not too worried, as the light doesn't stay on, but I'm curious as to why it stays on as long as it does. Does this need to be reset each time the oil is changed? Thanks in advance for any help anyone out there has for me.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    There is a section on the oil change in the manual. After the oil is changed, the system has to be reset by turning the ignition key to point where all lights are on (prior to starting) and depressing the accelerator pedal fully three times within five seconds. Then restart.

    This should reset the warning message. However, the warning system is not based on mileage, but on engine revolutions and conclude that the oil may be too thick at the start and as it warms up thins out and the light goes off. Only an idea ?

    If it still lights then suggest oil change 5-30W (have found Exxon Superflo is good)and filter. If still stays on after reset maybe the sensor.
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