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Chevy Venture



  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Forgot to mention that I always drain the engine oil before removing filter.

    Two things I forgot to mention. Release oil filler cap and when you start to take off filter, do not take it off right away. If you release it by 3/4 of a turn, you will see the volume of oil from the drain hole increase.

    When this reverts back to a drip, then remove filter.This should clear out majority of oil in the filter and stop the excess spillage...but still put an old rag as mentioned in previous message.
  • kkollwitzkkollwitz Posts: 268
    and have had the same pleasant experience as Offham.
  • joe232joe232 Posts: 1
    We just purchased a 2001 LT. Great car so far, took it on a 750 mile road trip and noticed but one annoying thing. The thermostatic switch that turns on the electric radiator cooling fan does not come on until the engine substantially exceeds normal operating temperature. I call normal on the temperature gauge the sixth segment where the needle stays as long as the car is moving (why don't they put numbers on these?). The fan does not come on until the needle reaches the tenth or eleventh segment (the gauge has a total of sixteen segments). The car does not seem to be in any danger of overheating, but I would not expect such temperature excursions to be part of an reliable engineered system. Anyone else seeing this?
  • bessejbessej Posts: 13
    I believe offham stated the reasons for changing his own oil quite well. I know that $20 doesn't sound like a lot of money, but when I can get Havoline oil for .49/quart cents after rebate from Shucks Auto Parts and AC Delco oil filters on sale from K-Mart for $2, I can change my own oil for $4.45 and make sure that the oil drain plug is not overtightened and stripped so that it drips on the garage floor and the oil filter is actually changed and stuff like that. I enjoy doing my own maintenence and usually go through the whole rig when I do change the oil and vacuum, wash it, and pretty much detail it out on oil change day. And I can take the wife out for lunch with the $15 dollars I saved and everybody is happy.

    Thank you offham for the tips, I will try them out the next time I change oil.
  • mike5806mike5806 Posts: 12
    looking to buy venture in far western chicago subs.(naperville, wheaton, aurora etc.) any dealer suggestions or warnings.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Can confirm exactly same on our van, and at first it was concerning, but adjusted my "mind set" that this is how it is set up. Since then if we are stuck in traffic etc., the fan cuts in and takes the needle back to left side of center line, and so on depending on conditions and outside temperature.

    According to handbook only if needle goes into red sector 15-16 segments there is a problem, but it has the special facility to alternate the firing cylinders in the event it overheats to get to service facility. I am not sure how accurate these gauges are but merely indicators of the situation.
  • jvirginiajvirginia Posts: 65
    I am amazed at people stating how hot their van engines are running. My father-in-law always complained how cold his '98 Venture would run. The temp needle barely moved off the 'C' whenever he ran his van no matter how long the trip. He would need to travel approx 6 miles before he would start to get any heat in the winter time. He had the dealer service check it several times and they informed him that was normal and the way it is supposed to operate. After reading the stories here, I would want to know what 'normal' really is. The engine running as hot as the 10th and 11th segment of the temp gauge doesn't sound very good to me. It could lead to premature failure of heads or head gaskets not to mention the additional strain it puts on hoses and gaskets throughout the cooling system.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Re your above post. If the needle does not move and little heat it is the "usual" sign that the thermostat is mulfunctioning and in fact stuck in the open position. This means that the engine is running inefficiently and never properly warmed up. I think the dealer misled your father in law.

    After 23,000 mile normal on my Venture is at "10 to" position on a clock in the winter and slightly higher in the summer.
  • jvirginiajvirginia Posts: 65

    That is what he asked to have checked by the dealer the first time. He does have heat, it is just very slow to warm up and the gauge doesn't run high at all. He loves his van and has no complaints about it. He has approx 50,500 miles on it now and gets just over 28 mpg hwy and 21 mpg cty. I would still be concerned about an engine that runs that hot all the time, close to being in the red overheated section.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344

    Saw your last post, and maybe there are some differences between 98 to 2000. I don't think anybody has said that the temp gage needle is even close to the red sector whihc is danger.

    For the 2000, it moves off C to about "10 to " and that is the usual position highway or running around local. If stuck in traffic especially on a hot day, the needle will move around to the center and slight past to about "5 after", then the fan cuts in and brings it right back and have found this will happen continously until you are moving.

    The 2000/01 have a message center on the fuel gage which was new for 2000 onwards. In this case you can get a HOT COOLANT warning or LOW COOLANT message.

    Would be interested to read from others with 98's how long it takes to warm up for heat and wether the gage moves off C.

  • djasonwdjasonw Posts: 624
    Hi Folks... I am writing on behalf of a colleague at work who is devastated because her 1998 LEASED Chevy Venture with 66,000 miles has developed engine problems. She has five months to go before her lease expires and at this point was either going to buy the vehicle or lease another one from the dealer. It's been in the shop for three days now and they FINALLY have a preliminary diagnosis which is the CAM SHAFT having failed. I find it ironic that a car driven with great care, given excellent maintenance, would develop such a problem at such LOW miles. Does ANYONE know of GM possibly honoring a hidden warranty repair on this? I know that's asking a lot but any information would be greatly appreciated.
  • tmicheletmichele Posts: 1
    I am looking to purchase a new vehicle and would like to know any problems owners may have had with this product. I currently own a 91 chewy corsica it has been a good vehicle but the engine runs a little to hot for my taste. And it appears Venture may have this same problem. I live in a city where traffic can be quite heavy and maddening.
  • jints2282jints2282 Posts: 33
    Just picked up my 2001 Venture 2 days ago, with only 114 miles, message center displayed 'service engine soon'. Dealer has no idea what the problem is, now I am driving a rental. Should have gotten a Honda instead!
  • I used to think Honda's were bulletproof. I had a '87 Accord for 10 years without any major problems. I just read the Ody posts and was supprised to see how many lemons there are. Honda's not so bulletproof after all, at least the Ody. from what I've read. I now drive a 2000 Venture ext. wheelbase and it's been very reliable thus far. I'm very glad we chose the long wheelbase.
  • We had the same light come on when we bought our '99 Venture. It was a relatively minor thing for the dealer to fix (not longer than a day) and it has never shown up again. We are close to 35K miles and it has been a great van so far.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    I would have to agree with #715, that Honda through clever marketing aided by Consumer Report and overall production shortage created a high demand and allowed dealers to mark this van up. I am not saying it is bad, but it has its fair share of problems. Just look at the posts.

    What I see coming through the Chevy posts, is that a lot of the dealers do not seem to be "with it" and convey the wrong impression to the client. I wish GM would grab these guys by the scruff of the neck and teach them some marketing skills.

    The Service Engine message can cover a variety of issues, which is checked electronically through the computer.

    I can understand the frustration of getting a top of the line van that needs to be in the shop within 2 days.

    Hang in there jints2282 !!!
  • montanafanmontanafan Posts: 945
    On 2001 3400 V6 engines, the service engine soon light could be caused by a software programming error for the EGR system. This would set a code P1404. All that needs to be done is to reprogram the ECU with the latest software. This would most likely be true if your two week old Venture had been on the dealer's lot for a while (built during 2000). There are over 85 different situations that will set powertrain trouble codes, so this is just one possibility. I see by the time your post was made that you probably haven't heard the final findings from the dealer. Also please keep in mind that most problems with any product occur when new and Service Engine Soon trouble codes require specific operational conditions to occur to set, therefore they require mileage or time to show up. I hope your dealer fixes the problem and your get to enjoy your Venture.
  • kkollwitzkkollwitz Posts: 268
    I changed the oil today in my sweat, and I don't even have to raise the car to do it.
  • p222p222 Posts: 5
    my 2001 venture windows leak, all four passanger windows.Had van to chevy dealer 6 times and problem is still not fixed ,anyone else having same problem?
  • jints2282jints2282 Posts: 33
    I was told originally that the gas tank or tank sender was bad, but they couldn't pinpoint the exact problem, so they gave me a rental last Thursday. On Friday, they found the problem, but didn't have a replacement tank, and couldn't get it until this week, so they avoided a verbal confrontation with me by leaving me a voice at home. I went to the dealer on Friday afternoon to get the full story, and they promosed the Venture back to me by Tuesday. I gave them a piece of my mind, hoping to receive compensation instead of a rental car. Anyone has any luck getting freebies from a dealer? I have had the car for 2 days but they will have it for 6 days. Is this how GM trate their customers?? The only thing they have offered is my oil change free. Big Deal!!
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