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Chevy Venture



  • offhamoffham Posts: 344 has all the 2002 info and prices
  • According to dealer there is a bulletin on the interior light flicker. There is a part replacement, GM10292525 W/STR-F/D. Someone asked about lights flickering as he/she made a right turn. Talk to your dealer about this fix. Hope it helps.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Had the transmission cooler fitted today, make is Hayden. The whole lot including transmission service new fluid, cooler and labor was $180.

    For me this is a good investment against possible major transmission damage if it had not been done.
    Mileage was 32710.

    However, the fuel gage has taken on a life of its own and once under half the needle waves around, so that will be fixed by the dealer under warranty.

    As you can see getting close to the 36K, if it is going to go, now is the time.
  • yzfyzf Posts: 65
    Spoke too soon about loving the GM (Olds Silo) minivan we got earlier this summer. Wife and I took it to the Outer Banks this past week. While down there, the van developed a metallic clicking noise in the steering column. It appears when the van is warmed up and running. Depressing either the accelerator or the brake will temporarily stop the noise, but as soon as you let up on either, the clicking starts again. It definitely sounds like its within the steering column. Any one else have similar problems in a GM minivan? Also, the three zone climate control is acting up. The driver's side temperature never cools down to degree the passenger side or rear does. Any one have ideas on that one? Van is going back to the dealer this week with only 2K on it - yup, just 2K.

  • I sympathize with your difficulties. These vans are known not to be very reliable. I am sorry I bought one, but have to struggle with it for now to avoid losing thousands of dollars. A lot of people put down Consumer's because sometimes they miss the mark. But every time I have followed their advice with an auto I have been happy. The cars on their reliable list have proven so, and those on the avoid list are often very troublesome (like our GM vans). We live and learn. Next time will be different for me... Hope you get your issues resolved. I haven't had those exact problems.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Dealer confirmed that fuel gauge sender was at fault has replaced it. Hopefully it will be OK from now on

    Transmission cooler seems working OK and changes are really smooth as before

    Still like this van eventhough Consumer Reports knock them. Again, just look at the other vans listed on this site and problems.
  • stobarstobar Posts: 110
    I owned a 1997 Chevy Venture Extended Wheelbase with the power sliding door and loved it dearly. Decided to go shopping around last month for a trade in and when looking at the 2001 models, came across some new Oldsmobile Silhouettes on the lot. Now as much as I like the Ventures, I soon realized that the Silo's were a step up, very plush. Dealers are trying to move them and even though they sell for about 2,500 more than a Venture, you can get it for the same price as a Venture (with many more options), but the kicker with the Olds is a 5 year, 60,000 mile warranty! I know that some are saying Olds is going out of business in the next few years, but parts will be readily available at any GM dealer for years to come. Heck, they have the same engine! Also, knowing that the Ventures, Silhouettes, and Pontiac Montana's are identical and made at the same plant, decided to purchase the Silhouette. If you are considering purchasing a Venture, you owe it to yourself to at least look at the Silhouettes. As a former Venture owner and 20 year Chevy man, I and my wife are pleasantly pleased with the decision. 60K warranty helps and no more silver grill! Also, the Olds doesn't have the black plastic molding that runs along the sides like the Venture. The Olds has the molding, but it is the same color as the van and blends in. Good luck!

  • abooaboo Posts: 1
    I have a 97 venture with 53000 miles. I have had the low oil level light come on ,I replaced the switch in the oil pan and still the problem persists so I jumped out the switch light still comes on has anyone had this problem ?
  • The 2002 AWD GM minis are now being built. Our 2002 Silhouette Premiere AWD was built 06SEP2001. AWDs should start showing up on dealer lots soon, and you can order one now. The Olds comes with the 5yr/60K warranty, but it does not look like many will be built, as our dealer (Chevy/Olds) just stopped new Oldsmobile sales yesterday as part of the dealer buyout program. They said that most Olds dealers had already signed up for the buyout.
  • Does anyone know how to remove these bolts? I can see the bolt heads underneath the car, but they're smooth; no apparent way to exert any force on them.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Are you talking about the ones that the seat itself bolts to? If so those are welded to the body. Normally the bolt is welded to a little pedistal and are about a 1/2" above the floor so they don't interfere with the carpet.

  • Yeah, those bolts...I hoped to be able to swap them for some about 1/2" taller in front.
  • So, has anyone purchased, test driven, or even seen a 2002 AWD van (Venture, Montana, or Silhouette) yet?
  • Did you not see post #929 above?
  • OK, I'll bite. I meant does anyone besides us have a 2002 AWD Venture, Montana, or Silhouette. I know it's a strange obession, but I have seen others say that their dealers have told them that AWD won't be out untill mid model-year, but we have one now. I'm just looking for some other opinions, impressions, etc. Just wondering if we are some kind of test case without having been told so.
  • stobarstobar Posts: 110

    Don't understand why dealerships are already taking the buyout when Olds will be still be building through the 2004 model year. Was at my Olds dealer yesterday and they are staying put right through to the end. Glad to hear that as they have an outstanding service department. Luckily, the same guy that owns the Olds dealership in Memphis also owns the Chevrolet dealership, so service will not be an issue.

  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    I went to the GM Buypower site and punched in my zipcode and there were 3 Chevies listed out of the 5 dealers checked. The buypower site doesn't have a listing for AWD Olds and Pontiacs yet so couldn't tell if any are around.
  • Can you tell me what your zip is?

    I would like to see the dealers that have AWD models in stock.
  • I love the net! Just enter 12345 as the zip code, the first dealer on the list has two AWD Venture LT models in stock (somewhere in NY state). Take advantage of the great financing currently available. Let's produce our way out of these economic doldrums. We have done our part, two 2002 Oldsmobiles in the past two weeks. 2002 is the last year of the Camaro/Firebird, load 'em up, move 'em out!
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Of all the DIY jobs on this van the air filter is probably the most awkward. However, I have pretty much worked out the most successful way,(ie not getting annoyed).

    1. The radiator overflow tank can be removed from the bar. It is just spring clips. The tab from the overflow is secured by a plastic plug. I replaced mine with a self tapping screw.

    Undo the two bolts holding the bar at the front and loosen the one at the back. You can the move this out the way. You have to leave the coil like device attached. (This is not show in the hand book picture).

    2. Undo the clamp of this assembly on the left under the transmission dip stick.

    3. Pull the rubber hose off and bring it forward
    so it releases the tension.

    4. Unclip the filter housing and insert new one.

    5. Make sure the tabs at the bottom insert into the slots and resecure clips.

    6. Re attach large hose and tighten clamp

    7. Re secure bar and clip back radiator overflow.

    There are two other clamps on the assembly, but do not see need to undo or remove.

    Always interested to hear any other ideas.
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