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Chevy Venture



  • The input sounds good. An earlier post said Montana was #1 in real world stats (vs #9 for Venture, interesting) and the Pontiac dealer around from me has all 2002 Montanas $6000 off MSRP. May take a look. Thanks again!
  • td01td01 Posts: 7
    We just bought a 2002 Chevy Venture LT with bunch of options. I am wondering if anyone has DVD installed. Dealer is asking for $2000 for DVD player and video screen and installation. Looking for input on performance and price. Is it better to go outside the dealer network for installation?
  • td01td01 Posts: 7
    I have seen Pontiac Montana 2002 advertised out the door price plus tax/tags about $7,200 below MSRP. MSRP is $31,130 dealer advertised for 23,923 includes freight.
  • jeberjeber Posts: 91
    I've done some limited research into video systems...Haven't got one yet myself, probably this winter...I think you could find a decent one, installed, for about $1000 to 1200.

    Check out some of the custom car audio shops, also big box places like Circuit City, BestBuy, etc., good prices and those types of places often have surprisingly competent stereo/video installers, probably as good or better than dealer's.
  • The gas cap door on my 99 is stuck open. Not enough to engage the sliding door stop and prevent it from opening, but just enough to scrape along the inside of door as it goes by. If I try to push it closed, it just pops back open. My wife took it to a neighborhood service station where the owner/mechanic removed an interior panel, said he couldn't see anything wrong and that he would have to really start tearing apart the interior to see where the problem was. At that point he said "No charge, take it to the dealer."

    Anybody had this happen before? Is the dealer my best option?
  • i recently bought a 99 venture, and it does have 80k miles on it but i noticed that after letting the van sit for awhile after driving, i start the van and some smoke comes out of the exhaust it looks like its burning oil but im unsure.. is anyone else having this problem?
  • If it's just a puff at starting, and not a continuous cloud, it's probably worn valve guides, which is no big deal at 80k miles. It shouldn't cause high oil consumption, and it's not worth fixing. I've always regarded valve guide wear as an aesthetic problem (smoke at startup). If your oil consumption is no worse than 1 quart per 1500 miles, I wouldn't worry about it.
  • We just got a 2003 Venture, AWD, WB Edition.
    We would like to get two additional IR Head Phones for the entertainment system. Dealer gave me about an outrages price. Can not be right for such a simple device made in China!
    Anyone having experience in purchasing after market IR Head Phones?
  • You may be able to get some online from Crutchfield, or a GM parts store such as
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Suggest check out Circuit City and Best Buy. They do installation etc, and sure dealer would send it to a facility and take a mark up.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,964
    The Venture is this week's TMV Deal of the Week.



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  • td01td01 Posts: 7
    We bought our Chevy Venture about a month and half ago. It has General Self Sealing Tires XP 2000 GT. Upon inspecting tires closely, I noticed there are about 5 or 6 place on the side walls where it is pinched in. It is not a smooth surface. It is more apparent on two front tires. Has anyone else noticed this. Is this something we should be concerned about? I plan to take it dealer and have him look at it. Any information on this issue would be helpful.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,964
    I had some Kirkland (Costco branded Michelin) tires like that once, and the sidewalls looked "wavy" from certain angles. Some people call them mold marks even though tires are pretty much built up without any molds. Anyway, I think what you are seeing is just the material overlapping. It's pretty common and nothing to worry about.

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  • Just wanted to relate a set of problems I had recently with my 2000 Venture LT. Brought the vehicle to a local garage for an oil change/safety inspection. They told me there was a coolant leak up near the intake manifold and suggested having it looked at ASAP. At that point, the car was out of warranty at about 39000 mi. Brought it to the dealer I bought it from and also called the 800 number for Chevrolet to plead my case for help in getting this repaired. They ended up replacing the whole intake manifold and associated gaskets and Cherolet paid for this under their "goodwill" program. The day after I got the van back from this repair, it wouldn't start. Had it towed back to the Chevy dealer and they had it for 5 days and diagnosed a bad fuel pump. This time I had to pay up front a "reduced"
    price of $665.00, but the Service manager called me back and offered to submit $600 of this for reimbursement with Chevrolet. Still waiting for the check, but it's supposed to be coming. After getting the van back this time, I still had multiple instances of the van not starting, mostly after it had been driven for a while and then sat for a few minutes before trying to start it again. Often, I'd have to wait several hours, but the van would start again. VERY AGRIVATING intermittent problem. It was towed back to the dealer after one of these occurances and they couldn't find a problem. Finally I had to try a reputable local mechanic. They took my history and diagnosed a bad ground connection to the fuel pump. They resoldered the connection and the van has been fine ever since.

    Moral of the story: Use the dealer for warranty repairs and basic stuff after that. If it's anything beyond the basics, I'd recommend a good local mechanic that has a solid reputation and references. The dealer mechanics I've dealt with are not the Mr. Goodwrench's we've been led to believe. Also, hindsight being 20-20, I'd purchase the extended warranty on the van if I were to buy another one.

    We've been happy with it for the most part and were pleased that Chevy stood behind the vehicle even beyond the 3yr/36000 mi warranty, but repairs on this vehicle can be very expensive and the extended warranty would be my reccomendation.

    Also, keep an eye on your engine for coolant leaks up by the intake manifold. I've heard of it happening with other Venture's. Try to catch it under the 36000 miles. I think Chevrolet should consider recalling it, but so far they haven't.
  • Anyone had problems with the automatic sliding doors sticking? Seems to happen mostly during hot weather. Usually after clicking on the open button over 20 times, it will open with a "pop" sound. Haven't had the problem in the cooler weather.
  • We have a 2000 Pontiac Montana....just had it in the shop for emissions inspection, safety inspection, oil change, radio fix.

    Guess what they found? Leaking coolant around the intake manifold!!! Fortunately, only 33,000 miles!!!

    Also, found leaking rear brake cyclinders (replaced).

    Of course, all this is nothing compared to the 2 transmission replacements we've already had!!! One failed 16k, the next one at 16.5k. Ahhh, that "great GM feeling".....

    With only 3k left on the warranty, we're seriously considering an extension....Next time, it will not be a GM minivan, which is a shame, because we do like the vehicle.
  • Hi - we're expecting our third child in June and are looking at vans. Can't afford the Odyssey - so it's the Venture or the Dodge Grand Caravan - any suggestions?
  • kkollwitzkkollwitz Posts: 268
    First: go drive 'em. Then get back to us with your driving impressions, the interiors, the seat versatility, etc.
  • cptpltcptplt Posts: 1,075
    its very common, had it in my 00LS at 38K, fortunately I had an extended warranty (had a Windstar before!). The dealer knew exactly what it was when I called and said I'd seen a few drops of coolant on the garage floor. Maybe Chevy will extend the engine warranty. Ford ended up extending the warranty on 95 Windstars for head gasket problems to 100K!
  • I have 20K miles on my 01 Venture, don't think I would buy another without extended warranty. Like all the features, just not very well constructed. Already making funny noises and lots rattling going on. Luckily Chevy dealer is within walking distance. Try to buy extended warranty now, they are asking full price. Make sure you buy the extended warranty at the time of the van purchase, and let them know the price of it could be a deal breaker. If you let me do it again, I'd buy an Odyssey in a heartbeat, like my neighbor, who hasn't been back to dealer yet on any warranty work. I have had 4 recalls, 2 check engine lights, the VCP goes on and off by itself. Good luck.
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