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Chevy Venture



  • Hi,

    My husband is out of town and our van is acting funny and I'm not sure what to do. I started it this morning and the orange service engine soon light came on. I was able to take the kids to school, but the van seemed to be running slow. The windows are also slow going up and down. I called a mechanic and he said maybe the alternator. Any ideas?


  • Krista, My 2000 Venture van operated in this manner and it was indeed the alternator. It could also be the wire leading to the alternator but with the age of your van I am leaning toward a bad alternator. It is amazing how many strange symptoms can derive from a worn-out alternator. The price for this repair including the several hours labor time is about $600.00. The alternator is quite a tricky part to replace on these vans as are most parts and it's costs vary wildly. The best price that I found for this item ($175.00) was CarQuest; if there is one is in your neighborhood.
  • Thanks, I guess I'm almost hoping that it what it is. We call this van our "million dollar" van because of all the money we have put in to it. We don't have a Carquest around here, but we do have an Autosource and Autozone. I took it to the mechanic, should I look for the part myself for them to put in? This is a mechanic that we trust, so I'm not worried about being taken.

  • I too have spent about $1,800 in my van this past year. You could call around just to see what price you can locate this part. Another problem I faced is that the alternator wasn't usually stocked by local stores and had to be ordered for a wait of up to three days. Locating a source who does have the part in stock will save you from being without the van for a long period of time. It is good to know you have a honest mechanic providing the repair. Good luck!
  • I have a 1999 Chevy Venture with electrical problems. When car brake is applied the left blinker flashes faster, also when car is in reverse brake filament of the bulbs dims and all other bulbs light up. When right blinker is on dashboard flasher indicator (left) lights up with brakes on. Also ABS lights goes on and off, seems to be only in reverse. Any suggestions on how to fix.
  • If you have a mechanic you trust, I would let him get the part. It just may not be the alternator. The little bit these independent shops add on to the part price helps keep them in business.
  • can some one please let me know where the power steering resevior is located i do not have a owner's manual??????
  • Open the hood and look towards the back of the engine, passengers side. The surpentine belt goes over the pulley. It will have a small cap on top(unscrew cap) and that's where you add fluid. Just make sure you don't over fill.
  • remove your rear tail lamp assy. ( both sides ) unplug connector look at terminals
    you will find a damaged or burned groung connector .. replace this or clean and
    repair .. this is a common problem HTH
  • Use an electronics parts cleaner on the connection, and use bulb grease on your bulbs, as well as the connector pins. It seems to help - the aluminum parts inside the brakelight assembly are prone to corrosion. The ground likes to heat up and melt, causing the same problem you are having. Mine got so flakey that my cruise stopped engaging - the cruise disengage is on the same circuit, and had the same effect as tapping the brake pedal.
  • The problem with most front drive cars is the lack of space under the hood. When talking about an alternator, this means tighter, lighter wieght windings, which wear out faster, and also drive up cost. Less space around the alternator also means less air to cool it down, also adding to wear and tear.

    I highly recommend having your mechanic order you the part - that way, if there is a problem with a rebuilt part (which is more likely than with a new part), the mechanic will normally cover your labor, as well as deal with warranty issues. If you order the part, you are liable for any labor involved! Trust me, with something as intricate and labor-intensive as the alternator, don't fool around.
  • good point.. I did that and I should have remembered to mention that :shades:
  • Can anyone tell me what i could try? I have no brake lights on my 99 venture. I have tried the bulb, fuse and pedal switch? thanks
  • wubswubs Posts: 1
    Is it complicated to remove the door panel? I have a dead speaker and am afraid to try taking off the door panel myself. One guy on another forum said just pull off the panel and remove the bolt holding the switch asembly and another one near the latch, but that isn't very descriptive to a rank amateur like me.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  • My 98 Venture stalls intermittently. It usually happens when you are coming to a stop or rounding a corner. It starts immediatly and you can continue. this has been going on for about 2 years. sometimes it will not stall for months, then it will stall 3 times in one day. I have had it to the dealer twice for this problem and they say nothing is wrong with my van. Does anyone know the fix for this problem?
  • lou77lou77 Posts: 1
    The Tranmission on my Chevy Venture won't change after the first gear but after a few blocks when the engine heats up, then it changes normally.What could the problem be?. :confuse:
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    When did you last have the transmission serviced ? Suggest you take to a transmission specialist not a high street type. The filter may be dirty and fluid will only move when it is warm. Get new fluid and filter and cleaned out.

    I change mine every 35000 and I also put a transmission cooler on a coiuple of years ago and has been fine. Compared with the cost of a new one a good investment.
  • Claire@EdmundsClaire@Edmunds Chicago areaPosts: 968
    Welcome to the Forums, Venture98! You might also want to ask about your problem in the Idle or Stalling Problems: All Vehicles discussion -- the folks there are likely to have some answers for you.



  • sdb199sdb199 Posts: 1
    driving in rain last night ABS light camre on, lost power steering, engine began to over heat & battery began to die (lights dimmed etc.). Any ideas?
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