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Ford Focus ZX3 Prices

dragwaydragway Posts: 34
edited April 1 in Ford
If interested please post price paid and options
picked before taxes. Also if you wish your overall
experience with the dealer and getting your price.


  • her mother or aunt or somebody works at Graham Ford in Columbus, Ohio, and she got her a red ZX3 5-speed. I am told she paid invoice plus $600, no extras, no fees. But she didn't say how much that was. Of course I wouldn't buy a car with all those options...power stuff...CD...I would keep my Focus price under $12K, and if lucky I would have AC in that, too.
  • I gave 250 over invoice for a ZX3 with CD, keyless entry, air, smoker package. It came to 13,250 or something around that. The invoice price off of this site is very close to the dealer invoice I looked at. My dealer had 8 but now has 2 or 3 in only a week and a half. All of the ZX3 models are gone!
  • Bought mine for $12,'s a 5 speed ZX3 with A/C, ABS, and floormats. The local dealers wanted $14000 and wouldn't come off the sticker. Went to Nashville and they sold it to me for $12500, or about $150 less than invoice. Not a bad deal.
  • Should have my ZX3 this weekend. Paying $12200 for 5-speed, A/C, floor mats, and smokers package--including taxes, tag, etc! Got it online, and the price is way below what the dealers were willing to do in my area (South Florida). I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
  • I've been doing a lot of rural highway driving and a lot of in town driving, and have averaged no less than 30 MPG on any tank of gas with my 5 speed. This includes a couple of peel-outs :) and several 3rd gear downshift passing manuevers. Imagine everyones surprise when this weird little hatchback comes roaring past their wimpy V/6 Mustang.

    I'm in love :)
  • orlockorlock Posts: 25
    There is something strange going on with the parts prices. The rear glass is way over priced. Maybe it's double goof. The first goof was that Ford changed the price (working in the parts department, a secondary company gives us the prices and then Ford e-mails the corrections) from or to (don't know what December's prices were) about $500-600 to anywhere from $1,200 to $2200. That higher price could be a goof too, but it will stand until Februrary till the prices change again. Prices for Focus parts are generally cheap and I hope it doesn't end up like a Probe where the car was inexpensive, but the parts were outrageous.
  • orlock, if you work in parts can you check on the availability of a left front fender for a ZX3. My dealership has me waiting 4 weeks. i would have emailed you personally but i couldn't find your email address. mine is thanks, mark
  • I was one of the first to get my zx3 about a month ago. I paid 1% over invoice for mine with air and ABS. I'm upset though that cruise wasn't offered then and is now. I also didn't get the easy access passenger seat which is now standard.
  • cefurodcefurod Posts: 72
    Only option was a/c and floor mats which i didn't even ask for but was in the car so i think it was a goof or free. Price included Des charge, tax, DMV, doc fees, and window etching. The car was bought in NJ in Loman's Ford.
    To Cahollan or anybody, how many miles have you gotten on a full tank of gas? Mine is on the halfway mark and i've only gotten 150. It's mainly highway miles and haven't reved it over 3000rpm since i'm still breaking it in.
  • if anyone out there is from northern california (bay area-sac): i am currently looking for a ford focus zx3...and need to get an amazingly good price. any suggestions would be great. also:is ordering online really that much better? i already started, seeing as i don't have much time to do the footwork.
  • check the site. I'm getting a ZX3 with Air, ABS, and floormats for 11,777, or 12,162 OUT THE DOOR. Carorder prices have gone up a lot here since I ordered (12/21) but it's my understanding that they are still very low in california. Act now though, they don't last long! Also, you may have to special order the car which will take a couple of months. Good luck!
  • jzx3jzx3 Posts: 1
    I was offered $100 over invoice on a silver zx3 with everything on it (power pkg/ convenience pkg/ cruise/ air/ ABS/ remote keyless entry) for $13,906. With additional dealer "fees" ($399 for ??? in Florida???)including tax, title and license (paperwork processing fees) the total came to 15,258 (financed @ 6.9 for 5 yrs or 5.9 for 4 yrs). Is this a great deal or am I missing some numbers that I need to question the dealer about. If anyone has purchased a zx3 from the Florida area and knows about the $399 charge (is it negotiable??) please respond to this post. Thanks in advance for all and any info.
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    I bought my silver ZX3 5-speed with A/C, floormats, and the smoker's package and paid $26 UNDER Edmunds factory invoice price - and was able to take advantage of Ford 4.9% financing to boot. This is truck country, and dealers will do anything to sell an economy car like the ZX3 in order to get it off the lot. I think Ford must sell the Focus as a loss leader to keep their Corporate Average Fuel Economy numbers up. What they want to do is sell nothing but high dollar, high profit SUVs and pick-ups, but the government is watching their CAFE numbers closely.
  • focuszx3rfocuszx3r Posts: 92
    I paid 12,000 for my ZX3 with no options. I didnt get a/c or anything. The car is on order and I cant wait to get it If you pay more then 13,000 for this car, why are you buying it?
  • tickbittytickbitty Posts: 250
    through CarOrder (mid December order) I finally just got my ZX3 with AC, ABS, & floormats for (drum roll) 11,677. Invoice, 12,600, sticker, 13,500. How you like them apples?
  • tognetertogneter Posts: 245
    I paid 14,300 (300 over invoice) for a siver 5-speed w/ everything (except AT, of course).

    I went to Harris Ford in Lynnwood, WA. My dealer was a guy named Steve/Buzz. He was the nicest dealer I've worked with, and went out of his way to help me in many ways (including financing with a sketchy credit past after college). I highly recommend that Seattle area people look at this lot. DO NOT go to Prestige in Bellevue. They are a rip-off...and slimy.

    Steve actually found a car in Oregon with my specs and suggested I NOT buy it because the dealer's daughter had put 300 miles on it. I've never had a dealer talk me out of a car before.

    Delivery did take almost 3 months, but it was worth it!
  • geometrygeometry Posts: 1
  • mamiledmamiled Posts: 3
    I have purchased a 2000 Ford Focus ZX3. I paid 13,700 for AC, Power Windows, Power Locks, ABS and AC. That price does NOT include tax and title etc. So this car is truly going to be around 14,600. Does anyone else think this is a bit much?! I am thinking about canceling my order and going with a regular dealership. I ordered this through a special promotion with the military. Any suggestions?
  • catsoftcatsoft Posts: 15
    mamiled, if $13700 includes the $465 destination charge it sound reasonable. With those options the invoice price is $13443. That's less than 2% over invoice. Dealers here swear they won't go below 3% over invoice (not entirely true, see my next posting). If the destination charge is not included that makes it 5.6% over invoice. I'd say you can do better than that.
  • mamiledmamiled Posts: 3
    Thanks catsoft, was beginning to worry. I guess its not too bad afterall, that tax thing just kills me though! I ordered this car about 3 months ago and just got to test drive it this weekend. Little different than a Lumina (ok no comparison) but its a sporty little thing. Hopefully the 6'2" boyfriend can sit in the passenger seat...the dealer was same height but about 275 pounds and looked a little uncomfortable!
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