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2010 VW Golf



  • The Golf TDI is supposed to sit higher, something like 15 mm, which is still lower than the gas Golf. The interior of the GTD has better supported seats and the front grill is a different pattern and trimmed in red. The engine of the TDI is 140 hp while the GTD is supposed to get 180.
  • I can't wait to drive this thing. I hope I'm not too tall for it (6'3"). Is back seat room miniscule or can it fit 2 adults for an hour long ride?
  • i'm short but i know folks with the mk5 who are 6'4" and have plenty of head room. the mk6 is even better for head room. the back seats are pretty spacious from what i've read so i think it should be plenty comfortable.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,678
    VW cars are more comfortable for us tall fellows than anything out of Japan. I have a 6'7" friend that drives a New Beetle and a Town Car. He likes the head room better in his Beetle. I sat in the GTI and it had great seats and plenty of head room. IMO Civic and Accord are the worst for head room.
  • What will the stock wheels look like? Anyone know?
  • These are the 17" Porto wheels that will come stock on the TDI.
  • The Golf TDI is supposed to sit higher, something like 15 mm, which is still lower than the gas Golf. The interior of the GTD has better supported seats and the front grill is a different pattern and trimmed in red. The engine of the TDI is 140 hp while the GTD is supposed to get 180.

    actually its 170, and only the gti gets the red trim. the gtd will be a different color.

    the GTD is basically a GTI diesel.

    and its not coming to the states. they MAY offer the gtd interior and suspension settings, but it wont have the power of the real GTD as its supposed to be a stand alone model, not just a comsetic exercise.
  • After waiting for the new Golf to come to the states, and after admiring the 2010 model on a recent trip to Europe, I'm very disappointed in the U.S. specs.
    You cannot get a gasoline 5-door model with a manual transmission.
    Furthermore, the gas version of the 2010 Golf does not have the center armrest storage. You have to upgrade to the TDI to get these features.
  • ike3ike3 Posts: 81
    I share your disappointment too. Blame it on the importer, VWOA. Check out the site, which is the Canadian version. Their importer includes the front arm rest as standard in non-TDI Golf's, 3 or 5 door version. So, I would guess you can have it installed by your dealer as an option in the US version. I was disappointed that only
    one color choice was, and that's it. Why not a choice, such as beige
    or gray? As far as TDI is concerned, overpriced and limited availability. I'll stick with
    the gas model, thank you very much VWOA.
  • Checking the Canadian specs on the 5-door 2.5 just infuriates me more! Thanks for sharing.
  • puffin1puffin1 Posts: 276
    When I bought My Type S Acura the Canadian version came with heated seats, mine didn't.
    Well,I went to look at the VW Golf Friday and the TDI was around $24k and no way were they going to budge.I thought it was way over priced.
    So,if I buy I get the gas 3dr HB Golf manual.
    What do you think I'd get for real milage?
    I think that this economy is going to still remain the way it is and next summer there will be more deals.
    However, the places Iv'e been to you have to get a salesman off his duff to help you. :sick:
  • Puffin

    You saw a Golf TDI in person already? Where do you live? And they seemed firm on MSRP you say? Did you test drive one? More details, puffin.
  • how is the tdi version overpriced?

    its just as expensive, if not less, than comprable hybrids, and only slighlty more expensive (or right on par) with the decked out top level versions of other compacts.

    and its far nicer on the inside to boot.

    your dissapointed with an armrest? so get the add on and pay the extra. the rabbit didnt get one either in base 2 door guise, this is nothing new. if its new to you, you have been out of it my friend, and this is all typical vwoa stuff.

    how can you be impressed with a car, then totally underwhelmed because it doesn't include an armrest? thats a bit nitpicky right? if its THAT important, you will shell out the extra dough.

    i fail to see how the tdi is overpriced. its so well equipped. and unlike top level versions of the nissan sentra, mazda 3 and honda civic, it offers a substantial fuel economy advantage, even if you are paying more for fuel.
  • considering candadian prices are out the roof, 24k for a tdi is a steal. thats what they cost in the states. there are civics that cost that much here.

    im really not getting this tdi is overpriced crap.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    A 2009 Civic Hybrid is $27,350 in Canada, plus there is a choice of the Golf City starting at $15,300 which is an absolute bargain, so I have no sympathy for the complaints of Golf TDI prices in Canada.
  • I sent an email via complaining about VW not offering a well-equipped 5-door manual with the 2.5L engine. I told the VW people they lost a sale. Here is the response:

    Thank you for contacting the Volkswagen website. We appreciate your
    interest in the 2010 Golf VI!

    At this time, there are no plans to offer the Golf VI 4-door with the
    2.5L engine in a manual. We apologize for any disappointment this may
    have caused.

    Since VW is supposed to project a sporty, upscale, European image, isn't it a shame that I'll probably now buy a Subaru 5-door with a manual???
  • uh, just because they dont sell a manual transmission doesnt meant the car is no longer sporty. just because it would be a tad sportier with one doesn't mean its lost all sporting pre-tensions.

    besides, they are a company that just so happens to offer the sportiest mass produced transmission available: the dsg. sure its not offered on the 2.5, but you are making it sound like the golf is just a drag to drive now. if you are totally dependent on manual trannies to for your driving enjoyment, there is a plethora of other cars out there for you. honestly, 4 door 2.5 manual transmission drivers represent a very small specfiic demographic.
  • Cars with automatics can seem sporty, but I'm among the few who think an automatic takes a lot of fun and a sense of control out of driving. If I wanted an automatic, I would be shopping in another automotive category. Call me old-fashioned, but after enjoying having a clutch and a stick-shift in every car I've owned since 1983, from Toyotas to Saabs, I'm unwilling to "settle" for a slushbox and let a computer shift for me.

    I've seen specs on this new Golf posted on VW's Euro and Canadian websites and think VW is cutting corners and eliminating customers who strongly prefer to shift their own gears. I could get a boring-looking Jetta with 5-speed manual, but as a city dweller with only one car, prefer that 5-door body style for its versality and sportiness.

    We had a 2000 Golf 1.8T, loaded with a 5-speed, and it was a blast to drive.

    Looking forward to see the new GTI specs, but not the plaid upholstery, higher sticker price and higher insurance rates.

    As for your suggestion to check out a "plethora" of other cars with manual transmissions, what is your definition of "plethora"?

    I don't want a stripped Toyota, a ubiquitous Honda, Focus, etc. I wanted an affordable German car again -- especially after the 2000 Golf.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,406
    Any car is a drag to drive with an automatic. My brothers 530i is boring to drive with an automatic, and my Accord is fun to drive with a stick shift.

    VW dropped the ball on this. No excuse. They don't need seperate epa testing just because of two more doors. The 4 door is the more practical car, why not match it with the more practical transmission. Just plain silly. Look at sales of the Jetta wagon - mostly TDI because the people that want the efficient body (most room) also want the efficient engine.

    Honda did something similar with the super effecient Civic from a few years back (hx?). They only offered it on the two door - a super efficient engine only available on the least efficient body style. I would have snatched up a 4 door in a heartbeat, but a two door was not even on the radar.

    The thing is people looking for two doors can always opt for the 4 door, but those of us with kids that need 4 doors cannot consider a two door. If anything the limited availability options should be on the two door.
  • "...but not the plaid upholstery".

    Oh man - I think that is really nice looking. Very "guys cabin" feel to it. I love it personally. Wish they'd option it on the regular golf tdi.
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