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Toyota Venza New Owners Report

steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,012
Please report on your experiences driving your new Toyota Venza here.


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  • merrelmerrel Posts: 45
    Just took delivery of the 2009 Venza 6 cylinder in Golden Umber. Looks like the 2001 Roman Bronze which Jaguar made for one year only. Great color. I mounted my Garmin Nuvi on the dash instead of paying $2750 for a GPS package, etc. One important option which is NOT available from Toyota is 2 memory seats. I miss that badly. Sorry they put 20" tires on this. Michelins are $268 each when you go to replace them. 18" would have been more than sufficient. Car rides great and well appointed interior.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,012
    Some photos posted on your CarSpace page would be nice to see.

    /hint. :shades:

    Congrats on the new ride!

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  • imageproimagepro Posts: 7
    I have barely 900 miles on my Venza and was hit in the rear bumper on Saturday. I have to admit the Venza is built well. The truck the hit me had its bumper crushed right in. The plastic on the Venza just got scuffed. I looked under the car and there is a very sturdy brace behind the the plastic no damage to that. As for the car I do like it and has plenty of power( I have the V6) there is a bit of wind noise in the front pillars. I ready like the way you get into it. No climbing up or bending down.
  • berriberri Posts: 4,141
    You should still have it inspected before you settle. Often there can be more hidden damage than you think. Hopefully you made out.
  • deepsouthdeepsouth Posts: 30
    Tell me how to post pictures on here and I will; I have some I took with a fish eye lense and they look great. I have them on my desk top and everytime i try to email them it won't let me for some reason. I have a golden Umber v6 fwd, Nav, pano roof, mudgaurds, pack 2, extra tint on side windows,
  • wingrwingr Posts: 5
    Why not just upload them to Pbase or Flicker and post the link?

    Here's my two-week old;
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,012
    You can also upload them to your CarSpace page. Either way, you need to have a place to "host" the photos - you can't just email them or post them right in the message here without a URL to link to.

    Pic posting instructions are in the Help link below at the bottom right of the page.

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  • linnettlinnett Posts: 19
    Congratulations on your new Venza! I live in an older community with some roads in need of repair and railroad tracks that must be crossed to run almost any errand. My test drive was not as "cushioned" as I had hoped for. How do you find the "ride" for comfort?
  • wingrwingr Posts: 5
    For a Toyota, I was happy to find it pretty compliant and composed with NY/NJ roads. I'm coming from an Audi A6, so I'm used to feeling the road without being unduly impacted. I don't like the typical bouncy SUV or too distant Cadillac isolation.
  • Mine is one month old and I already put in 3000 miles on it. No issues at all. Getting a lot of comments from people on the road and parking lot how nice the car is.

    I got the classic silver and premium package 2...
  • linnettlinnett Posts: 19
    I really like the way it looks inside and out both. Ok, I probably just need to accept that I live in a place with more bumps per road mile. It was my only complaint about my test drive. I didn't think the blind spot issue was bad since the outside mirrors are so big.

    I may get one of these cushions and see if that helps a bit.

    Any one ever heard of 5 Star Shine? I'm not likely to be good about washing and waxing even the Venza, so this looks like an interesting idea.

    Teflon (I think there may be some in this product) is always a good thing and I plan to keep this car a long time.

    I plan on the Premium Package 2 as well. I love the idea of the back up camera in the large Nav Screen!
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,012
    I think the Teflon mop & glow packages are gimmicks. I don't even bother waxing my cars - paint's a lot better these days and washing will shine them up nicely. Here's a blast from the past:

    tinytoo, "Teflon Paint Sealants Revisited" #1, 9 Jul 2003 12:13 pm

    Check out Store Bought Waxes Part II (No Zaino Posts) for lots of suggestions.

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  • headclamheadclam Posts: 1
    I bought my Venza about two weeks ago after driving an older Chrysler Concorde LXI. The experience has been eye-opening considering all the changes in cars. I love this white Venza 6 cylinder with NAV and moon roofs. Love the Smart Key feature and the storage area I never had before. The interior is quite nice and so many places to store things. The back-up camera is great and auto door feature for the hatch so convenient.

    I think the Venza drives smoothly and I am really enjoying my purchase. the place where I bought the car has been so helpful and checks with me weekly to see if there is anything I need from them. I couldn't be happier.
  • linnettlinnett Posts: 19
    Thank you Steve!

    The last discussion of paint protection was in 2003?

    I can just rinse it with clear water when it gets dusty or covered with pollen? Can it just air dry or must I hand dry it?

    I'm wondering which paint will look better twelve years out, Blizzard White or the medium blue of Tropical Sea? :blush:
  • linnettlinnett Posts: 19

    I'm making my Venza purchase while :) driving a very old Accura sedan. All the bells and whistles (more than an avalon or camry would give me) are a delight to me too. The back up camera in the big Nav screen will be really nice. Between that and the huge outside mirrors I think the rear visualization and blind spot concerns are answered to my satisfaction. :)
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,012
    The last discussion of paint protection was in 2003?

    The Teflon gimmick is a pretty old fad.

    Can't help you on the color - my 12 year old car is red. And my 10 year old one is silver. The paint seems to be holding up fine on both of them. I like white cars, and like the medium blue ones too. Just don't get a black one unless you really enjoy washing and dusting. :shades:

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  • david_k1david_k1 Posts: 39
    1) Does anyone have a Venza with dealer installed mud flaps ??- I think it is a SE toyota "option".
    2) Any photos of your Venza WITH these installed???
    3) Any supplier that you know of offering these for sale (besides E-Bay)???

    Thanks from the Great NW (where we have MUD as well!!)
  • Just bought a new Venza yesterday and after getting home I noticed that the rear wheel wells don't have the same black plastic lining that my other cars (or the front wheel wells for that matter) have. There is just a fuzzy grey material - like insulation - and body colored metal.

    Could someone please look at their wheel wells and tell me if yours is the same?

  • md_outbackmd_outback Posts: 185
    Hey hansonclan,
    Don't worry, nothing is missing. The fuzzy, felt-like material is normal and I've seen the same stuff in a number of vehicles I have owned since about the 2001 model year. My wife's Lexus has the exact same stuff. I think it is used as a sound insulation. My guess is that they don't use it for the front wheel wells because it cannot handle the higher heat from the front brakes and engine compartment. I have not had any problems with the "fuzzy" stuff holding dirt and road grime, but I always hose off the wheel wells whenever I wash my cars.

  • Have my Venza AWD V6 for 2 months/3000 mil. Silky smooth for two weeks. Then Unusual griding/clunk noice with every shifting(P to R or D). Particularly bad in the morning. The noice is getting worse. 3 days ago, the car would not move for more than 2 minute on Reverse when start in the morning. The VSC sign stayed on. Turned off engine/ restarted, the car moved. In the afternoon, the car would not move for more than 15 seconds on Drive, then jumped forward all the sudden. What a let down for this expensive Toyota (traded in a 2000 Avalon).

    The Tech confirmed the unusual noice but not the other problem and said that other new Venza also have similar noice issues I knew other venza owners in this forum reported similar problems with the transmission and start up. Manufacture defect?
    Toyota needs to get to the buttom of this.

    I do not feel safe driving the Venza with an erractic transmission. I will report back with more info as well as the repair results.
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