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Toyota Venza New Owners Report



  • cheers1cheers1 Posts: 1
    We have a 2011 Venza and a 2001 Sienna. The bumper of the Venza looks like it is the 10 year old vehicle. Dealer said it was the "bad winter" which the Sienna seems to have handled just fine. Not only are there chips, there are large flakes of paint down to the black of the plastic bumper. We do not do high pressure car washes, we do not drive on gravel roads but the bumper is a mess. Would highly recommend a 3M protector for the front of a Venza until this is corrected.
  • sr8474sr8474 Posts: 6
    I have not had the opportunity to test drive or ride in a Venza at night. I'm curious if someone could share if the radio and bluetooth controls are illuminated?
  • jaimel2jaimel2 Posts: 5
    Yes, they are illuminated on the dash board but not on the steering wheel.
  • sr8474sr8474 Posts: 6
    Thanks for the information regarding the steering wheel controls NOT being illuminated at night. Unfortunately, this is a deal breaker for me....reminds me too much of the late 90's era Acura's which required the overhead light in order to locate the cruise control and other functions while driving at night. Hopefully they correct this during the cycle mid-fresh since both the Camry and Highlander appear to have illuminated controls on the steering wheel.
  • yes, I have an 09, v6 with all-wheel drive, equalent to the XLE model and steer-wheel controls are illmuniated at night.
  • Just bought a Toyota Venza 2011 V6 AWD, Premium Package #2, all in! MSRP: 39k, Deal: 32.5K!!! After $1000 Toyota Rebate included.
  • Sounds like a VERY good deal...where did you buy it?
  • That sounds like a great deal. With the 2012s coming out in few weeks, should see some good offers on the remaining 2011s.
  • su922su922 Posts: 9
    Does anyone know why in the world Toyota would leave off an extension for the Venza's sun visors, or if there is a fix for it that doesn't look too cheesy? My commute to and from work is in the exact direction which allows the sun to poke in my side window at the exact place where the extensionless visors end. And, yes, the side windows are tinted.

    I've owned several kinds of Toyotas over the past 25 years and although the Venza is great in so many ways, I am disappointed, in general, in the quality of product Toyota is making these days. I was hoping this would be the last automobile I would have to buy for a long, long time, but now I'm not so sure.
  • i work with a lady who has a silver 2010 venza,her front bumber had dime and quarter size chips she was told came from debree form the road. she was driving home in the rain very hard when something flew up on windshield it was a large section of paint from the bumper dealer contacted zone rep who agreed to repaint bumper they had the car for over 2 weeks kept telling her they hadn't got to it yet, when it was ready they told her they repainted it twice due to paint wouldn't stay on, they ended up getting a new bumper from toyota. they said they were having problems with the bumbers
  • Greetings:
    I agree that the sun visor should extend back to cover the portion of the window where the driver sits to block out the sun. I had a 2002 Lexus ES300 that had the extending visors - they would extend back on the rod nearly 5" to provide excellent blockage of the sun. Have you noticed that the back side of the visor, when it is folded down against the windshield, has a very rough seam along the mid-portion where the rest of the seam is smooth and appears to be sewn not glued.

    I've had my 2011 FWD V6 for nearly 6 weeks and upon close inspection there are several fit/finish issues that my 2007 Highlander Hybrid never had. Unfortunately, I have an eye for detail and most people wouldn't notice the things I do. Although the Venza is a very nice car with great features, it's not as good as the Highlander I traded in. I don't have buyers remorse as I got a very good deal on the Venza but since this is advertised as a 'premium' Toyota I expected better. At least everything works as it should and I've had no issues at all with the Venza, I only hope it will serve me as well as the Highlander did.
    Not sure if there is an aftermarket sun visor extension rod available but maybe you could get a visor from a Lexus RX since it is very similar to the Venza in many ways.

    Regards - M. J. McCloskey
  • mbcacmbcac Posts: 1
    After test driving multiple 2011 Venza FWD models (both V4 and V6), purchased a well equipped V6 FWD. Immediate reaction was that ride was very rough, much different than test drive models. Determined that dealer delivered vehicle with excessive tire pressure. Adjusted all four tires to recommended pressure but found no noticeable change in ride quality. Drove vehicle approximately 200 miles on mostly highway roads and car exhibited excessive and consistent bounce.

    Concerned about safety, took the vehicle to a dealer and had a technician take a highway ride with me. When we returned to dealership, service manager asked tech his impressions of the ride. He answered "horrible", said it was stiffer and bouncier than a Tundra or Tacoma. They put car on a lift and found no obvious technical issues. They called Toyota who said there are no known technical issues and claimed that a "stiff" ride is typical.

    Although we liked the vehicle very much, we were unwilling to accept a truck like ride from a passenger car. My other vehicle is a 2006 Honda Pilot and the ride quality of the Pilot with 78,000 miles was significantly smoother than this brand new car.

    We contacted the selling dealer and explained that this vehicle was not indicative of other Venza's and that we wanted to return the vehicle and void the sale. To their credit, they agreed to return the car for full credit. This was a remarkable act of customer service and we will certainly make every effort to buy another vehicle from this dealer.

    To those looking to buy a Venza, make sure you take a highway test drive with the actual vehicle you intend to purchase. Buyer beware!
  • Can't complain about a rough ride, but we did have some road handling issues with our 2009 certified used Venza with 8,000 miles on it. Finally took it to the dealer and they recalibrated the alignments. Drove much better, but seems to get "out of whack" easier than previous cars I have owned. The wind noise in this car is my biggest issue. On a windy day it is horrible; on a normal day it's annoying at the least. I have put down rugs and mats in the back but it doesn't help much. Only when the back has some cargo in it does it make a difference and then not nearly enough. The Venza is very stylish, seats are comfortable, and it drives well enough (albeit keeping the alignments in balance), but I would agree that Toyota has cut some corners on the car. Considering the price tag on the Venzas, I would expect a more complete quality package. Interior materials are not the quality they should be, wind noise is unacceptable, and overall equipment details are just not what you would expect. For example, there is a tire pressure monitor light, but it doesn't tell me which tire is low. My KIA Sedona van took it one step further and indicated which tire was low. Very helpful! If KIA can do it, why not Toyota? I'll drive this Venza for awhile, but I'm headed back to KIA or Hyundai one of these days. More bang for the buck and reliability is great. I never had an issue for the 75,000 miles I drove my Sedona.
  • I am waiting for a 2012 venza to drive and to compare to a 2012 HL. not sure which one I will go with.

    I have test driven several vehicles with 20" low profile tires, e.g. Ford Edge, Venza, etc. They all give a harsher ride than cars with higher profile tires.

    I was not bothered by the venza (and I verified the tire pressure before the test drives), both in the street or on the highway. It certainly gives a less smooth ride than the 2011 HL v6 with fairly large tires, but with a more foregiving profile. Hope that helps. rr70
  • I also made the mistake of not highway testing my 4 CYL AWD Venza before buying. Passengers in the back seat cannot wait to get out. I took my Venza on a roadtrip. After 2 hours I was ready to shoot myself. My wife had to climb in the back seat and tend to our newborn and the backseat ride was worse yet. I am planning to return our venza in hopes of getting something else.

    This is our second Venza within 4 months. After several trips to the dealer, they were unable to get the used V6 AWD Venza that we purchased to go down the road striaght. they determined that the car must have been wrecked and decided to give us our money back.

    Buying a Venza has been one of the worse decisions of my life.. I stuck with a car that rides like crap..
  • su922su922 Posts: 9
    Great idea to check on an RX visor. I too traded in a 2008 HL Limited (only because it was just too big for me to handle easily), but I have regretted it simply because of the little things Toyota scrimped on like the visor and cheaper finishes. Plus, the ride is definitely not that of a "premium" vehicle.

    If the RX wasn't so expensive to own I would get another one, but we are looking at retiring in a couple of years and just don't need that kind of expense.

    Thanks for your idea for the visor.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    You might try dropping back to 17" or even 16" wheels thereby having a taller tire sidewall to help absorb the bumps. Slightly wider doesn't hurt either, more roadbed contact CSA, mine are 17X8.
  • 2011 FWD, I4, Aloe Green Metallic
    Panoramic Sunroof, Pushbutton start package.

    I am close to my second tank of gas at a somewhat disappointing 25mpg. Aside from hopes of better fuel mileage I like it!
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,006
    Sounds sweet, congrats!

    Just give it some time. Some people get good mpg right away but my minivan took 10,000 miles to really hit its stride with good mpg.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • Greetings:

    The mileage you are getting is quite good and will certainly improve with more miles driven.

    I have a 2011 FWD V6 and am getting an average of 24.5mpg (calculated manually) with a bit over 1600 miles since my purchase in mid-October. I realize the I4 will get overall better mpg than the V6 but the V6 is extremely quiet and even under brisk acceleration it's still barely detectable. Some owner reviews have commented on the I4 being a bit noisy under heavy acceleration but I guess it all depends on how sensitive you are to certain sounds.

    Regards - M. J. McCloskey
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