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Sticker on Acura Type R

cburkecburke Posts: 1
edited March 14 in Acura
I'm considering buying a new Acura Integra Type R,
and from what I understand the demand is very high
for this vehicle (and the supply is very limited).
In this situation, can I expect to pay sticker
for this car and not get any concessions from the
salesperson? Any tips/suggestions?


  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    You will pay sticker unless the dealer has 2 or 3 of them sitting in the lot which is not likely.
    Sometimes people will pull out of the deal and if it's at the end of the month some salesmen want to get in as many sales as they can so they 'll let it go for sticker. Under sticker would be very hard to do. Most dealers want $2K or so more than sticker for the Type-R!!
    My brother got his for sticker in '98.
    I believe the car is worth paying sticker for but not more than that. Sticker is almost $25K and that's the most I 'd pay for a 4cyl. car right now even if it's one of the best handling FWD cars in the US.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    Motortrend TV had a road test of the '00 ITR on Speedvision cable channel.

    0-60 in 6.2s!!
    1/4 mi in 14.8s!

    They were supposed to compare it to the Celica
    GT-S but they didn't do it. They probably got paid by Toyota NOT to do it.. :)
  • lperrylperry Posts: 4
    I stopped into a Acura dealer in Kansas who happened to have a beautiful black 2000 Type R. The price was $24100, non-negotiable. I own a 95 Integra and he still wouldn't let me test drive it without a loan approval. A guy in town has a new yellow one. White, black, or yellow the car looks great. If you have $25000 to spend on a car and you want a front driver, i wouldn't let one slip away if you can get one. After all, you only live once! By the way, I have seen 3 different ads for used 97-98 Type Rs, and prices ranged from $22,900 to $24,500 so you would not save any buying used, plus you could not get colors.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    I 've seen one '97 ITR for $18.5K with 22k mi. and a '98 w/10k mi. for $20K. They both got sold within a week. This was last fall/winter before the '00 was out. I live around NY City which is a very expensive area. I can't believe people are asking over $22K where you live..
    The problem with used Type-R's is that people race them (auto-x) in the spring & summer so they kind of abused you could say. $18-20K is still a good deal with low miles but I wouldn't pay over $20K for a used one. My brother has a '98 ITR with 9k mi. on it. We 'll see how much I can get it for in about a year when he sells it. :-)
    For now, I 'll just keep modding the GSR :(
  • dhoffdhoff Posts: 282
    I was a little misled my the title to this topic - I thought for sure someone would be asking where to get a Type R sticker to put on a regular Integra!

    I have seen a lot of those, but I've never seen a real Type R.

  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    have seen real Type-Rs. Most owners only drive them on the weekends or to go to the races. Many Type-R owners race their cars (autocross or road-course racing, not drag racing) because of the car's great handling characteristics and then they lock them up in the garage. There is a very high theft rate of Type-Rs and their motors are highly sought after in the black market. I know 4 people that got their Type-R's stolen (a lot more who lost their GSRs to thieves) and 2 others whose Type-Rs got broken into but chased the thieves away just in time.
    Go to your local autocross racing event and you 'll probably see one or two there or go to an "imports day/night" type of event and I 'm sure you 'll see a couple there. At one time my brother and I had managed to invite 6 Type-Rs to go racing with us. That was the most Type-R's I 've seen together, parked next to each other. There were 2 yellow, 3 white and 1 black. There were like a hundred people around them taking pictures!
    There are many ways to tell if a Type-R is real or not but if you have never seen one, how do you know that they 're fake?
    I must admit, besides my brother's, I 've only seen 3-4 other Type-Rs on the road in the last 3 years. But I have seen a total of 9 or more at racing events I participate in.
    I seem to see a lot more S2000s than Type-Rs but then again the S2000 is not a limited production vehicle. I see an S2000 every couple of weeks and I think I 've seen it in every color it comes in.
  • alexjtalexjt Posts: 1
    so far ive only come into contact with 2 so far. one on the freeway which beat my car by what seemed like hundreds of miles. and the 2nd one i almost got to drive since my buddy and i went drinking and he got drunk so i offered to drive him home and in his car. sadly that preivlage went to his girl friend who in my opinion was more drunk. also ive tried to get one but so far ive had no luck at all. which pisses me off since i had the chance to get one but a friend from work told me to wait to see the celcia gts which he said would be better. dum mistake. oh well i guess ill have to get my friend drunk again to get my chance to drive a type R.
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