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Tacoma unintentional acceleration

dkshdwsdkshdws Posts: 2
I just filed a complaint with the NHTSA concerning unintended acceleration!

I bought my 2005 Tacoma about 2 months ago. I have experienced this problem three times now. The last time being tonight after picking up my daughter at work. The truck was accelerating and I was literally standing on the brake and the engine was racing and would not stop. I through it into Neutral and it sounded like it was going to explode!
I have no rugs in my vehicle, it did not come with any, and I was going to get the all weather mats, but have not bought them yet. The cruise control was not engaged.
I do consider myself to be a fairly experienced driver, I use to race a 70 Chevelle in the 1/4 mile (This was many years ago.), if I did not have such experience I am sure I would have ran the car up a tree or something.
I am scared, I have beat cancer twice and Ill be damned if I am going to let a faulty Tacoma take me out!

Is there a mod or something that will lock out the gas feed with brake application, if not can this be done easily?




  • sree03sree03 Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 Toyota Tacoma. On March 8, 2009 while travelling on the Parkway near the Pittsburgh PA International Airport, I accelerated to pass a vehicle in the middle lane. The throttle stuck wide open and I was travelling as fast as this vehicle could go, I put 1 foot on the brake, both feet on the brake - was standing on the brake and I was speeding down the parkway. I noticed a gravel berm to the right side of the road and thought about "Runaway Truck Ramps" but knew that I would probably flip the vehicle. I put the Tacoma in Neutral - the engine was screaming, both feet still on the brake, I eased off to the berm and I was still propelled down the berm from the speed of this vehicle. The engine was "screaming". I shut the ignition off. I have contacted Toyota, NHTSA, Lemon Law and have had no luck, they blame it on the "All Purpose Rubber Mats". This vehicle is a "DEATH TRAP" and someone is going to get killed - if they haven't already...Toyota's Nicole Redd/California told me that I was fixated on "What If, What If" and should be concentrating on "What Is - What Is" AND if the problem occurs again, I know how to handle it. YOU SHOULD NOT BE AFRAID TO DRIVE ANY VEHICLE. I have contacted our Insurance Carrier and have it in writing that if I am killed in this vehicle that it's TOYOTA'S FAULT.
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