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Lexus dealerships' questionable practices



  • faellaffaellaf Posts: 6
    Posting a followup on my complaint against Lexus. Called LFS and explained why I felt the vehicle inspection was "fraudulent" and what proof I had to back it up. LFS rep. agreed that the wear on the tires was "not possible" and that they would cancel the billling (including the dent repair charge). I followed up with a letter to LFS detailing our conversation and am waiting for a notice that the billing has been cancelled. Still feel the dealer/inspector are involved in playing games like this.
  • MikeMike Posts: 13
    Just wondering if it is possible to get our ES350 warranty work done at a Toyota dealer. We live about 70 miles from a Lexus dealer. This seems like it will not be a major issue. The car seems quite bullet proof, but, I need a programming adjustment for the door lock/unlock logic. Thanks,

  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    My father and I have leased vehicles from Infiniti, Acura, and Merecedes so when it comes to leasing luxury vehicles we are knowledgeable and know how the leasing works; I developed a bad back problem and wanted to lease a Lexus because they have really comfortable rides and seats; I'm not going to name names but two seperate Lexus dealers in eastern PA have questionable and dishonest leasing practices; they like to play around with numbers and really screw the customer over; with all our previous luxury leases we typically put about 2-3k down and pay around 53-54% of the list price at the end of a 3-4 year lease; any more % of the total MSRP of that would devoid the purpose of leasing and you would finance; both Lexus dealers wanted us to pay almost 75% of the list price at the end of a 3 year lease and told us our $3000 down payment wouldn't be considered part of the total leasing payment; I have never heard of something more ridiculous in my life; none of the other luxury automakers pulled this on us and our down payment was really treated like play money that went down the toilet in the eyes of both lexus dealers; when I finally got down to a monthly payment that would be about 54% of the list MRSP at the end of the lease the sales women pulled the crap that "oh that doesn't include taxes/titles/interest etc and by the time they were done the monthly payment went up almost $80 dollars more a month and ended up being 63% of the list msrp at the end of the lease;

    I don't know if anyone else who has leased a lexus has had this problem but it is very dishonest and its good I'm on the ball and watch when the salesman try to throw numbers around real quick to try and confuse you; I was so shocked and amazed at what I witnessed that I couldn't believe it; lexus makes really nice products but they are no better than mercedes or infiniti that I'm gonna pay 2/3 the price of a vehicle at the end of a lease; that devoids the purpose of leasing a vehicle rather than financing it

    Let this be a lesson to make sure you shop around when leasing or buying a vehicle because the deception/dishonesty at some dealerships are just staggering; I will admit there have been a few dealers who are very honest and I would do business with again
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Throughout the US the automotive dealers assoc. has been VERY sucessful in getting the states to pass laws protecting them from oversight, control, by the manufacturers.

    That's moreso why the dealers can get away with such activity than the manufacturers setting these policies.
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