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Mercedes-Benz GLK technical problem

hi ,i bought glk 350 4 matic ,if drive there is some sound coming in the back .anybody have problem.


  • greasykid1greasykid1 Posts: 336
    Have same car for 2 months. No problems,no strange sounds.
  • Although the car is so new, does anyone know of a all terrain tire to fit the 19" wheels? I went to the dealer, but according to them, I'll have to replace the wheel with 17 or 18". Thanks for the help.....
  • greasykid1greasykid1 Posts: 336
    Call Tirerack or go to their site.
  • cindyhan314cindyhan314 Posts: 23
    Anyone know is there a rear light control somewhere around back seats? could n't find it.
    and, does cargo cover comes free with the car or need to pay for it?
  • barry626barry626 Posts: 78
    Rear has two map light buttons to turn on & off.
    Cargo cover does not come free, it cost $240.00.
  • cindyhan314cindyhan314 Posts: 23
    Where exactly the buttonls located pls? Only found one above the driver in front.
  • psdesertratpsdesertrat Posts: 11
    If you have the interior light package,then I think the rear fixture has 2 reading lamps with just on/off buttons. There are also LED's above each of the door handles. They are controlled with the knob that dims the dash lighting.
  • cindyhan314cindyhan314 Posts: 23
    i have my car loaded with most packages (prem,multi,sport), but guess not "interior light package". Thought that should comes with basic, really doesn't make any sense to make it optional.
    Can i add it on after purchase? or, is that a good idea to do so?
  • barry626barry626 Posts: 78
    Light package I have comes with the "Leather Package".
    Rear buttons to turn on & off.
    Inside door handles LED lights.
    All 4 doors have lights on bottom when open doors.
  • I purchased a new 2010 GLK in April. About 1-1/2 months into owning the car, I heard a popping noise coming from the rear of the vehicle. I took the car into servicing on June 30th and technicians quickly found and acknowledged the noise. It turns out - after taking apart the passenger side rear cargo paneling - that some tack welding on the frame did not take place during car assembly in Germany.

    This is causing two metal pieces to rub and pop while driving the vehicle. An MBUSA chassis technician had to visit the dealership's service department to view the problem. It has taken MBUSA until July 10th to offer a possible repair solution and they still aren't confident this will work 100%.

    So beware you fellow GLK owners, if you purchased from the first few production lots you could possibly be driving around with the same problem. Although the dealership has been truthful regarding the situation, I am none too happy with my MB experience. I switched from owning BMWs over the past 10 years and never had a problem with build quality and workmanship like I am now 3 months into owning my first MB.

    I would like to find out if any of you have experienced this same type of problem and if so, how was the matter resolved.

    By the way, I have been in a rental car now for over 1 week and I'm still working with my dealership’s service department and MBUSA on finding a suitable solution.
  • be325be325 Posts: 91
    We were thinking of giving GLK a serious look (it would be our first SUV) and we wonder why did you move from X3 to GLK. Share with us the aspects of BMW X3 you did not like and help people like us in decision-making.
  • I'm not quite sure where to start....First, the ride is much more compliant and quiet. The X3 rode like a truck.The seats are more comfortable. The phone system, which I use alot while driving, is more user friendly (4 ways to dial a number), and I really like the TeleAid service.

    The cup holders are better, the storage is better, and BMW would not deal with me, I paid invoice plus a very low interest rate for the MB, and my dealer gave me exactly what I wanted for my trade.

    I've owned over 40 vehicles in 40 years of driving and each vehicle keeps getting better, but this is the best yet. I have 5 cars in the driveway and I've owned this GLK for 3 months and it has over 6k miles and not a flaw yet. I took it in for a tire rotation and was told it didn't need it, they were all wearing evenly (4matic). That was a first.

    As for Texascielo's problem, my last car, a new 08 CTS-4 was in the shop 6 times for one problem, 5 times for another plus the voice recognition was never hooked up at the factory, and then I was made out to be a idiot from the service dept. You never really know if you're going to get a problem child or a problem free vehicle.

    Ultimately, you have to spend time with each. The dealership's treatment of you can make or break the deal.

    Enjoy the time,
  • dedewhalededewhale Posts: 2
    I leased a 2006 x3 and the lease is ending next week and I just bought a GLK because of the low financing. I loved driving my x3 and thought it was a lot of fun, my issues with the car was the interior was extremely cheap and easily smudged and some of the sticker covers are starting to peal off. I would get a BMW but the dealer was a major pain and the cost was way to much. BMW inflated residuals previously and now has readjusted them so leasing is not a good option. Interest rates are alos very poor on the x3....the x5 is where the deals are but it was to big for me.

    Mercedes allowed me to pick my car a la cart while BMW was dealing with 2009 still and really was fighting me and would not allow me to pick the packages I want. The mercedes ended up being 3k cheaper then the BMW. As for quality of ride... it is hard to tell and I wont know until I really drive my new car a lot next week. hope this helps
  • Switching vehicles is always strange, but after a few weeks, I think you'll be happy you did.

    I was in 118 degrees today running around, and the air was flawless. I find that in this heat the engine bay retains too much heat due to the seal completely around the hood opening, so I raise mine when I pull into the garage. I think it will save on maintainence in the long run.

    I got mine with all options, except 20" wheel pkg and running boards. I had the dealer put mud flaps on, which are worth it if you live in muddy/snowy conditions.

    Keep us posted on your thoughts.

    jim :shades: ">
  • I have my car loaded with navigation package. Does this comes with real time traffic info? I don't have it but seen it on my friends GLK 350. They have the same package with no extra service. And their rearview camera somehow looks different as well. Anyone cld explain? Do i need to pay extra service fee to get traffic info?
  • I looked to lease a x3 and was not happy with the ride or the interior, it did look cheep, I drove a 318 I before and enjoyed that ride, but I ended up purchasing the GLK 350 because of the design and the interior I think MB did a great job. I'm very picky when it comes to purchasing a car and MB and my sale person did help me locate the color and extras I wanted in the car I was able to customize the vehicle with the options I wanted and able to get it within a week. I've had the car for two weeks and so far I have to say its the best ride I had in a long time. If you are looking to purchase one don't think to much they are running out. our deeler only had two in the price that I wanted 41,000 all were 33,500 or 48,000
  • Had at ticking/tapping noise coming from the rear. Took a while to find it.
    When I leave the cargo cover in open position, it bounces, causing a tapping sound.
    I keep it closed from that time, no more tapping sound. :blush:
  • I had my 10,000 service done by a third party and they did not reset the service message. Can I do this or must I take it to a Mercedes dealer?
  • baba8baba8 Posts: 2
    i planning buy buy ipod intergation ang navigation systen anbody know how much cost they charge.
  • So I just bought a GLK at the Rocklin, California dealership in Northern California. I was under the impression and of course the dealer helped in this impression that you can use an iPod or iPhone to play your songs over the vehicles audio system. What they failed to mention and what I failed to ask (I guess I thought for once there might be one honest person in the world) was if I could change songs. One would think this is an obvious thing you should be able to do right? I guess the engineers at Mercedez didn't think so. I can plug in my iPod or iPhone but I have no ability to change songs or to even navigate the playlists or do anything but plug the device in and have it play the last song I was playing on it and continue to play my entire playlist and then just stop.

    I drove a Ford Fusion last summer that had better technology integration than this and it cost less than half this car. I just can't understand why they would give you a cable to use for the iPod when it serves the same purpose as you plugging the headphone jack into the side of the glovebox. The only reason I can see for this is to trick the customer into buying a car that is "integrated with iPod" when really it isn't.

    I don't know if anyone else has experienced this or not but I am so horribly dissatisfied at this point with the whole vehicle. My previous vehicle was a 2008 BMW 135i and its continuous maintenance problems aside the iPod integration was virtually seamless. I could browse all of my songs by playlist or artist etc.. just as you would expect to be able to use the device. I guess I thought this was the standard for iPod kits for higher end vehicles like Mercedez and BMW. I guess not.
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