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Mercedes-Benz GLK technical problem



  • p0926p0926 Posts: 4,423
    There was an SLK reviewer a couple years back who also was complaining about the lack of functionality with his iPod. However, he figured out (or someone from MB pointed it out to him) how to manipulate the iPod and select songs via the steering wheel controls. I don't remember the specifics but I'm pretty confident that the GLK has the same capability. I suggest you check with your dealer rep to get detailed directions.

  • Appanrently this is not the case. I have no problem on selecting playlist or changing songs on my iphone. My dealer did tell me that some owners had problem to sync their iphone with the vehicles (bz car is ipod compatible only), but i was luck and had no problem to plug in my iphone. Call your dealer and ask them how.
  • bmwglkbmwglk Posts: 2
    Can anyone verify just how loud the cooling fan should be when you place the cars AC on Max or if and when if might come on. This is my wifes SUV and just the other day when she started up the car to leave the house after just getting home, it was make a excessive roar from under the hood (cooling fan). This is a 2010 and we bought it brand new. Thought I would try a Mercedes this time, price wise was a good thing vers BMW. I have a 1999 BMW 3 series and have had little problems with it, but BMW didn't want to deal with the price for a new SUV.
  • amiguelamiguel Posts: 1
    I just got a GLK 350 and I cannot figure out how to listen to music from my iphone 4S. It has a jack in the glove compartment, but don't know how to switch from radio or cd to iphone music.
    The car does not have navigation system.
  • lhntxlhntx Posts: 1
    I have a 2011 GLK 350. When I got it, it was supposed to have iPod integration, and I was assured that it did, but it didn't. That is a $600 extra option. What it does have is a standard headphone jack on the right hand side in the box. I got a long headphone cord that has a jack on both ends. I plugged one end into the glove box jack, and the other end into the headphone jack in my iPhone (I originally had a 4 and now have a 5, it works the same). I have an iPhone holder that sits on the dash. I have a charger in the cig. lighter that plugs into phone as well. Simply push the AUX button on the radio, and the iPhone will play over the car speakers. You will not get the song info or ability to change songs with the steering will controls, but it's better than nothing! The phone is setup automatically to connect over the bluetooth. A phone call will mute AND stop the iPod until the call is over. Another option is to get an iphone charger/connector that plugs into the cig. lighter that sends out an FM broadcast that you can tune the radio in on. Using this will show the song on your control screen in the GLK350, just like the radio does, but you still cannot control the iPhone via the steering wheel. I hope that this helps!
  • epm23epm23 Posts: 2
    I am totally at my wits end with my 2012 GLK. I bought it new at the end of September 2012, and it has been in for repairs 5 times already. It has 7500 miles on it. The dealer has had to reset the sensors twice (once which lead to being in the shop 2 days), replaced the EPS module (in the shop for 5 days after being towed there), and most recently, because my brake sticks when I drive uphill.

    The brake won't depress when I am going uphill - it moves about 1" instead of as far down as I need it to go - very scary! I replicated the problem with the technician, he was it was not normal, and they kept my car for a week trying to diagnose it. Today I got a text that the car was ready, and when I asked what the problem is they said "no problems, the brake is normal." Yet they kept it for a week and just today figured out it was 'normal'? I also told the technicians about the problem with the brake when the GLK was in for service two times prior, and they never said it was 'normal.' So either the technicians do not know anything about their own vehicles, or the dealer is lying. The brake not depressing has happened about a half dozen times since we purchased the car, so it is definitely not something that is 'normal.'

    The other problem they cannot fix is my car sporadically hesitates when driving up hills at slow speeds. They have done 2 overnight drives with their technicians and cannot find the problem.

    I have asked MB corporate to help and they are totally useless.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do? I am nearly in tears over this and would welcome any help or suggestions! If anyone else has experienced similar problems, I would really like to hear how it was resolved.

  • epm23epm23 Posts: 2
    I am wondering if you were able to resolve anything with MBUSA? I have had several problems that caused my new 2012 GLK to be in for repairs six times since purchasing it brand new last September. I am totally at my wits end, would appreciate any tips on dealing with the dealer and corporate on getting the car properly fixed, or getting one that actually works!
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