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olds lss

i have a 97 olds lss.this is the deal.last week i got in it to leave it would not start just one click comming from the starter so i changed the starter and she started right up one week later same thing just one click so i took the starter out and got it tested and it is a good starter and solinoid power and ground are good and in tact.the click that i am hearing is the starter when i turn the key it is throwing the bendix to the top of starter but not spinning (i just watched it work at autozone good starter) also new battery.anyone that can help please do so i have missed 6 days of work so far and need to get back on the road


  • Air is only blowing out at windshield and floor,car has dual climate control(digital) on dash when i increase temp setting you can see diverter door arms moving,have taken glove box out so i can get a good look at whats going on,when i change modes from upper, bi-level, floor, defog nothing changes thats with a/c on and temp control turned down on 60 degrees, when i hit each mode button i can hear a click from inside what i'm assuming is a/c controller (black box behind glove box), have checked vacuum canister under right front fender everything seems to be ok out there, with car shut off i can pull on hose to canister and hear vacuum at the canister, my question is where does the a/c and heater get its vacuum source from, and is there a test you can do to check a/c controller before throwin' parts at it, i did find a piece of black tape on a/c controller box, and peeled it back had 5 prongs on it looked like somewhere you could plug somekind of tester into or touch prongs with voltmeter to test voltage, don't have a manual so kinda' at a loss on what to do, any ideas or info would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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